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Deep Peace Meditations

Guided Meditations from Jesus

widescreen 1920 x 1080 3Do you long to feel connected to spiritual forces, to feel guided, supported, and loved and cherished on a deep level? Do you long to overcome your negative tendencies and be the best person you can be? Do you long to feel love for yourself, for others, and for life? Do you long for the Truth—to know the meaning of life? These channeled guided meditations from Jesus will bring you a depth of understanding and connection with your true self that will satisfy these longings.

Each week for 20 weeks, you’ll receive a channeled guided meditation from Jesus that is full of truth, which will bring you the experience of your divine nature. Jesus gently and wisely guides you into the realization of this most profound mystery: At your core, you are divine and love itself. Through the words in these guided meditations and the transmissions of love and healing that come through them, you will also experience what it’s like to have a relationship with the wise and loving being known as Jesus the Christ.

Each guided meditation has a specific message that will uplift you and help you see life through the eyes of Jesus and other Ascended Masters or enlightened beings. These teachings from Jesus are nondual teachings based on the universal truth behind and beyond all religions, not on any one religion. Each guided meditation is 15-20 minutes long and can be downloaded to any listening device (computer, phone, tablet/ipad, mp3 player). A transcript of each guided meditation is also included. These guided meditations, which are mp3s, are yours to keep and use as many times as you like. $33 (USD)

This collection of guided meditations is accessed through an online course platform (called Ruzuku), where you can download the meditation for that week onto your listening device or listen to it on the platform. This online platform is easy to use and provides an opportunity for you to spend a week with each guided meditation before receiving the next one so that you can fully benefit from it. You will continue to have access to this platform and the guided meditations even after you have received all 20 meditations. 

Here is a one of the guided meditations from Jesus about who you really are from Deep Peace:

“Your voice is so soothing as Jesus and puts me in a really relaxing state of mind! I am thrilled with the course and it was so affordable for me!” ~ Jerry

“These are exquisite sentiments and understandings from our beloved teacher, Jesus the Christ. I have deeply loved every part of my participation in this course. Each message conveyed a slice of profound wisdom couched lovingly and tenderly in your unique voice.”  ~ T. K.

"The Deep Peace meditations are absolutely wonderful!" ~ Doug R.

“Much love and gratitude for this course. It touches my heart deeply.” Marija

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