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Return to Essence

How to Be in the Flow and Fulfill Your Life's Purpose

You cannot be fulfilled by someone else's life purpose; you can only be fulfilled by yours. You won't find out what that is by listening to the mind, because it doesn't know. Only by paying attention to what is coming out of the flow and letting that lead you through your life will you fulfill your life's purpose. Return to Essence will help you do that, and in so doing, it will help you be happy. We are meant to be happy!

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Return to Essence describes how to get into the flow and live your life from there. Being in the flow and not being in the flow are two very different states. One is dominated by the ego-driven mind, which is the cause of suffering, while the other is the domain of Essence, the Divine within each of us. You are meant to live in the flow. The flow is the experience of Essence—your true self—as it lives life through you and fulfills its purpose for this life. Return to Essence explains what the flow is, how it feels, and what you find there. It also explains what keeps you out of the flow; how action, talking, knowing, and choosing come out of the flow; how to discover where the flow is going; and how to find and fulfill your life's purpose.

From Return to Essence:

“The moment—the now—is like a river, which carries you forward, ever-changing and ever moving. You either flow with this now or reject it and fight it, but that doesn’t stop the flow; it only determines your experience of it: whether you will enjoy life or not. When you glide along with the flow, the experience is joyous, as you are able to experience the Source’s joy in the moment it has created. When you fight the flow, you experience tension, anger, and dis-ease.”

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  • "Return to Essence is a joy to read. Clearly originating from a higher place, it is permeated with the truth. Unpretentious but compelling, it is written as a direct, informative, and practical guide to the mystery of life. It is an easy, yet profound, introduction to who you really are." —Keith P.

  • “For fans of Eckhart Tolle, this book shows us how to concretely apply those teachings in our everyday lives. This book is not an airy-fairy new age spin on nondual philosophy and its application, but an extremely well-written guidebook on the practical application of nondualism to one's life so that one's experience becomes more and more enjoyable and adventurous and in harmony with the Divine.” –J. B.

  • “Did you ever wonder about the meaning of your life? Did you ever ask, 'What am I doing here?' Did you ever think, 'Is this all there is?' Find the answers in Gina’s wonderfully enlightening book. Everything on these pages flows, from the message to the style." –R. Grenier

  • “This book has helped me to be so clear about exactly how I am blocking the divine guidance that I desire in every single moment of my life and more importantly how to stop doing it! If you are ready to begin your process of awakening to the truth of who you REALLY are, this is easily a book that you will NEVER stop reading and re-reading!" –Carlos S.

  • “This book was so timely for my journey, so much so that I cannot express with words what this book has meant to me. I felt like it was my companion during a rough time, a companion to support my questions with love, pure love. It is a book of affirmations for a life worth blossoming into.” –Sarah S.

  • “Masterfully powerful in its simplicity, this is THE best book I have ever read to help someone really GET the distinction between ego and Essence and how to more consciously align with Essence. I am going to be recommending this book A LOT over the next few years to my friends, patients, and students.” –Dr. D. Kamnitzer

  • “This book will help you to truly understand why we are here and what your purpose in life is. If you are lost or struggling in your life, I implore you to read this book. It will change the way you think about your life forever. Highly recommended.” –Mimilu

  • "Return to Essence is one real treasure. By reading the book, my soul felt like in one hammock. The state of peacefulness is still present." –Lacrima S.