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Finding Your Life Purpose

Listen to Gina Lake channeling Jesus in a message from her book, Jesus Speaking: On Being in the World, that offers insights into how to find your life's purpose, your soul's purpose, and the various life purposes that are possible. A transcript of this video message can be read below.

Everyone has a place in the world. Everyone belongs and has a purpose for being here. The place where you were born often tells you something about your place in the world, your lessons, and your purpose. Where you were born and what family you were born into are critical choices for the soul, as these things set the stage and create an environment, including opportunities and possibly limitations, that shape you, at least in your early life when so much of your conditioning is formed.

Not everyone’s life purpose or place in the world is obvious to them or to others. Many make the mistake of thinking that their life purpose should be apparent, and they bemoan the fact that they don’t know what theirs is. But many life purposes are not apparent and may never be known.

Sometimes, someone’s purpose or “place” is not an occupation at all but simply existing wherever you are and being whomever you are in that place and learning from that. Many have a life purpose has nothing to do with how they make a living or even how they spend their time, in which case their occupation and even their talents might be irrelevant to their soul’s plan unless these interfere with the soul’s plan in some way.

Many people’s life purpose is learning a particular lesson or lessons. It might be balancing some karma or learning to love more deeply or learning to be more responsible, more patient, or more kind, for example. All of the best qualities of your human nature are developed through the “hard knocks” of life’s school. Most of these qualities, such as being responsible, patient, and kind, are learned by first experiencing the consequences of not being those things. There are many lessons related to becoming a better and more functional human being, which everyone must learn in their many lifetimes.

You don’t have to worry that you are not fulfilling your life purpose. Most people fulfill theirs in one way or another, whether they are aware of that purpose or not. You see, you are programmed to fulfill a life purpose. What I mean by this is that you are given an environment, opportunities, a personality, and drives to do certain things and not others. The soul helps ensure that you fulfill your life purpose by giving you guidance intuitively, bringing you opportunities and people who will help you, and also providing blocks in the road when you go in directions that are not conducive to fulfilling it.

For you to not fulfill your life purpose, you would have to go against your innate drives, personality, inclinations, talents, and intuition and say no to obvious opportunities. This rarely happens. Only those who are very wounded, who are not in touch with their intuition, joy, excitement, talents, and inclinations, would resist the natural tendencies that cause most people to fulfill their life purpose. When people are very wounded, they may disregard their inner nudges and be too fearful to take advantage of the opportunities and gifts that come their way, which are meant to help them fulfill their life’s purpose.

When this happens, it usually results in extreme unhappiness and depression. This suffering is life’s way of telling you that you need to change your thinking and choices. Life is very kind this way in showing you, through suffering, which thoughts are true and which ones are false and which way to go or not go. Always go in the direction of your joy, not your fear. Move away from thoughts and choices that cause you suffering and go toward that which causes you joy.

Given that most people are fulfilling or will fulfill their life purpose, all you need to do is look at what opportunities life has brought you so far and where your passion is to understand what your life purpose might be. Or look at what you have already learned and gained from your challenges. How have you grown? That growth is likely to be related to your life lessons and possibly your life purpose. But, as I said, you don’t really need to know what your purpose or lessons are, although having a sense of this is often helpful so that you can “go with the flow” and not resist life’s plan for you.

So many of life’s lessons that might be someone’s life purpose are learned within relationships or within a particular relationship. Some of those relationships are blessed with ease and others are rocky. The level of ease of a relationship is not the measure of its value, however. Some of the most valuable relationships are ones that are difficult and often involve karma. Relationships that are difficult to leave for one reason or another often have karma involved.

Whether to stay in such a relationship can be quite the dilemma, but a sense of purposefulness around that relationship is often enough for people to remain in it and work through the difficulties. Such relationships can be great crucibles for growth. However, the karma, or lesson, might actually be that you need to leave regardless of how difficult leaving might be. Some couples meet again and again in a codependent or abusive relationship to learn that they must leave such a relationship.

For most, people are integral in fulfilling their life purpose, as people bring opportunities, gifts, information, and the challenges you need to grow and evolve. Looking at your relationships may be one way to gain some insight into your life purpose, especially if your life purpose involves lessons related to love and emotions.

Another way to possibly gain some insight into your life purpose is to take note of your talents or the ways you are unique or gifted. Those are bound to be used in your life purpose. Talents are developed over many lifetimes. So, any talent you have is something your soul has been dedicated to for many lifetimes, and your soul is likely to further develop it or use in this lifetime.

For example, if someone is interested in healing, they’ve likely been a healer of some sort in previous lifetimes, perhaps spurred on by experiences in early lifetimes of needing healing and having receiving it or healing not being available to them when they needed it. Either of these experiences can cause a soul to pursue becoming a healer, as the value of healers was strongly impressed upon them.

Each of you is unique, in large part because you have had unique histories, not only in this lifetime but throughout your many lifetimes. I will probably get in trouble with some people for speaking about other lifetimes here, as many do not believe that I, Jesus Christ, would speak about such things. But it’s helpful for you to understand how this school of life works. Knowing that you’ve had many lifetimes explains so much that cannot be explained without such an understanding. So, I gladly offer this understanding to you here.

For instance, without this understanding, it’s very difficult to explain the inequities in life, not only the different life experiences, but why some people are more talented, wise, and compassionate than others. How do you explain this if you don’t consider the possibility of other lifetimes? If this one lifetime were all there was, then life would be unfair, indeed, for some are given great ease and talents, while others are not.

But life is like a one-room schoolhouse, where souls of all different ages are assembled, each with their own lessons, talents, and capabilities. And like a one-room schoolhouse, the older souls are meant to looks after, support, and mentor the younger ones. That is a benevolent design, not a capricious one, once you realize that the design includes other lifetimes and a variety of soul ages in this together.

The biggest clue to your life purpose is what you love doing and what you are attracted to doing and being involved in. Everyone knows what this is, but not everyone follows their joy, this love, for various reasons.

Fear is the biggest reason that people don’t do what they love or go toward what they are interested in. Judgment is another reason, either one’s own judgments or other people’s judgments. If, for instance, you grew up around people who didn’t value art, then you might have taken on their judgments about it and stopped yourself from even considering pursuing art as a hobby or more serious pursuit.

Without your fears or judgments, what do you want to spend your time doing? What are you interested in? What do you enjoy? What excites you? What do you want to learn more about or get better at? The answers to these questions are clues to your life purpose. All you have to do is let yourself be free to do what you are moved to do without prejudging that or stopping yourself from doing that for any other reason. And know that life will support you in the pursuit of your life purpose. It cannot be otherwise.

Don’t let others determine what your life is about. This is for you to determine. You are the one living your life, and you are the one who must live with the consequences of your choices. This is your life, and it is a unique life. It will not be like anyone else’s life who has ever or will ever live.

Life has a life in store for you. It already has a plan; all you have to do is follow your natural tendencies, inclinations, drives, and joy, and your life will unfold in a way that will feel fulfilling and fulfill your life purpose. You are co-creating your life with life, itself. Trust life. It is wise and has a plan for you, for this life, that will make you happy. Life intends your happiness. Don’t let anything stand in life’s way. Let life have its way with you. Thank you for being here. I am with you always.

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