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Message for the Week

Below is the audio and text for this week's and last week's channeled messages from Jesus that were part of the Christ Consciousness Transmission (CCT) online meetings. More info about the online transmissions is here. More channeled messages from Jesus are also available on our YouTube channel, which you can subscribe to here.

The first message below is the most recent one:

The Benefits and Dangers of Transmissions from Faith, Facts, and Fiction

The Benefits and Dangers of Transmission from Faith, Facts, and Fiction

Transmissions have been used throughout history in various spiritual traditions to raise consciousness. Those who’ve attained a high degree of spiritual development naturally emanate and channel higher energies to those willing and able to receive them. These energies may be blocked by a negative entity in someone’s energy field, but most people who open to these energies will receive them. The physical healings that I performed when I was alive were examples of a transmission of energy. Although not all transmissions result in physical healing, transmissions bring many other benefits.

This phenomenon has been observed around spiritual teachers, gurus, and other awakened or enlightened people for as long as there’ve been such people. These individuals generally abide in a higher state of consciousness than most, and when they’re with others, they tend to raise the vibration of those around them. This just happens. And when those who are awakened or enlightened intentionally convey this higher vibration to seekers and seekers are open to it, the transmission is even more effective.

Transmission is a fact. It has been observed time and time again throughout history. It is predictable and has consistent results. That predictability makes it a fact. Transmission is a true, observable phenomenon, and if you had the instruments, it could be measured.

The effects of transmission are numerous and depend, in part, on the intentions of the transmitter and receiver. Healers tune into and channel nonphysical beings who specialize in physical healing, while spiritual teachers use transmission primarily to raise consciousness. For this, spiritual teachers also receive help from nonphysical beings but ones who specialize in raising consciousness or who have a particular interest in assisting that teacher. When awakened teachers offer transmission to others, as long as their motives are pure, they’ll receive help from higher dimensional beings who know exactly what someone needs and how to facilitate each person’s spiritual evolution.

Everyone has particular guides assigned to them. Healers and spiritual teachers and every other profession have guides that assist them in their work. No one really does anything by themselves. Creativity, inspiration, inventions, new ideas, information, healing, and transmissions come through people; they’re not produced by people themselves. The human self is but a vehicle for expression of the Divine on earth.

You are never alone but always working with unseen forces on other planes, nonphysical beings who cherish your existence and want you to be happy and fulfilled. They’re ready to supply you with everything you need if you but open to them.

Learning to open and receive is an important lesson on the spiritual path. To receive, it’s important to trust that nonphysical forces exist and are available to help you. This is the truth. Without this trust and openness, you won’t be able to receive as fully as possible from them. With this trust and openness, your life will become easier and greatly improved.

Sometimes channeled information is not trustworthy, but don’t let this fact stop you from opening to higher dimensional beings who are available to assist you personally in your spiritual evolution through transmission and in other ways. On the other hand, if channeled teachings help you relax and experience the love, joy, and peace of your true nature, then you know you’ve come across the Truth.

The Truth has a positive impact on you on every level: energetically, emotionally, and physically through relaxation as well as spiritually by uplifting you to a more loving and peaceful state. This is how you know Truth. If the words of a spiritual teacher or channel don’t have this effect, then you probably don’t need that information. So much channeled information is useless and unverifiable. Much of it doesn’t improve your life but only feeds the imagination.

“The Truth will set you free,” while falsehoods will imprison you in confusion, doubt, fear, and other negative feelings or simply keep you spinning around in your mind. These are signs that you’ve fallen prey to your own egoic mind or someone else’s, and you don’t need those thoughts or beliefs. Let this be your guide.

I came to bring peace and love to your beloved planet, and this is how it’s done—by giving you the Truth. This Truth is apparent in your Heart, the spiritual Heart. It knows the Truth when it hears it, and it shows you this by bringing you into a place of relaxation, peace, and love.

The most obvious effect and essential purpose of transmissions is to raise your consciousness, or vibration. What do I mean by this? Simply put, transmissions shift you temporarily and eventually more permanently from the egoic state of consciousness to Presence, your natural state. They take you from identification with your false self to your divine self, and from human suffering to peace and love, which is your natural state.

The natural state is not a spiritual experience or state that you can’t function in but the state that you are meant to function in. It is your optimal state, which is a state of contentment with life just as it is and a feeling of being in the flow, with no complaints or resistance to life. Awakening refers to a more permanent shift to your natural state as the default, which is what transmissions aim to accomplish.

Transmissions accomplish this by infusing you with a higher vibration of energy, which I and many others call Christ consciousness. It is the consciousness of an enlightened one. While receiving a transmission and right after, you’re uplifted to this level of consciousness or some degree of it. As a result of a transmission or a series of them, it’s not uncommon to fall periodically into Christ consciousness seemingly for no reason at all. It may be only for a brief second or longer, but this marks a process that will continue to grow if you open to it and make room for it in your life.

Christ consciousness is a very ordinary experience, really. It is still, peaceful, compassionate, accepting, content, and loving. It’s a feeling of upliftment, expansion, lightness, subtle joy, and ease. This consciousness resides within you, but it may not be experienced by you until it’s activated by someone who abides in this state, either a person or a nonphysical being.

The process of embodying Christ consciousness begins with getting a taste of Christ consciousness through transmission. As you become more familiar with this state through transmission, you gain more and more access to this state yourself. This is a new way of being in life. Being able to abide in this state is the goal of the spiritual path and the hallmark of someone who’s well established on the path.

Another benefit of transmissions is the healing of old emotional wounds and other limiting conditioning or patterns. Higher dimensional beings help you release fears, buried emotions, negative self-images, untrue beliefs, and other conditioning that keep you tied to the egoic state of consciousness. During or after a transmission, people often experience a flood of tears, indicating a release of emotions. Tears may also be a sign of one’s heart opening and being filled with love or devotion to God. These are tears that feel very good: cleansing tears and tears of upliftment and love.

One of the most important long-term effects of transmissions is a lightness of being. You may feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. Finally, you are unencumbered by old images and ideas. Like being born anew, life seems immaculate, fresh, and full of possibilities. This is the experience of your divine self freed of the false self and its burdens. You find yourself laughing more, having fun, being playful, and being able to take yourself and others less seriously. Things don’t bother you as they once did, or much less.

This lightness is what people are looking for and do expect from the spiritual path: an easing of the burden of being human, being able to see the bright side of life, loving life, and feeling good and at one with life. The spiritual path does result in this, and transmissions speed this along exponentially. They are a gift and a blessing, and one of the main ways that spiritual growth is accelerated, and with very little effort. All that’s required is your openness and willingness to receive what has always been available to you and to everyone.

Physical healings can result from transmissions as well, especially if a transmission is designated specifically for that. You can always ask for a physical healing, and you’ll receive whatever is in your highest good to receive. The problem is that it isn’t always in your highest good to receive a healing when you’re asking for one.

Illness and disability serve the soul’s growth and deliver many lessons that can’t be learned any other way, or at least not as efficiently. An illness or disability may also be making room in your life to do more spiritual discovery. Often, people have to be taken out of their routine before they’ll take the time to go deeper spiritually, if that’s the soul’s desire. If you’re experiencing physical difficulties, then that’s the right experience for the time being, and you have to find a way to make the best of that experience.

Although instantaneous healings sometimes occur as a result of a transmission, what’s more likely when you request a healing is that you’ll receive insights or guidance intuitively that will speed your healing along by helping you learn whatever you need to learn from your physical issue. Often, something has to shift inside you before the physical difficulty can ease, and transmissions will help with that.

Transmissions uplift and connect you with your Source, with love, peace, and goodness. For this reason, they are pleasurable and beneficial. Feeling connected feels good and is good! The truth is that you are intimately connected to everything that exists in the physical world and beyond. You are connected because everything comes from the same source. God is alive within you and within all life. You are God made manifest in form! Everyone longs to experience this connection, and transmissions fulfill this. This is one of their functions.

Are transmissions dangerous? Let me begin by saying that transmissions can be dangerous. A lot of things can be dangerous, even very dangerous, such as fire, electricity, and riding a bike, but you still use or do these things because they’re of benefit or enjoyable. So, a better question is: What makes transmissions dangerous and how can those dangers be guarded against?

What makes transmissions dangerous is the same thing that can make channeling dangerous: not being able to connect with higher dimensional beings. The spiritual advancement and purity of the transmitter is the most important qualifier, since that will determine the level of energy they can transmit. Can they transmit Christ consciousness? If they aren’t awakened or enlightened, they probably can’t, at least not consistently or powerfully.

Unless channels or transmitters are sufficiently advanced and purified, they’ll reach all manner of beings with their own agendas who aren’t suited to guide, help, or heal anyone. Negative streams of energy can come through psychics, channels, healers, and spiritual teachers if they’re not spiritually developed enough or if they’re driven by a desire for power, admiration, or wealth. After being in their presence or receiving a transmission from them, you’re likely to feel bad or unsettled, and this negative state or even depression can linger for some time.

More importantly, transmissions from a negative source can stir up unconscious material that isn’t meant to be stirred up, which may be difficult to handle. There’s a time for everything, and some things are better off left alone. Stirring up repressed emotions prematurely may cause emotional problems. Transmissions from negative sources can also activate and misdirect kundalini, the energy that guides the spiritual process.

This is very different from the healing or spiritual process that’s set in motion during a transmission from higher dimensional beings, who know exactly what’s needed and what someone is able to handle and how to facilitate that. Once higher beings set a process in motion, they stay with that person throughout the process. Long after the transmission, they remain connected to them and continue to work with them and support them during this process as best they can.

This is very different from what goes on when lower beings are involved. They may set a process in motion and then leave that process unattended. They often don’t know what they’re doing or don’t care what impact they’re having. Some even cause harm intentionally.

Another problem that can arise if transmitters are connected to lower astral beings is entity attachment. When someone unknowingly opens up to receiving a transmission from a lower astral being, that person is inviting that being or beings to inhabit his or her energy field. Those beings are then able to remain close to that person and influence him or her negatively through the mind. Opening yourself up to transmissions from those who aren’t connected to higher dimensional beings can cause entity attachments that linger and cause emotional problems, such as self-hatred, rage, addictions, depression or other mental illnesses, or suicide.

I want to make a distinction between the harm that can be caused by transmissions in the ways I just described and the discomfort or difficulties that are a natural part of the spiritual processes that are often set in motion by a transmission of higher energies. Even beneficial transmissions can result in uncomfortable symptoms: sleepiness or sleeplessness; sluggishness or lethargy; weeping or fear or other emotions coming up; energy running through the body; and restlessness or an inability to focus or do mental work, to name a few.

These symptoms are common and normal during and after a transmission and will pass without needing to do anything about them. The best thing to “do” in these cases is to not be afraid of these symptoms, relax, and know that they’re part of a natural process. These symptoms are signs that clearing and adjustments are being made in the subtle energy body. They’re part of the process of healing, clearing, and raising your vibration and making it possible for you to hold more light in your subtle body.

However, if you’re afraid of this very natural healing process because you think something is wrong, that will create unnecessary suffering. When these symptoms occur, it’s important not to pathologize them. Spiritual process (i.e., the movement of kundalini) is mysterious and sometimes uncomfortable and even difficult. But if you can relax and trust that these symptoms will pass and that the experience is accomplishing something of value, the symptoms will be easier to endure.

All in all, when a transmission originates from beings on higher dimensions, most people experience pleasant and positive "symptoms": upliftment, peace, heart-opening, a flow of love, gratitude, a release, a shift in consciousness, a quiet mind. These effects may last for minutes, hours, or days. Whatever the symptoms, they are evidence of a deep, mysterious, and important spiritual process that’s been set in motion.

Transmissions are a gift from God. They help heal people’s emotional wounds and facilitate their evolution whether they’re on the spiritual path or not, as long as they open to them. This is why I and others offer them. If you would like to experience our transmission of Christ consciousness energy, more information about receiving them is on this webpage: https://radicalhappiness.com/faq

Karma and Other Metaphysical Laws from Faith, Facts, and Fiction

Karma and Other Metaphysical Laws from Faith, Facts, and Fiction

The Truth I’ve been speaking about is the universal truth: what is always true about life, about how life operates. So, I will say more about that.

Some things are unchanging, and what is unchanging and predictable about life could be said to be true, as with the laws of nature. Just as the physical laws of nature are true, certain metaphysical laws are true, whether you regard them as such or not. Something that is true is true whether you believe it to be or not.

It’s important that you recognize these metaphysical laws because not acknowledging them, like not acknowledging the laws of nature, won’t serve you. Human beings struggle so with life because they don’t understand the Truth. They don’t understand the metaphysical laws that govern life: how life operates, what life is about, and what life is up to.

Granted, it’s more difficult to recognize these laws than the laws of nature because many of them operate over a long period of time, even over lifetimes, as with the law of karma. That is the first metaphysical law I’d like to touch upon, since karma is as central to Truth as gravity is to the laws of nature.

Karma is a law. It is often stated as, “You reap what you sow.” But karma is much more complex than those five words imply. They imply that what you do to others, others will do to you. However, that misses the purpose and intent of karma, which is not to punish but to teach.

If karma looks like punishment at times, it’s only because that’s often the most efficient way to teach something and the soul has agreed to experience that teaching method. This is an important distinction. Life does not punish; it teaches. And if it seems to teach harshly, then it has been allowed to—indeed, invited to—by the soul, which is learning through that method.

There are many ways for your soul to learn what it needs to, and it gets to choose how it will do so. It can learn more gently and likely more slowly, or more challengingly and likely more quickly. In either case, the events you experience are solely (no pun intended) designed to heal, teach, and evolve you, not punish you.

Punishment is actually not a very effective teacher. It may teach people not to do something but at a great cost to their spiritual progress and ability to love themselves, to love life, and to love others, which is the ultimate lesson. Those who receive punishment are full of shame or anger and resentment, and this is a hell they must learn to release themselves from.

Because punishment leads to further ego-entrenchment and misery, it’s ultimately counterproductive to spiritual progress. Punishment is the ego’s way to remedy crimes and mistakes, and humanity has yet to recognize its ineffectiveness. Punishment perpetuates pain and negativity and does nothing to heal it.

All crimes, mistakes, and suffering are caused by the ego, so the solution is not to entrench people further into their egos by punishing them but to give them what might help them see that they are not the ego. Love is what heals and brings people out of the egoic state of consciousness and nothing else: love, acceptance, kindness, compassion, and attention. These are the balms that heal.

It’s true that you reap what you sow—in this lifetime or another. Often, the result of what you sow is immediate: You’re unkind to someone, and they’re unkind back. At other times, the result is more long term: You eat too much sugar year after year, and you become diabetic. And some results aren’t met until another lifetime: You treat the poor badly, and you’re born into poverty in your next lifetime.

What may seem at times like punishment from a karmic standpoint is often simply the best possible way to teach what needs to be learned, and often what needs to be learned is compassion. For that, “walking in someone else’s shoes” is often the remedy. Each of you has had many, many lifetimes that were designed to teach compassion by “walking in someone else’s shoes.”

For example, if you lied, cheated, or defrauded someone, being on the receiving end of this at some point or in another lifetime may be the best possible way to instill the compassion needed to prevent this from happening again. When this is the case, your soul will design the circumstances carefully and supply you with the resources and people you need to help you learn from that experience.

Every soul has many lifetimes in which they behaved badly and then reaped the consequences of that. This is unavoidable and the overwhelming experience of one’s early lifetimes. There’s no way to avoid learning through “hard knocks” in this school of life, which brings us to another metaphysical law: Life is a school for the purpose of your soul’s evolution.

Learning is built into life, like gravity. You can’t be alive and not be learning something. Sometimes you learn, or conclude, the wrong thing, and then you have more lessons until you get it right. Life is very patient, and you can take as long as you like to learn what you need to learn. If you understand that life is trying to teach you something when it presents you with a challenge, a problem, or a difficult person, it will be much easier to learn from that experience.

If you don’t understand that life is a school, it’ll be more difficult for you to learn from your experiences. You’ll feel victimized by life, ashamed to have failed, angry, or just confused. But once you see that everything life brings you serves a purpose in your soul’s growth, you can become curious about what that purpose is and use your experiences to grow.

So many of life’s challenges are for honing and shaping one’s character: You learn to be more courageous, persevering, patient, responsible, reliable, careful, kind, loving, wise, and resourceful. Life teaches these things, and it’s the only thing that teaches them. You can’t learn them by reading a book—life is the lesson.

You can learn these things either willingly or unwillingly, either quickly or slowly. If you’re unwilling, learning these things will take longer, but eventually everyone does become more courageous, persevering, patient, responsible, reliable, careful, kind, loving, wise, and resourceful as a result of living many, many lifetimes.

Karma works through others and through life circumstances designed by your soul for you. Others are your teachers by how they respond to what you do and say. They give you instant feedback about how your words and deeds have affected them, which is an opportunity to learn to speak or act in ways that will produce better results.

This doesn’t mean you should go around trying to please everyone, although that doesn’t hurt as long as you please yourself as well, that is, follow your own Heart in how you live your life. But when you treat others well, they’ll treat you well. Your relationships make the law of karma abundantly clear. How you treat others matters, not just to them, but to your experience of them and your experience of life.

You can create a positive experience of life for yourself or a negative one. It’s truly up to you, depending on how you are with others. This matters not only to their well-being, but also to your own. Eventually, you learn to treat others well because it feels good to, which brings us to another metaphysical law.

I will call this the law of love. Love is what gives birth to life, sustains it, and guides it. Love is behind all of it. A loving hand, not a judgmental or cruel hand is behind life.

This is one of those laws that may be difficult to see if you take the ego’s point of view. The ego thinks that life is scary and cruel, but the ego is projecting its own fear and cruelty onto life. The ego is what makes life scary and cruel, not life itself.

Life is kind, life is beautiful, life is benevolent and wise, but the ego is not. It creates the havoc, the confusion, the conflict, the negative feelings, the limitation, and the fears that make up the human condition, the human dilemma. How difficult it is to be a human being! But it is only because you have an ego that this is so. Without an ego, you’d be deeply in love with life, and all you would see is love and benevolence in life’s grand design, which brings us to another law.

There is a design. Life is purposeful, designed, and guided by higher forces. As with the other metaphysical laws, this one is not so obvious, but there are lots of clues nonetheless. If you believe that life is purposeful, designed, and guided, you’ll begin to see that it is. But if you see through the ego’s eyes, life will seem random, unfair, chaotic, and capricious. But it is not.

Your life is purposeful and divinely guided. You are designed the way you are for a reason. You have been given a personality, a physical body, an appearance, circumstances, a family, genetics, and drives that provide the lessons you need and support the life purpose you’ve come to earth to fulfill.

You are a unique expression of God! And God loves you and created you to be exactly as you are. There is an intelligence behind life, and this intelligence is benevolent. Call it God or whatever you will. This is another law, since this intelligence is unwaveringly benevolent and wise.

Imagine what intelligence is necessary to create all that exists and have it function so beautifully as an intricate Whole, with each piece interdependent and intertwined with every other piece of creation. In truth, there are no pieces but Oneness operating as different forms, with all forms essentially connected to each other by virtue of being made of the same “stuff”: consciousness.

Intelligence is a good word to describe the Creator because all you can see and know of the Creator is the result of this intelligence. The Creator is invisible to you; and yet, all that is visible and beyond that is the Creator. This is true for us as well, for those like us who are guiding humanity and exist in another, higher dimension.

Convincing you of these metaphysical laws is difficult as long as you are perceiving life from the vantage point of the ego, which is programmed to not see the truth about life but believes the opposite. What a dilemma! But that is the challenge you’ve been given—that God, masquerading as you, has given Himself/Herself.

For the most part, the ego has been programmed with the opposite of the Truth, and you must discover for yourself that how the ego perceives and what it believes is not the Truth. But programming is not so easy to see through, especially when everyone around you has the same programming, the same misperceptions and misunderstandings.

Fortunately, God made sure that you would see through this programming by causing you to suffer every time you believed something that wasn’t true. Much of the time, you suffer only a little as a result of this programming, but sometimes your beliefs cause you to suffer a lot. How much you suffer as a result of a belief is the measure of how true it is. Little lies, ones that contain some truth, cause you to suffer only a little if you believe them. Big lies, on the other hand, cause you to suffer a lot if you believe them. Or, if you believe big lies only a little, you suffer only a little.

This is how it works, and you come to see this if you examine your thoughts and notice their results in your body. Some thoughts result in negative feelings and a sense of contraction of your energy, while other thoughts are more neutral and don’t contract you. Some of your thoughts even make you feel good, but they’re the exception.

The thoughts that are most problematic are ones that have you at the center of them. This self-reflective thinking is often called the voice in your head, which is how these thoughts are experienced. This voice comments on life and talks directly to you. It passes judgments, warns you of potential difficulties, reminds you of your to-do list, admonishes you, hurries you, chats with you like friend, scares and shames you, tells you how to do things, evaluates how you’re doing, and gives you advice. These thoughts show up in your mind and seem like your own voice or thoughts, or the voice of someone else who’s conversing with you.

This voice is the ego’s voice dressed up in various guises, none of them what they seem: The advice isn’t necessarily wise, the judgments aren’t useful, the fears are made-up, the conversation is vapid, the beliefs and opinions aren’t necessarily based on facts, and the assumptions are often imaginations. The voice in your head, which is also called the egoic mind, is an irrational aspect of your mind that has nothing to do with your intellect or with rational thinking. It is driven by fear, greed, and other base emotions. The voice in your head is the source of all suffering—if you believe it.

The ego and the voice in your head aren’t going away anytime soon, and they don’t have to. It isn’t necessary to get rid of the ego, which is impossible, but to dethrone it. The ego has usurped the true master, the divine self, your true self. Progress on the spiritual path is about regaining mastery from the ego. Who is this you who can gain mastery over the ego? There’s something else here, isn’t there? That is who you really are! That is your divine self.

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