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L ove and Surrender: New Teachings from Jesus LS 3Dcovercroppedforweb explains the important role that surrender plays in releasing us from bondage to our conditioning into the freedom and love of our true nature. Surrender is the “miracle” that occurs when we are finally able to let go and let things be as they are. When this happens, we are Home, and love naturally flows to ourselves, to others, and to life. This is our natural state and the direction and goal for every human life. But how do we surrender? In Love and Surrender, Jesus, as dictated to Gina Lake, unveils this great mystery so that you can more easily live your life from a place of love, acceptance, peace, and happiness. Love and Surrender is one of the books in The Jesus Trilogy.

Gina sends out messages that offer inspiration and support for awakening and living in Presence, which include audios, videos, and book excerpts. She also announces free offers, events, and new publications.

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“Surrender is the boat that takes you from one shore to another, from the limited human experience to the experience of the Divine incarnate.” –Jesus