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Ten Teachings for One World

Wisdom from Mother Mary

Ten Teachings for One World is a channeled message from Mother Mary to her beloved children on earth. The teachings are intended to bring us into closer contact with the peace and love that is our divine nature, which has the ability to transform our hearts and our world. Mother Mary's gentle wisdom will inspire and assist you in awakening to the magnificent being that you are.

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On a glorious fall day in 2012, while sitting in a garden graced by a statue of Mother Mary, Gina Lake heard Mother Mary address her: “You are my beloved child.” This began an ongoing relationship and communication with Mother Mary. Ten Teachings for One World is the little channeled book of wisdom teachings that Mother Mary wished to share with the world. Here is a taste of this wisdom:

“For this transformation to happen, you have to be willing to see yourself differently. You have to be willing to see yourself as the magnificent and loving being that you are and can be. Are you willing? What beliefs keep you from being willing to see yourself this way? How do you see yourself? Do you realize that that is an imagination? You made that up, possibly with the help of others who told you who and what you are. Why not imagine something grander, something much more true, and that will become your experience. This is how you awaken from the illusion of being limited, small, inadequate, less than. Be willing to see yourself as the divine being that you truly are—and you will be!”

Another quote from the channeled book, Ten Teachings for One World:

“In between each and every thought is a space, and that is where freedom lies, in experiencing this space. How simple it is to experience it! Anyone can do it. And yet, staying in that experience of space can be so hard. Are you able to experience that space and the sense of spaciousness that comes from that even for just a moment? What is this space like? Is peace there? Is love there? Are clarity and wisdom there? Is strength there? Courage? Patience? Compassion? Yes, all of the qualities of your divine nature are there. That is where they have always been and where they can always be found again when you need them. All you have to do is give your attention to the space in between thoughts instead of to your thoughts. But that attention must be given for more than a second, or these qualities of your true nature will fade quickly from your awareness, as thoughts and the experience that thought creates take over.”

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234 Reviews on Amazon averaging 4.7 out of 5 stars!
Here's what reviewers are saying ...

  • “I was very moved by this book and sincerely recommend it to anyone, especially to those who love nondual teachings. I really feel that I am no longer missing a mother and that Mother Mary is present in my life.”  –C. Godber

  • “Pure love. Sometimes words just can't convey the TRUE value of something. That is the case here. This work just leaves you in the deepest in sincerest gratitude for the ultimate TRUTH of reality.” –Harte

  • “This is a book I wake in the night dreaming about. And yes, while it urgently called me back until the final page, at least now I have the delightful pleasure of returning to it and to slowly absorb, contemplate, and practice the ten teachings so skillfully presented. This book is for everyone on a spiritual journey, regardless of where we are on our paths.” –A. C

  • “Gina giving a voice to Mother Mary has been a transformative experience for me. You have heard it all before but never as clearly and lovingly said! Dive in and be ready to be swallowed in the currents of stillness, mindfulness, and LOVE!” –Chantal B.

  • “This is the ultimate self-help book. It is filled with carefully thought out words that seem to melt into my being. Gina Lake is a talented writer and her words heal. This book will be kept close so that its healing words can be read over and over again.” –Bluebird

  • “Gina's open mind and heart take us to the essence of all religions and paths. In <em>Ten Teachings for One World</em>, Gina shares with us the Essence of all teachings on the divine feminine, who is called by many names. The messages in this book are life-changing and heart-opening, showing us a clear path to our own divine nature. Each of the ten lessons is a treasure.” –C. C.

  • "The sacred feminine is a powerful source of pure wisdom and support. This book taps that source as it flows through Mother Mary and, of course, through Gina Lake. If you are ready to open to and embrace and be embraced by the love that you are, I highly recommend that you read this book.” –Hale Dwoskin, spiritual teacher

  • “This book is beautifully written, with deep truths made clear and accessible to everyone of any religion or no religion. This book is filled with Love and light. It shows us the way to open and receive this love, wisdom, guidance, and comfort within our own selves. This book will open your heart and reawaken your soul.” –C. Lyons

  • “Reading this book was a wonderful experience! The information was presented in such a simple, gentle, and graceful manner that it became more accessible to my Heart than ever before. If you are new to nondual teachings or if you are already steeped in them, this book is sure to brush your soul like a refreshing breeze.” – R. Yavits