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What Jesus Wants You to Know Today

About Himself, Christianity, God, the World, and Being Human

Have you ever wondered what Jesus would teach today or what he would share about his life two thousand years ago?  What would he say about how to solve the world's problems or about Christianity?  What would he say about God, being human, suffering, and the meaning and purpose of life?  The answers to these questions and others are here, in these pages.

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Jesus exists and has always existed to serve humanity, and one way he is doing this today is through this channel, Gina Lake. In What Jesus Wants You to Know Today, Jesus answers many questions about his life and teachings and shares his perspective on the world.

He brings his message of love, once again, to the world and corrects the record by detailing the ways that Christianity has distorted his teachings. He wants you to know that you, too, have the potential to be a Christ, to be enlightened as he was, and he explains how this is possible.

“Knowing the truth is the beginning of changing the world. Too many were and still are living according to false beliefs instead of the truth. I came to earth to try to change that, to be a voice in a vast desert of misunderstandings, and I continue to be a voice for truth to the extent that I can from this dimension. I never really left you. I have never ceased being in service to humanity and your beautiful planet.”  ~ Jesus

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“The most important book of my life. My therapist recommended this book to me! Yeah, my insurance-taking psychologist! I proceeded with an open mind, not sure what I was reading, then it changed my life. These words opened my mind, subconsciously opened my heart and healed my trauma by simply reading the words. Sounds nuts, but it's true. That's what happened. I've given the book to no less than seven people. Once they start reading it, they start to grow in compassion, and some have experienced angels and Jesus himself. This book reaffirmed everything I believed from a young age growing up questioning everything in Catholic School. Jesus is who I also thought/knew/felt he was/is, not who the church created him out to be.” –Johanna B.

“I love Jesus Christ's message of Love and Healing our world through Love. That was his message 2000 years ago and that is his message now: ‘Love is the answer to every problem.’ He gives us very down-to-earth solutions to our current problems. I love all the clarifications he made about his life, his experiences, and his messages. He also gives us excellent advice on how to live our life. There is a tremendous need for this book in the world right now. I think that everyone on the planet should read it. I hope this jewel is translated into several languages! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for this wonderful book!” –Patricia M.

“A truly amazing book. Wow! What a read. Having spent the last twenty years or so reading 'A Course in Miracles', Joel Goldsmith, Glenda Green's 'Love Without End' etc., I thought I'd read it all—until I read this one. There are fresh revelations on nearly every page. You read it once, you can't believe it; you read it a second time, you still can't believe it! Life changing.” –S. Price

“I have read all of the books Gina Lake has written on behalf of Jesus the Christ, and while I am not one who struggles for words, I have to say that each and every one of these books is truly beyond description in what they offer. If your heart, mind, and soul desire peace, understanding, and whatever else you may need to see things as they truly are, then with all my heart, intelligence, and love, I would say, read this book and every other book that Jesus has transmitted to this author, and you will find the end of searching, seeking, confusion, despair, hopelessness, etc. What opens up is understanding, compassion, love, laughter, and unbelievable gratitude for everything that we believe has ever happened, as we can then see that all, in fact, is Grace.” –Anna D.

“Wow, this is a love-punch. I'm going to start my second time through it today. I really enjoyed that it was only 140 pages and at the same time, in the end, I wanted more. It's hard for me to describe a book like this. The voice, the message, and the writing are so clear and crisp. That's why I named it a love-punch. Highly recommended!” –Alchemista

“The Master’s words. This book is stimulating... a treasure long desired on my journey.” –Arthur

“This book will awaken you to the truth. I just finished it and felt enlightened with every word from the start! Gina Lake is truly a Mystic Lady, and Jesus comes across as the Jesus Christ I knew as a child before all of my conditioning began. I have read all of her Jesus channeled books, and in this one, so many false beliefs about Christianity have been put straight by Jesus’ own words. What this small book teaches erases a lifetime of misconceptions about life, humanity, God, and our world as well as the universe itself.” –G. Rohrer

“Truly amazing book! Wow! What a read. Having spent the last 20 years or so reading A Course in Miracles, Joel Goldsmith, Glenda Green's Love Without End etc, I thought I'd read it all. Until I read this one. Whereas ACIM makes us do a lot of the work, in this book Jesus speaks much more conversationally. There are fresh revelations on nearly every page. You read it once, you can't believe it, you read it a second time, you still can't believe it! Life changing.” –Stuart P

“After studying and seeking truth for over fifty years, I have found a summation of everything I have learned, and more, in one source. Easy to read but filled with the most valuable information. I love this book. There is no doubt that this is Jesus speaking through Gina.” –Brian O’Neil

“Gina really communicates the love, joy, wisdom and grace of Christ conscious energy. Her words are a thrill to experience. You can feel Christ’s loving guidance in every subject he tackles. His joy of life and easy recommendations for reconnecting with your divine essence bring peace and delight to the spirit. What a treasure to have them collaborate in getting these teachings to humanity.” –Don B

“This is an exceptionally powerful and timely book. In it, Jesus teaches today as I would imagine he taught those around him while walking the earth—with clarity, compassion, no-nonsense, and some startling realizations that will stay and grow within you. Masterfully written, I’m looking deeply now at beliefs I’ve held for a lifetime, questioning their validity. If you’re willing to be stirred into Truth by Jesus’ most relevant teachings for mankind and even by some fascinating insights into his life that are never taught in Christianity, please don’t pass this significant book by. Its messages are of greater magnitude than I would ever have imagined—and one I will turn to again and again.” –Susan

“I am still reading this book, but so far I am totally smitten with it. The messages that Jesus conveys here are as much needed now as then, some 2000 years ago. I’ve always thought of these messages as true and thus this book made total sense to me. I hope more people will read it and live their lives in love and come to see the truth. Highly recommended!” –Rainbow Fairy

“This book has given me many insights into my own behavior—and others. I also found the discussions relating to media and politics thought provoking. This was a great find.” –W. Nurse

“Having been a materialist sceptic for a good part of my life, a profound shift is occurring thanks to Gina Lake's extraordinary ability to channel directly the words of Jesus directly into our hearts. How do I know that these are the words of Jesus and not some delusion? It's hard to put into words but the verisimilitude of these teachings reaches the very core of your heart where you have no doubt of their origin.” –John Q.

“Skeptic no more! As one who was wary at first that someone could channel Jesus, I was ignited instantly to the Truths spoken here. Gina Lake’s books and courses are one-stop shopping for me! This book offers an updated streamlined DIY instruction toward reaching Christed Consciousness. The joy, peace, and most importantly sane and rational way to experience life taught here and by Jesus through Gina Lake has changed my life 180 degrees. I went from living a contracted, nervous, hard on myself, neurotic at times, judgmental state of being to living more and more in presence, and as a result a much more productive, peaceful, loving, altruistic, and realistic life.” –Kat

Just WOW! I'm blown away by the timelines of this message relating to our current events and politics. How many will set their ego aside to hear it?” –A. Martin

“I am 72 years old. My heart has been begging for exactly this book. I seldom review books. When I do, there has to be something on the order of a lightning strike. From the very first words, I felt like Jesus was talking directly to me. It seems like I have been praying for this book forever.” –Robert H.

“Wisdom and deep comfort. The serenity one feels when reading this book is palpable. It is a treasure to be read and reread, shared and shared again.” –Miama R.

I think I surprised even myself in falling in love with Gina Lake's 21st century Jesus. There's the vibration, but it's not just the vibration. The guidance is specific and concrete, and makes sense to the mind, almost common sense, quite accessible in ordinary human experience. The truths spoken light up my whole being. I can say, "That's it. Yes, that's exactly how I experience it.” –Ernest S.

“I have read a number of Gina Lake's books and have found them to be profound. This one is no exception and is particularly relevant today. Jesus speaks to us, through Gina Lake, to clarify and transmit what he taught 2000 years ago, uncorrupted by the passage of time and misconceptions handed down to us that keep us from realizing that we are all capable of achieving the awakened state that He and other masters have attained. This is a critical teaching for our time, as we are on the brink of destroying our world unless we awaken to the Truth that we are all one. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Thank you, Gina, for your inspiration.” –Ariana

I am reading this book for the second time. Written so simply but so powerful. I feel like I am listening to Jesus speak directly to me. It all resonates with me. All of Gina's books have resonated with me, and I am grateful she has taken the time to share this information.” –Mary D.

“Powerful message for our time. I usually hi-light many passages in Gina's books, and this one is no exception. It is rich with valuable guidance, and in terms of information, it answers many questions I had and even some I didn't know I had. This made it hard to put down, making it a quick, though profound read.” –Doug L.

“I knew that this book was a treasure the moment I began reading Jesus' words of wisdom and guidance. Jesus gave us this wonderful book through Gina Lake, a brilliant and dedicated channel and author. It is a gift, indeed, a gift for all humanity! Many thanks to Gina and Jesus! Jesus explains his teachings page by page and updates and corrects any false information or beliefs that were written or recorded long ago. Yes, you will see that Jesus is a Master Teacher whose teachings are based on LOVE. His words touched my Heart as I read, and you will feel a connection too as you read this inspired book. This book is TRUTH... It will change your life forever! I highly recommend this book to everyone.” –Joan G.

“Highly recommended. I have been a student of the spiritual for many years and have read many channeled books by many authors. I can tell which ones are authentic. Your heart tells you. Authentic messages all resonate the same. This is the real deal. Enjoy.” –Jim J.

Wow, what an amazing book. Was excited to read it, and it did not disappoint. I just find myself going back to it time and time again. I recommend everyone should read it at least once.” –Andy T.

Many, many wise points are made in this significant book. I think that everyone who is ready should read it. Thank you, Gina Lake for allowing this to come through you and for helping us see what is needed for a better world.” –Bonnie C.