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The Shift

Becoming Your Best Self

Unlock the Secrets to a Fearless and Trusting Life!

Discover the power of The Shift and transform your life into one of freedom and trust. This groundbreaking book will guide you through the journey of reprogramming your mind, freeing yourself from negative beliefs and fears, and finding the courage to live your best life.

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My new book, The Shift, is launching on May 1st! But the Kindle ebook is available today for pre-order for just $0.99 on Amazon (reg. $4.99) at If you are interested in changing your relationship to your thoughts and healing in other ways, I'm sure you'll find this book to be very beneficial. Pre-ordering the book helps improve the book's visibility on Amazon, and it saves you money! Please consider helping this book reach many more people who can benefit from the wisdom it contains by pre-ordering it. 

And here's how you can get this book before May 1st once you have pre-ordered it:

The book will go live on May 1st...BUT...if you pre-order the book and are willing to write an honest review, then we will send you a pdf right away and you can read the book before anyone else! Just let my husband, Nirmala, know that you have pre-ordered the ebook using the contact form here:, and he will send you an advance pdf review copy

More info about the book:

From the Introduction: “The Shift is about the shift of consciousness that happens when we stop believing our thoughts and allowing them to tell us who we are and how to run our life. This shift of consciousness is the most radical shift that a person can experience. It will change your life for the better forever. When we change our relationship to our thoughts, our life changes because we change fundamentally. We become our best self rather than the confused, insecure, petty, judgmental, striving, stressed-out, unhappy self we are likely to have been and believed ourselves to be when we were enmeshed with the voice in our head and believing those thoughts. The Shift is ultimately about discovering who we really are beyond all the things we believe about ourselves and have been taught about ourselves and about life. It is about recognizing and becoming who we really are—a spiritual being who happens to be having a human experience.”

The Shift explains:

• Why we suffer and how not to,
• How to change your relationship to your mind and reprogram it,
• How to clear negative thoughts and self-images,
• How to overcome fear and develop trust,
• How to work with spiritual forces to assist healing and clear negativity,
• How to heal entrenched issues from the past,
• How to meditate,
• Other helpful practices, such as reframing, prayer, forgiveness, gratitude, Inner Child work, and spiritual inquiry.

Note: The information in The Shift was formerly published in two previous books by Gina Lake—Getting Free and Trusting Life—which are no longer in print. Other material is included as well. Because these two books were written before Gina started channeling Jesus, The Shift is in Gina’s voice, although it, like her other books, is also channeled. The teachings are similar to her books channeled by Jesus and may be especially suited to those who may be uncomfortable with the idea of channeling.

PS: The paperback will also be available May 1st, and the audiobook will be available July 1st.

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Reviews on Amazon Coming Soon:
Here's what reviewers are saying about Gina's other books ...

  • “One of a few really great books I have read. This is so good, beyond belief. Inspiring, so true it resonates with your being. It delivers a way to get and stay free from the egoic conditioning we carry.” –G. O’Mahony

  • “The knowledge I have gained from this book has been liberating. I now realize how influential the ego has been regarding my thought and decision-making process and that it isn’t necessary for me to ALLOW my ego to be the driving force in my life.” –O. Anderson

  • “This is a book written in a beautiful and clear way, offering multiple insights of how we are conditioned and how we, with mindfulness, can break free of these egoic patterns. Getting Free is an invitation to all who read it to awaken through awareness, to let go of thought, and to discover our true happiness.” –S. Bacon

  • “I get that my problems, my image of 'me' and 'my life' are constructs of my mind, but this book actually explains what to DO with that understanding. If spirituality had a door through which we could enter and gain immediate understanding, Gina Lake’s books are that door.” —K. Roberts

  • “Wonderful reading for me in a very traumatic and stressful change period of my life. I found comfort and guidance in this book, which helped me through an extremely difficult period. Highly recommended.” –Sister Margarita

  • “This was the first ever Gina Lake book I read, and I still remember how revealing it was. The various ways it provides for seeing past negative conditioning have been invaluable tools that I've used over the years.” –S. U.

  • “This book is jammed-pack with rich, heart-opening ideas that gently push you ahead into dropping into your true self (love). I highly recommend you get this book; it won't let you down. It will make you laugh at yourself, and it could bring you some tears too. You will definitely experience relief, release, and deep healing and LOVE." –R. Remington

  • “This is a loving, gentle handbook to help you let go of preconceived notions and MOVE ON! I am a huge fan of Gina Lake's work. I read and reread her books, and each time I get more and more wisdom from them.” –Kathy V.