Cycles of the Soul

Life, Death, and Beyond

What is the soul? And what is this human life all about? What happens at death and after death? What is it like in the afterlife, and do you plan your life before you are born? These are the questions answered by Cycles of the Soul. In this channeled book from Jesus, he explains this great mystery of the soul and how it evolves through many, many lifetimes of experience. You’ll discover what the soul needs to learn, how it does that, and how it heals from traumatic experiences. You’ll also discover why people suffer and have difficulties, why people are so different and how to get along with them, and you’ll be given practices to raise your vibration and speed up your evolution. This wise and compassionate perspective from Jesus will help you embrace life and be at peace with life and with death.

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From the Introduction: “Before taking on a human life, you existed as an energy being, as pure love and ecstatic beingness. And then you chose to experience being human. Once you did, you became embroiled in the cycle of lifetimes that hone and shape a human being and bring you back to your original state of love and peace—but with much more experience, compassion, and wisdom than you had before these incarnations. You chose to leave perfection for a state of imperfection and immeasurable challenges and growth. What courage! What a journey! From these experiences as a human being, your soul gains immensely, far more than you can ever imagine, and not only your soul but the Godhead is enhanced by these experiences. All of creation evolves and all of creation evolves the Creator, and the Creator rejoices! This is what is going on. This is the bigger picture, the grand design you are part of.” ~ Jesus

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  • “Another outstanding installment of spiritual food from Gina Lake. Cycles of the Soul is Gina Lake’s latest installment in a series of books that, taken together, are so illuminating, revelatory, palatable, and relevant—it’s hard to overstate their value. This book deals with life before and after death and tackles such broad subjects as free will, Karma, challenges, the evolution of the soul, healing traumas, and death and dying. Included is the importance of our astrological makeup to furthering our life plan and cultivating soul attributes. This book is essential reading in my view. Another reviewer said this book answers questions you didn't know you had. Yes, it certainly does. It also answers many vital questions you do have about your soul's journey and evolution.” –Eliot R.

  • “Nothing but truth here. This is another awesome book by Gina Lake! This one goes into pre-life planning, evolution of the soul, raising vibration, and how to prepare for death. I found it to be a very interesting read. I will use the information to increase my consciousness. Pick up any one of the books that she has channeled from Jesus and look down at your hands. You are holding the teachings of Jesus! I am sure of it. I also partake in her online Christ Consciousness Transmissions. With them, I have experienced physical and mental healing. I am so thankful that I found her work. It has totally changed my life!” –Beverly

  • “Extraordinary teachings from Jesus about our souls. What a privilege it is for us to have Gina Lake channel the teachings of Jesus at this time in our history! To me, these are the most comprehensive writings on this subject that I have read as compared to other texts written about the soul. Through Gina, Jesus explains what we have longed to understand about the multi-dimensional reality of who we are, how and where we may fit in the evolutionary cycle of our souls, how we may heal and how our souls learn the lessons from the challenges that we have mapped out from our various incarnations. Jesus explains how to speed up your evolution by raising your vibration through various meditation practices and prayers, which have been particularly helpful for me. I also now have a greater understanding of how astrological charts are used to serve the blueprints of our incarnations. I have learned so much from these teachings, and I am grateful for having this resource in my library.” –Guy. L

  • “All of Gina Lake's books are expressions of her connection with Source, and by reading or listening to them, one becomes uplifted by attuning to the state of consciousness from which her words spring. All of Gina's books are treasures for people wishing to deepen their understanding of our true nature, not just intellectually, but from the state of being inside each of us that recognizes and resonates with that state. The mind may grapple with some of the concepts, but if read from a relaxed and meditative place, deeper consciousness grasps the meaning, and becomes more expansive and present as a result. This book, in particular, could not be more timely, as it can serve as a gateway for humanity to begin to awaken to its true nature so that our world may evolve to a place of harmony, with each other and with all of nature. Gratitude to Gina Lake for acting as a channel of wisdom for us all.” –Stephanie C.

  • Cycles of the Soul is a clear and loving directive that points to what is always here—all too often unquestioned and yet deeply resonant within all of us. Wisdom and Soul-Awareness are interwoven throughout this beautiful book, which offers a depth of clarity about our levels of consciousness. Gina Lake writes in a way that encourages us to live our divine Truth naturally—with a focus on Christ-like compassion, inner acceptance, trust, and infinite love. In addition, Cycles of the Soul offers generous opportunities to contemplate the soul’s evolution. Jesus teaches by using numerous scenarios, each of which invites us to experience a deeper perspective of this human life and how our soul grows, heals, and learns as we live it. Openly contemplate the lessons on karma, astrology, reincarnation, and pre-life planning, and you will find yourself ever more curious about the cycles of soul with every page. Thank you, Gina Lake, for continuing to love, support, and lift humanity through your gifts of channeling and expression.” –Susan B.

  • “Like all of Gina Lake’s channeled books, this one answers all the questions we think about regarding who we are, why we are here, and where are we going in these cycles of life. Informative and comforting. I highly recommend this latest work as channeled by Jesus. These messages have changed my life and have brought me joy, happiness, and a sense of connectivity with the Divine.” –Amazon customer

  • “So many incredible realizations to questions you may have but never thought to ask. This book could help you feel so much better about yourself.” –Peter S.

  • This is a must read for anyone who wants a clear understanding of our soul’s journey through life, death and beyond. It is a beautifully written book. Gina Lake never disappoints in the many books she has channeled.” –Marie S.

  • “New Information and Insights! A somewhat challenging book for me, as the material (some quite new and unexpected) shed light on how the human life exists through many lifetimes, all for the soul purpose of growth, healing, and coming to know love as our essence. The information clarified for me what Karma and death is all about but also reinforced that it is up to each of us to overcome the negative thoughts, beliefs, and feelings we experience in order to go beyond them to know and embody the experience of who we really are. As written on page 191, this is the Heroic journey we must embrace, learn about and grow from, and not give in to human conditioning and egoic thoughts that lead us astray.” –Jim K.

  • “Worth reading multiple times! Through her channeling, Gina provides us with a glimpse of the meaning of life, along with all of its challenges and lessons, and the meaning of death, and how that truly does free our souls to evolving higher and higher in our own evolution of consciousness. –Debbie G.

  • This book was a major life changer! The key sentence for me was on page 8 where Jesus says that if we connect with our spirit guides it’ll speed up our spiritual evolution. I did that and immediately burst out laughing! It was the second time that I had read the book, and my sense is that the whole book helped bring me to this point in my spiritual evolution. This book has brought me to the pinnacle of my spiritual evolution. –Howard C.

  • “Fascinating overview of the processes of human life. Concepts about the soul and its human journey, including free will, karma, trauma, and death, are clearly explained in this new offering from Gina Lake. Full of helpful insights!” –Mary S.

  • A complete guide in understanding the soul's purpose and reincarnation from both the physical and the astral plane.” –G. R. Gaus

  • “Channeled from beyond. I love all Gina Lake books, especially those channeled by Jesus himself. Cycles of the Soul is my favorite book to date. I have grown spiritual so much over the last several years, and Gina's books are a big part of that growth. Give this book a chance—you'll be glad you did. Enjoy!” –Stunner

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