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Radical Happiness

A Guide to Awakening

Radical Happiness provides the keys to experience the happiness that is always present, which comes from realizing that who we think we are (who our thoughts tell us we are) is not who we really are. "Radical Happiness is a supremely intelligent guide to awakening from the delusion of the mind. Gina points with clarity and wisdom, while offering practical exercises and helpful resources so that we may realize the extraordinary delight of the Heart" ~Katie Davis, spiritual teacher

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This spiritual book by Gina Lake describes the nature of the egoic state of consciousness, how the ego interferes with happiness, how to detach from the ego, how to be in the moment, how to be with emotions in a way that heals and releases them, what awakening and enlightenment are, and how to live in this world following awakening. Exercises are included to help you apply the information and transform your experience of life—and become happier!

From Radical Happiness:

"Just as we become engrossed in movie images and forget our surroundings, the ego becomes entranced by the movement of the mind, its thoughts, its feelings, and its desires. This becomes its world, its reality. It doesn’t notice the space, the nothingness, the emptiness between the thoughts. Following our thoughts and feelings keeps us very busy and leads to a lot of suffering. It creates the drama we call ‘my life.’ However, life doesn’t have to go in the direction of our thoughts and feelings. That is not the life intended by the Self. It intends a different story, a simpler and potentially happier and more fulfilling one. However, the Self allows us to create these dramas and learn from them until we tire of them and begin to question the cause of our suffering.”

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115 Reviews on Amazon averaging 4.6 out of 5 stars!
Here's what reviewers are saying ...

“I've begun absorbing the deep Truth of your book. I love it! So clear, and such a gifted use of language to describe the way of the ego and the way of the Self. I find your writing very unique, coming directly from Presence, and deeply revealing of the One Truth.” –V. Ritchie

“I wish I could give this book to each and every person I meet who seems to have that Pig Pen cloud of ‘Woe is me’ hanging over them. It is our right to be happy. We each deserve it and we can be. This book allows you to see that you really, truly, absolutely can be happy!” –K. Vitcak

“Not surprisingly, the radiant joy of the Self can be felt in these pages. Gina's book, like the radical happiness it reveals, comes straight from the Heart.” –D. L. Trunk

“Here is a work of true genius and heart that could possibly shift your entire perspective and approach to everyday life. My heart is pumping from joy as I write this review because Gina has shown me in a simple and effective manner how to access the True and Indestructible Happiness that exists for each of us right here in this moment.” –A. DeNino

“This is the Self dancing together with Self as gentle Love. Gina has a talent for making the material zing with freshness and cogency. Her many books, including this one, are surely an integral part of the Divine force of awakening all selves to the one nondual Self.” –Timothy Conway, spiritual teacher

“The author clearly writes from the perspective of an enlightened being; indeed she is a master teacher and guide. This book is indispensable.” –J. Bronson

“I would love for you to give this book to yourself. If you love what Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, or Advaita point to, or you are just tired of suffering, you will love this work.” —Lisa H.

“In Radical Happiness, Gina shows us clearly that suffering is optional. Oh how I love Gina Lake’s books. I have given away many copies. Because they are so special, I can’t NOT share them with others. This book is for you if you ever suspected that what you believe about your life may not be true, and you wish to experience the Joy that is already yours Now!" –A. C.

“Gina holds up a perfect, clear mirror so that you can see your True Self. The book contains many potent pointers for directly seeing that the false self IS false, which naturally reveals the Unchanging Eternal: The Timeless Reality of your true Being. Very highly recommended.” –Charlie Hayes, spiritual teacher

“What a fantastic read. I loved this book. I read it in two sittings and was literally transformed in the process. This book will give you a direct experience and not just a head full of information to haul around. I can't recommend this book highly enough.” –J. B. Everett

"As a big reader of spiritual books, I have concluded that Gina is one of the most clear and direct teachers you will find. This book provides pointers and insights that direct the reader to look within, to what's really here, now. If you like Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, and Adyashanti, it's safe to say that you will like Gina's approach as well." –J. Carland

“It's quite challenging to put into words how this book has struck me. A part of me wants to rant on and on about how incredibly powerful this book was to me. I really feel this book is like a personal can opener. It sliced me open and helped shed crystal, perfect, light on things in a way that bathed my soul in acceptance.” –Amazon Customer