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What the Law of Attraction Really Is

Here is Gina Lake channeling Jesus from her book Jesus Speaking: On Being in the World, explaining what the Law of Attraction really is. In this message, Jesus emphasizes the importance of "seeking first the kingdom of heaven," or discovering and aligning with the divine self within. Pursuing the ego's desires is not the purpose of life, so it will never bring true happiness or fulfillment. There are deeper desires, ones that come from our soul, that must be attended to for us to be truly happy and fulfilled. A transcript of this video message can be read below.

I have something I’d like to talk with you about today that I have spoken about before, which bears repeating: Doing is not the be-all and end-all of life.

If you listen to your ego, the voice in your head, and other people’s egos, you would think that doing is the answer to everything: If you’re hungry, get a cookie; if you want more peace, take a yoga class; if you want to look better, go shopping, go on a diet, get a tan, change your hair.

But what if, instead, you just sat with each desire and experienced it without doing anything about it. If you did that, you would discover that desires fade away like every other thought. And what sees the truth of this is the real discovery: You are what is beyond desire and can see the truth about it. You are the awareness and experiencing of life, which doesn’t come and go in the midst of all this coming and going of thoughts, desires, feelings, and actions.

In the ego’s world—the world of desire—desires are fulfilled through action, or at least action seems to be the way to get what you want, the way to a supposed good life. And isn’t getting what you want what life is all about? It is for the ego. Desires drive behavior toward a goal, which supposedly is the solution to that desire. Desires keep people very busy doing, doing, doing. They consume one’s time, one’s life.

Desires give you a feeling that something is missing, not right, and could be and should be better. Desire is like a problem that needs to be solved. Desires seem like a good thing because they drive you to solve the so-called “problem” behind desire. The desire, itself, is not recognized as the source of the problem. What is desired and lacking seems to be the problem, when, in fact, in Truth, it’s the other way around: Desire is the problem.

There is no problem, but desire makes something into a problem. Desires make you unhappy, not happy. And yet, it seems that desires are your friend. Getting them met makes you happy for a while. And they make you a better person, don’t they, by driving you to improve yourself?

That’s a good question. They may make you better in terms of the ego’s standards, many of which are arbitrary and culturally determined. Do you really need that new dress to be a better person or those tight abs or that new car?

Most of your desires, when fulfilled, may improve your image and how you feel about yourself, at least for a while, but is that really valuable? By whose standards? Is that what life is all about? The happiness that comes from fulfilling such desires is very fleeting, and there are always more desires to chase after: another dress, a few more pounds to lose, a better car, a bigger salary. All the while, these seem like worthwhile goals.

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with such goals, but if you spend your time fulfilling such desires, you won’t have time for other things that would be more rewarding and meaningful.

The ego doesn’t desire the things that are most “desirable,” you could say, to your deeper self. Does your ego desire to volunteer at the food bank? Does it desire to meditate? Does it long to experience a deeper sense of fulfillment? Does it desire to sit for a while and take in the sunset or something else of beauty? No, the ego doesn’t desire any of these things.

The ego doesn’t desire spiritual or psychological growth. It doesn’t desire a deep connection with others. It doesn’t desire to serve others. It isn’t even what wants peace or what wants to love. It only wants to be loved.

No, there are lots of things the ego does not desire. The ego isn’t what is curious or wants understanding. It isn’t what wants to grow through new experiences. It isn’t what wants others to be happy. It isn’t what wants peace and love in the world. It isn’t what wants to be good and kind to others. No, the ego is not what is best about each of you. Its desires are self-centered and superficial. If you make your life about those desires, you will only be so happy, and that happiness won’t last.

There are two kinds of doing: Doing the ego’s bidding and doing the divine self’s bidding. Doing the ego’s bidding will lead to a self-centered and superficial life, while doing the divine self’s bidding will lead to deep and lasting happiness and fulfillment. And that doing will also include resting, just being, meditating, and simply experiencing and enjoying life just as it is. Those things are not on the ego’s to-do list, and yet, they are the most important things of all to do. The problem with being busy doing the ego’s bidding is that it keeps you from the more important “doing” of resting and just being and experiencing who you really are.

The world is full of doers, and look what that has gotten you. Those who touch people and speak to their soul are those who stop and just be and who create and speak and do from that place of non-doing. Those are the healers, the spiritual teachers, the artists, and the alchemists. They are the transformers, for your world cannot actually be transformed in any meaningful way by the doers.

Yes, the doers might provide better things for everyone, but those things will bring only fleeting happiness for those who do not know who they really are. And the pursuit of things often keeps people from such deeper discoveries. For those who do know who they really are, not much beyond the basics is needed to be happy and content. “Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven, and all else will be added unto you.” Discover who you truly are, and you will have what you need to be happy.

Not only does knowing who you are make it possible to be content with little, but it gives you access to the inner guidance you need to create a happy and abundant life, not just a life full of things, but a life that feels abundant, blessed, and overflowing with love and peace. That is what everyone really wants.

“Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven” and you will live in a heaven on earth. You will be an expression of heaven, and you will draw to you all you need. And your life will no longer be defined by desiring things.

This is the law of attraction. You naturally attract what you need to you when you are in a state of Grace, when you are aligned with your divine self. You attract what you need and you naturally know how to cooperate with the life that is living you to create the life you are meant to live. And this life is not about things or even experiences, but about living as an embodiment of the Divine in the world.

The ego cannot give you that life; it will give you a different kind of life, a conventional life, a life like most people are living. The ego doesn’t know about love or true happiness. It only knows how to create temporary happiness by going after things and experiences that offer a little excitement and pleasure for a while.

That’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with this. But—make no mistake—this is not what life is about, and if you think it is, you will be very disappointed—and most people are.

You are not reaching high enough if you are settling for this kind of happiness. A deeper kind of happiness is available once you know who you are and feel connected to All That Is. Then, you will have access to the joy, peace, love, and gratitude of your true nature. You will have come Home.

You are much greater and more magnificent than you may realize, and I am here to tell you that. You must not settle for being the small, struggling, desiring, always lacking, always striving self. That is not who you are. That is only what you believe you are when you listen to the voice in your head.

That voice is a lie. It doesn’t know who you are, it can’t lead you to who you are, and it won’t ever tell you the truth about who you are. You have to look to those who already know who they are to discover the truth about who you are. You have to be humble enough or have suffered enough or both to look beyond the voice in your head for answers. And those answers are there.

But first, you have to see very clearly who you are not. This is not easy unless you periodically stop doing the ego’s bidding. The ego won’t make room in your life to discover who you really are, because it doesn’t want to know the Truth. That is not one of its desires. You have to make room in your life for this, and you will when you are ready. This you is the you that is awakening from the illusion spun by the ego. If you are not ready right now, you will be ready sometime, and this message is preparing you for that.

You are being notified through this message that another way of being is possible, a new life, one that is divinely guided, not guided by your ego. This is a clarion call to awaken out of your slumber, out of the unconscious, default mode into a new life guided by love, joy, peace, and compassion. This new life will lead to a new world on earth as you awaken, one by one, to the truth of who you really are.

The time is late. There is no time to wait. We need you to awaken so that you can do your part in transforming the world. It must be transformed from the inside out, through a transformation of consciousness. No other way will do.

The inventions and innovations needed by your world will come from those like yourselves who are in touch with who they really are and channeling wisdom, peace, inspiration, and new ideas into this world. You or those you touch in your lives are the ones who must do this. Consciousness must be ignited like a torch from one person to the next, and this ignition and passing of the torch must be accomplished soon.

Do not underestimate the power of consciousness to transform the world. It is the only thing that has ever transformed a world. There are enough people now who are awakened or who will awaken soon to make a real difference. It is not too late. Do what you can, please, to do your part to raise your consciousness. Free yourself from the domination of your egoic mind and discover another possible way of living.

Do not be afraid. There is nothing to fear. You will have all the support you need once you align with All That Is and begin to do its bidding. You are all cherished and beloved. Know this, and find the peace and strength within you to live this. Thank you for being here. I am with you always.

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