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It's Time to Awaken!

Gina Lake Channeling Jesus

It's time to awaken out of your ego and its limiting conditioning and sense of lack and dissatisfaction. Gina Lake's books, her channeled messages from Jesus, her online courses, and the Christ Consciousness Transmissions she offers will help you do that. They will accelerate your spiritual growth, help you become more present in your life, and support you in living the life you're meant to live. When we learn to be present in the moment, we discover that life provides us with the wisdom, inspiration, motivation, love, and inner and outer resources we need to survive and be happy. We discover that, indeed, happiness—radical happiness—has always been here in this simple moment.
On this website, you will find information about Gina Lake's books and audiobooks, Deep Peace channeled guided meditations from Jesus, the Moving Beyond Ego lecture series, and Awakening Now online course. You can also get a free ebook and listen to audios of interviews and channeled messages from Jesus. And you can listen to over 175 channeled messages from Jesus on Gina's YouTube channel.

Gina Lake and her husband, Nirmala, hold live online events on Zoom at 11 am Pacific time on Sundays and Thursdays, and 5 pm Pacific time on Tuesdays and Saturdays. They also hold online weekend intensives once a month. In these gatherings, Jesus and other Ascended Masters working with Jesus offer us a transmission of Christ Consciousness energy. These transformative gatherings also include channeled nondual teachings from Jesus for today based on the universal truth behind and beyond all religions. More information about these meetings is here.

If you need help deciding which book is right for you, a list of all books with a short description is here. If you aren't sure where to start, From Stress to Stillness and In the World but Not of It and Awakening Love are good entry points to these teachings. Any of the other books by Jesus except her latest book, Faith, Facts, and Fiction, are also fine to start with and can be read in any order. Your questions about Gina's books by Jesus are answered here.

Jesus Introduces Himself and Christ Consciousness Transmissions (14 minutes):

  A Recent Channeled Book by Jesus - Purchase on Amazon:


Coming Soon! Gina's Latest Book: Faith, Facts, and Fiction: Finding Your Way on the Spiritual Path


Gina3 11lowresGina Lake has been a channel since 1986. She has a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and over thirty years’ experience supporting people in their spiritual growth. She is also a nondual spiritual teacher and the author of over twenty books. Her teachings are most similar to Eckhart Tolle's, Byron Katie's, Adyashanti's, A Course in Miracles, and other nondual teachings.

In 1999, Gina awakened to her true nature, and in 2012, a further deepening occurred. Soon after that, Mother Mary, Jesus, and a circle of Ascended Masters made contact with her, and Jesus began dictating books through her. These teachings from Jesus are nondual (Oneness) teachings, based on universal truth. Then in 2017, at the request of Jesus, Gina and her husband, Nirmala, who is also a nondual spiritual teacher, began offering Christ Consciousness Transmissions to groups online in weekly meetings and monthly intensives. These energy transmissions are a direct current of love and healing that accelerate one’s spiritual evolution. Gina’s YouTube channel has over 175 messages from Jesus to listen to. Follow Gina on Facebook and Twitter.
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