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Message for the Week

Below is the audio and text for this week's and last week's channeled messages from Jesus that were part of the Christ Consciousness Transmission (CCT) online meetings. More info about the online transmissions is here. More channeled messages from Jesus are also available on our YouTube channel, which you can subscribe to here.

The first message below is the most recent one:

You Are God from All Grace

You Are God from from All Grace

Greetings! This is the one you’ve known as Jesus the Christ. Grace is the movement of Oneness as it manifests and “plays” in this world of duality. Grace is the effect of Oneness on creation, like the wind upon the water. This world and every other world in the infinity that is creation was made manifest as an expression of the Oneness and also provides experience for the Oneness. This Oneness is another word for God or what I have called the Father or, more simply, the intelligence behind and expressing through all life.

Whether you are religious or not, it is likely apparent to you that there is intelligence behind and imbued in life, in fact, an incomprehensible intelligence from your perspective. To capitalize “intelligence” and call it “an Intelligence” may not be acceptable to some and is also not a fair representation, as it implies a particular being, a Supreme Being.

The intelligence I am speaking about is not a being, unless you would describe that being as All That Is or one that encompasses all life within infinity. This infinity cannot be grasped by you, and you have no language to depict it accurately. Since I am limited by your language, I will have to refer to this creative force or intelligence as if it existed separate from you and from creation, while it does not.

This fact, that the Oneness is not separate from you, is also incomprehensible, although mystics have had glimpses of this truth. I say “glimpse,” because what mystics have experienced of Oneness is limited by the human body-mind and its capacity to experience Oneness.

If you have had a mystical experience, you may feel that you have experienced God or the truth about life. And yet, it is quite impossible to experience the fullness of this truth while you remain in a body. Even I and others like me, who are no longer physical, have not experienced the fullness of this truth, as this infinite intelligence remains unfathomable even to those further along the evolutionary path than you. And yet, here I am attempting to speak about it in a way that will light your path.

You are as dear to Life as life itself. You are life, as it is being lived by you, in your unique way. No other experience is exactly like yours. You are meant to bring a unique experience to the Divine, to this mysterious force that is life and has created all life. You are its expression—and not just your current expression. You shift and change throughout the eternity within which you exist and experience an infinite number of unique expressions.

Contemplate this for a moment: your infinite existence. What if you thought of yourself as infinite existence instead of a limited mortal, constrained within a body? What if you knew yourself as infinite existence? Could you suffer? If you realized how very fleeting each of your experiences is, could you suffer?

You suffer because you hold on to experiences that have already passed. You keep them alive by clinging to them through thought. You create stories around them that perpetuate the suffering. Or you suffer because you believe something that isn’t true about an experience you are having: “This shouldn’t be happening. I’ll never be happy. I can’t stand this!”

What if your thoughts, your feelings, and even your sensations were not personal, that is, what if they didn’t appear to be happening to someone, but just to life? What if you are the experiencing of life in a particular locality and not the one who has a story about those experiences? What if life is just life, not “your life”? That is the truth.

That you are experiencing anything is a mirage, because you are a mirage. You are not experiencing anything. Life is experiencing something through the body-mind that seems to belong to a you. There is a body-mind that is a sensing and experiencing device, but there is actually no you, no entity, sensing and experiencing life, only life experiencing whatever it seems this imaginary you is experiencing. This brings us to one of the great truths about life: You are life, and you are infinite!

You are God’s experience of the universe in the particular corner of the universe inhabited by your body-mind. Your body-mind localizes experience and makes it seem that you are having a particular experience, but you are having this experience on behalf of God, the Creator. You are the Creator experiencing life through the particular body-mind that is attached to the imaginary sense of you.

This sense of being you is just that: a sense, an impression, an idea. It is built into the body-mind to give the body-mind and its experiences the illusion that those experiences belong to somebody rather than to life. This is the great Illusion. The idea of you existing as something other than God is an illusion. The truth is, there is only life existing through form: the Formless expressing through form.

You know what this feels like whenever you simply stop thinking yourself into creation. Your thoughts create the sense of being you. The proof is that when you stop thinking, which is rare for most people, you stop creating this imaginary you, and you lose yourself in the Mystery; you experience the truth about who you really are. But because the experience of the Truth is often uncomfortable, since it is unfamiliar, most people quickly return to creating themselves through thought.

This is fascinating, how you do this! You create yourself by thinking about yourself! But the self you create lives only in your imagination and in other people’s imaginations (although quite differently), as they also share in the great Illusion.

Of course, you were designed to do this. The great Illusion is not a mistake but designed to allow the Formless to experience itself as form. The Formless imagines a possible character and “Voila!” that imagination is made manifest and takes on a life of its own, thanks to something similar to what you understand as programming.

You are programmed to be as you are because the Creator intends to experience life through such a one as you. Given this, one can only conclude that every creation is equally beloved and appreciated by the Creator, since the Creator made everything to be exactly as it is. Exactly! You are meant to be just as you are and just as you have been and just as you will be.

This is not to say that the Creator knows how you will behave in every circumstance, because as part of your design, you were also endowed with free will, the ability to make choices within the circumstances and abilities you were given. You can’t choose to be other than you are or to have talents other than those you have, but you can choose how you will be as this character—how you play this character.

This is a lot of freedom, since it determines your experience of being this character: whether you will be happy or not and whether you will have a good life or not as this character. For example, you can be angry, mean, unhappy, violent, selfish, or fearful as this character, or not. It’s your choice. Although how you behave may not always seem like a choice, since behavior is so often shaped by conditioning, which can be very compelling, the truth is you do have a choice. You have been given that power.

How you choose to be determines how you will experience life. You don’t create everything about your life, just as you don’t create your programming (although your soul in conjunction with other forces agrees to that programming). But you do create your experience of life by what you choose to believe and how you respond to the conditions in which you find yourself.

No matter what inner experience you create for yourself—sadness, anger, regret, hatred, resentment, blame, victimhood, loneliness—the Divine is willing to have that experience for however long you choose to create that. And when you create a different inner experience, the Divine is willing to have that one. In this way, you learn to take responsibility for your inner state and to create a more positive, loving inner state. Life is so benevolent that you get to choose your inner experience, if you are conscious enough, even if you don’t have a choice about what life brings you.

The Divine gives you free will, but it has a will of its own, which sometimes trumps your free will. You don’t always get what you want, because life has a higher order and a higher plan within which your existence fits. You are guided by this higher will to fit into the greater plan.

Although you have no control over the greater plan or how you fit into it, you do have some control within your plan: You can do your plan this way or that way. But for the most part, you will fulfill your plan some way. To the extent that your free will is aligned with your plan, you will be happy. To the extent that it isn’t, you will be unhappy and experience more difficulties than necessary.

For example, if your plan for this lifetime is to uplift children, there are many ways you might do that: as a mother, a teacher, a child psychologist, or a researcher of child behavior, to name a few possibilities. With this as your plan, you will naturally feel attracted to such roles. How you will specifically fulfill your plan is determined by your free will and circumstances. Your family, the people you meet, where you live, events, available opportunities, and other circumstances will all contribute to shaping the particular role and direction you will take.

If you are fulfilling your plan, you will naturally feel fulfilled. If you aren’t, you won’t feel fulfilled. In this way, your soul clearly communicates the direction in which to go. Go in the direction of fulfillment and joy, and you can’t go wrong.

If for some reason you don’t go in that direction, the intelligence behind life, Grace, will attempt to redirect you. If you resist its gentle nudges, Grace prods less gently or sets up roadblocks to continuing in the current direction. It makes your life harder.

Grace eases the way in directions you are meant to go in and interferes with others. Life is very kind this way. It shows you the way with carrots and sticks. But most importantly, Grace gives you an inner compass that tells you which way to go: Follow your joy, your fulfillment, your passion, your love!

Yes, God has a will, and that will is carried out by Grace. But that will is not separate from your will. You actually want what God wants, although you don’t always know that. Sometimes you think you want something else, but you are mistaken. Then God shows you that by either letting you have what you think you want or by not letting you have it. You are always better off when you want what God wants.

What does God want, and how do you know what that is?

• When God wants you to learn something, God lets you have what you think you want.

• When God wants you to make a different choice, God doesn’t let you have what you think you want.

When you want what God wants, you are happy. That’s how you know that what you are thinking and doing is aligned with God’s design for you: You are happy, at peace, and in the flow. Thank you for being here. I am with you always.

The Illusion of Control from All Grace

The Illusion of Control from All Grace

Greetings! This is the one you’ve known as Jesus the Christ. You only think you have more control than you do, and you want control. But wanting something doesn’t equal having it—or needing it. You have less control than you think and more than you need. In other words, you don’t have much control and you don’t need it.

People are under the illusion that they can control things they can’t actually control. For instance, they think they can control how healthy they are by what they do for their bodies. However, your knowledge about the body is so limited that attempts to determine your health are also limited. So much of one’s health is governed by subconscious processes and genes, which are not under your control.

A lack of knowledge is not the only thing that stands in the way of greater control. Perfect knowledge would still not give you control. In addition to there being a higher will and a higher plan at work that trumps your own will, the nature of life is simply too complex to be controlled.

Too many factors are influencing every outcome, most of which you can never be aware of or affect, for you to be in control. The few factors you do have control over will never be enough to be in control. When you seem to be in control, the factors you are in control of have simply won out over the others for the time being. Because the mix of factors and their strength is in constant flux, even when you think you are in control, or should be, it turns out you aren’t. Life is full of surprises!

This is not intended to discourage you from trying to get what you want, but only to help you see that you are not to blame when you don’t get what you want. If you think you can control life and you aren’t able to, the conclusion is often that you failed, that you are inadequate. Your failures to control life are taken personally. But more often than not, whatever you wanted was simply not meant to be, for one reason or another. It was not in the cards.

Cards are an excellent metaphor for the complexity and unpredictability of life. However, cards are more random than life, since life has a plan and a guiding hand: Grace. In life, you could say that the cards are rigged in favor of the house.

In life, the factors that create any situation or event are like the cards that get played by the various players involved. Because the players have free will, what card will be played is never known, until it is. Although certain cards are more likely to get played than others, you never know! Many factors influence what cards gets played and if a card gets played. Then whatever card is played determines the next card or cards that are played. The order in which the cards fall is everything. What came before can’t help but influence what comes next.

In life, many factors contribute to someone taking a certain action and when, or not acting. Although people have free will, no one has that much control over even their own choices, given the power of conditioning and how easily influenced by others people are. People’s choices are determined by both immediate factors, such as their thoughts and feelings and the influences around them, and by less immediate and direct factors going back in time.

The vast array of factors involved in creating any situation are determined by many previous events and countless people with their various conditioning and perceptions, all of which are outside of not only your control but other people’s. The causes that shape any situation or event are impossible to pinpoint or enumerate, as essentially everything that ever happened throughout history contributed to the way things are, to the cards falling as they did.

Can you create a certain outcome with your thoughts alone, as so many believe? If something went wrong, could it have been avoided by thinking more positively or by not thinking something? Possibly. But, as just pointed out, one’s thoughts are just one factor involved in the creation of reality.

Nevertheless, thoughts definitely create your imaginary reality, your inner experience of reality! Reality seems and feels as you imagine it to be. For example, if you imagine it to be scary, then it seems and feels scary. Or if you imagine it to be good, it seems and feels good. But that doesn’t mean that imagining reality the way you would like it to be will make it be that way. That would be fuzzy thinking.

Your thoughts do matter; they just aren’t responsible for creating all of reality. Thoughts color your experience of reality and so also influence your choices and behavior, but thoughts don’t singlehandedly create reality. The world is not designed to comply to your thoughts about it. The fact that life occasionally does comply to your thoughts, doesn’t mean that life is meant to or that you can make it comply through sheer discipline and will. This belief is the ego’s fantasy and, for many, a source of great suffering.

There will come a time when humans will be evolved enough to manifest through thought alone, but that time is not in the immediate future for most. Spiritual masters and avatars have demonstrated this ability at times, but that doesn’t mean just anyone is capable of this. In this case, practice does not make perfect. A certain purity of heart is necessary before the ability to manifest through thought alone is bestowed, and there is great wisdom, Grace, in that gift not being given prematurely.

One reason you believe you have more control over life than you actually do is simply because the ego wants more control. This is called wishful thinking: “I want it to be this way, therefore it is.” A belief in control stands in for actual control. This is a coping mechanism on the part of the ego, which helps quell its fears and distrust of life.

The ego wouldn’t need this delusion if it perceived life as it actually is: benevolent. It doesn’t perceive the goodness, wisdom, love, and joy behind life. The ego is not connected to the truth about life and therefore perpetuates and clings to its own falsehoods. It needs to tell itself lies to protect itself from its own lies. The lie of control is a supposed protection against the ego’s fear that it won’t survive unless it has control. And yet, the truth is that you do not have much control and you still survive quite well.

In any event, even if more control were possible, that would not be the answer, because the ego, which is divorced from one’s innate wisdom, simply doesn’t know what choices will lead to a safe, secure, fulfilling, and happy life. It only pretends to know this. The ego has some functionality in terms of protecting people from immediate, impending danger, but being as primitive as it is, that functionality is quite limited and incapable of guiding you in living a good life.

Where you appear to have some control is in small choices. Even if you can’t choose whether you will get that job you applied for or who will fall in love with you, you can choose what you will have for breakfast, for instance. However, if we look at even that choice more closely, how much control do you actually have over what you choose for breakfast? What is choosing your breakfast? Isn’t it conditioning, including habits, preferences, and what you were taught about breakfast? If your conditioning is choosing your breakfast, are you really choosing it? Are you controlling even that?

Who is this you that wants control and believes it has control? Can you find it? You think you decided to have oatmeal for breakfast, but wouldn’t it be more accurate to say that deciding happened? Did it happen to anyone? You could say that it happened to your body-mind, since it happened in relation to it, but you are certainly more than your body-mind. So if you are not your body-mind, then who is this you that deciding happens to? Is there even such a thing as a you that it is happening to, or is it more true to simply say that it is happening?

I’m not suggesting you actually language things this way when speaking with others. That would be awkward. But it is useful to be aware of how inaccurately language depicts reality and how language distances you from the truth about life.

Another way of talking about this is that conditioning gets played out, and either you are aware of that conditioning being played out or you think you are making choices. It’s fine if it still feels like you are making choices. You are designed to be that way. You have an illusory you that seems to be making choices and having a life. But in truth, you are Life, the Divine, living itself out in the locality of your body-mind.

Sometimes the Divine lets the illusory you and its conditioning have its way, and sometimes the Divine has its way and moves accordingly, if that is required. This happens more often than you probably realize. And so there is a perpetual dance, a back and forth, going on in your life between “your” free will, or your conditioning, and the will of the Divine.

This conditioning can get played out in many different ways: You might have oatmeal today and yogurt tomorrow. So that adds to the illusion of free will. Within the conditioning are many possible choices, and those are the cards you have to play. In any situation, everyone has many possible cards to play, many possible choices they might make, all of which are likely to fall within their conditioning.

So life is by no means predetermined. That would only be the case if everyone had only one possible choice. Life is much more interesting than that! And yet, control and choice are illusions, since conditioning is just playing out. You seem to be choosing, but it is more like certain probabilities are being played out that are connected to your body-mind and its conditioning.

Something very interesting happens when you begin to wake up out of this conditioning. You discover the deeper truth about life: There is, and always has been, another force unfolding and determining your life besides the imaginary you and its conditioning. This force that is living you also entails many possibilities and is highly unpredictable.

Once the existence of this force is realized, you can choose to align more with it instead of letting your conditioning run the show. What is this you that can choose this? Now, that is truly mysterious. It is the Divine in you waking up to itself!

There is a mysterious force, a will, that is taking everyone’s life in a particular direction. There is a flow, a direction to everyone’s life, and within that flow are many possibilities. Out of those possibilities, or probabilities, a particular experience manifests. And yet, amidst this unpredictability and seeming randomness, the flow does have a direction, and something is determining that direction. That something has often been called Thy will, which of course refers to God, the life force, or the intelligence behind all life. Thank you for being here. I am with you always.

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