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The Shift by Gina Lake

The Shift

Becoming Your Best Self

Unlock the Secrets to a Fearless and Trusting Life!

Discover the power of The Shift and transform your life into one of freedom and trust. This groundbreaking spiritual self-help book will guide you through the journey of reprogramming your mind, freeing yourself from negative beliefs and fears, and finding the courage to live your best life.

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From the Introduction: “The Shift is about the shift of consciousness that happens when we stop believing our thoughts and allowing them to tell us who we are and how to run our life. This shift of consciousness is the most radical shift that a person can experience. It will change your life for the better forever. When we change our relationship to our thoughts, our life changes because we change fundamentally. We become our best self rather than the confused, insecure, petty, judgmental, striving, stressed-out, unhappy self we are likely to have been and believed ourselves to be when we were enmeshed with the voice in our head and believing those thoughts. The Shift is ultimately about discovering who we really are beyond all the things we believe about ourselves and have been taught about ourselves and about life. It is about recognizing and becoming who we really are—a spiritual being who happens to be having a human experience.”

The Shift explains:

• Why we suffer and how not to,
• How to change your relationship to your mind and reprogram it,
• How to clear negative thoughts and self-images,
• How to overcome fear and develop trust,
• How to work with spiritual forces to assist healing and clear negativity,
• How to heal entrenched issues from the past,
• How to meditate,
• Other helpful practices, such as reframing, prayer, forgiveness, gratitude, Inner Child work, and spiritual inquiry.

Note: The information in The Shift was formerly published in two previous books by Gina Lake—Getting Free and Trusting Life—which are no longer in print. Other material is included as well. Because these two books were written before Gina started channeling Jesus, The Shift is in Gina’s voice, although it, like her other books, is also channeled. The teachings are similar to her books channeled by Jesus and may be especially suited to those who may be uncomfortable with the idea of channeling.

The audiobook will be available July 1st.

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Paperback coming Soon

30 Reviews on Amazon Averaging 4.9 Stars out of 5 Stars!
Here's What Reviewers Are Saying...

  • “I own every one of Gina’s books. The wisdom is deep and profound. It’s like being able to visit with Yeshua for private lessons. I am incredibly grateful to Gina for being the divine conduit for these teachings. They fill me with peace and comfort while also encouraging and inspiring me to work towards being the best version of myself possible. If you have not read any of Gina’s books before, this is an excellent place to start.” –Daniel E.


    “Not only life-affirming but possibly life-changing! This book is like an owner’s instruction manual to help open up a freer, more spontaneous life. It shows the reader how to unplug from negativity and begin to trust the abundance and aliveness that is our birthright. Ms. Lake writes with such assurance and so earnestly, that I was swept up in her ideas and I’m noticing a shift in how I perceive my own life. I feel a new kind of freedom as I step away from my former knee-jerk reactions to stress and fear. I’m simply not giving my thoughts the kind of authority I used to give them.” –Mr. Z.

  • “I have read many of Gina Lake’s books and I find her to be a master spiritual teacher. She writes very clearly because she is so clear herself. She can write a profound truth in one simple paragraph without any fluff. She understands exactly what veils our divine presence. She is a wise, dedicated, and loving teacher. She is also generous with her wisdom. I love this new book. It made my day!” –Linda M.

  • “Her best book yet! I've read almost all of Gina's books, and this latest is in her own words. There are so many gems here to help you really think and feel things more deeply. So many important 'ahas'... this one is a keeper.” –PS

  • “Beautifully supportive in shifting me into a space of peace and love. This author beautifully guides the reader toward a more loving, peaceful and trusting experience of life. Lovely writing and message. I hope this book becomes a bestseller. It was deeply supportive for me, and I think it could really help our world!”—Thomas T.

  • “Not unlike a scruffy street person, I frequently catch myself, mumbling to myself as I navigate through daily commotions. The impulse to narrate life (in a Ted Baxter voice) remains as I tour guide through various encounters. Fortunately, divinely inspired and dedicated authors like Gina Lake can eloquently advocate for a purified sanity beneath such insanity. She slowly describes the quiet, calm presence (presents) that emerge with persistent discipline and humbly devoted practice. Gina is a precious multi-dimensional wisdom asset, well qualified to write about the really real. Turns out, boisterous self-confidence too often is only a flimsy disguise for hollowness. The ‘false self’, as she terms it, is an unconscious impulse so ubiquitous, it becomes almost invisible; taken for granted as it insidiously clouds ones outlook and creates implications that sabotage the quest to be positively human. I wholeheartedly commend The Shift and Gina’s uniquely anonymous perspective. What this means can only be appreciated by immersing your self in the observations of her poetic counsel. A Shift is certainly attainable if you’re willing to concede we seldom own what was never truly (h)ours.” –Edie

  • The Shift offers easy to understand and easy to implement tools that will help transition you further into more clarity in distancing one’s ego identification as the avatar self we think ourselves to be into alignment with our true selves as Divine. Since studying with Gina Lake’s life-altering teachings and embracing a daily meditation practice, my life has done a complete 180 degree turn around, from following the dictates of the ongoing limited, fear-based, judgmental, self-effacing mindset that I just couldn't get out from under to one of clear focus in the reality of living from Presence. I've become a clearer observer of what my mind is up to and have truly shifted those thoughts to present-moment reality. The results truly feel miraculous. I now live a life of peace, joy, wonder and gratitude of the very simple gifts within each passing moment. The uptick in clients, opportunities, healing of personal relationships with family members and even peace around world affairs all happened as a result of dedication to these soul-transforming and uplifting teachings. And I now embrace in humble gratitude the realization that one day I, too, will awaken more fully to our shared reality in divine love and seeing the divine in one another as well. Why wait for heaven when you can purchase The Shift and gift yourself the keys to the kingdom of heaven within, this very day!” –Kat

  • “Gina Lake has an amazing ability to distill wisdom into understandable and doable actions and attitudes. You can find the universal advice distilled from Stoics to Buddhism to Christianity — and all the faiths in between. These are practical — not overly philosophical! Take your time and live with the different sections. It will give you a new lease on life, and you will better understand how the current moment is a gift — and thus called The Present.” –Michael B.

  • “Practical, loving guidance. I love all of Gina's books. This is another gem. A loving view of our existence and a guide to experiencing your best life. Highly recommend!” –Barb B.

  • “This book discusses the truth of who we are from psychological as well as spiritual perspectives. We are simultaneously human and divine - the spiritual Heart is our lifeline back to God, to Love, to Oneness. It includes exercises throughout which can be put into practice to further improve our understanding, and some for healing, practices to help us allow our True Self more influence in our lives, instead of the ego.” –Shelly L.

  • “There is so much insight and truth in The Shift: Becoming Your Best Self. My heart agrees with everything that I read, as with every other book by Gina Lake. There are many wonderful ideas, such as: ‘We are simultaneously human and divine and ‘Life can be trusted because Love is behind it all.” These ideas correspond exactly to other channeled material of Adamus (channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe) and other entities. I love all of Gina's books. They are life-changing. This wonderful book is excellent for beginners and broadens understanding for others.” –Liora

  • “This book is very straightforward, and reflects Gina's years of work as a counsellor and her personal experience of meditation and healing. It could be helpful to people at any stage or level of development, but I would especially recommend it to anyone who is at the very first stage of questioning what they have been told, or taught, or had preached at them. Gina is so familiar with the many questions that people have in this situation and she patiently works through the issues with thoughtful reasoning and the reassurance that there is a way to accomplish a lasting and desirable shift.” –Terry C.

  • “If want to overcome the voice in your head, I highly recommend this book. I love the way she described conditioning and gave ways to overcome it. She is a clear channel. I highly recommend all of her books, classes, and Christ Consciousness Transmissions if your goal is, like mine, to Awaken!” –Beverly  

  • “This book is filled with mind-altering revelations that help you remember to be the Love that you have always been. Come! Let Jesus and Gina guide you on the divine journey back to remembrance of your divine nature.” –Jay J.

  • “I have already read several of Gina Lake’s books. They have all been informative and valuable. However, her new book The Shift, somehow allowed me to weave and integrate all the learning together so far and live them more fully. The Shift is a wonderful, easy to read and understand book. It features all the main teachings form Jesus in a whole and integrated way. If you were only going to read one of Gina’s books, this a great book that brings all the teachings together. –Irene R.

  • “Timelessly fresh, critically relevant. Having read most of Gina's books, I thought the republishing of these two in one might make this one a bit dated. Wonderfully NOT SO! Thank you, Gina Lake, for putting this back out. This is so bottom line as to make it required reading and rereading! I'm rereading it now with my wife, and we do a lot of discussing of it as we go. This material is worthy of regular spiritual chewing, digesting, and being. Eternal, happy becoming be yours!” –8mprl1