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love and surrenderL ove and Surrender: New Teachings from Jesus explains the important role that surrender plays in releasing us from bondage to our conditioning into the freedom and love of our true nature. Surrender is the “miracle” that occurs when we are finally able to let go and let things be as they are. When this happens, we are Home, and love naturally flows to ourselves, to others, and to life. This is our natural state and the direction and goal for every human life. But how do we surrender? In Love and Surrender, Jesus, as dictated to Gina Lake, unveils this great mystery so that you can more easily live your life from a place of love, acceptance, peace, and happiness. Love and Surrender is one of the books in The Jesus Trilogy. More information about this book is available here.

“Surrender is the boat that takes you from one shore to another, from the limited human experience to the experience of the Divine incarnate.” –Jesus

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  • “This book truly is a gift from the Divine. It just felt so incredibly pure, blissful and profound. Every sentence felt as if it came from deep silence and Presence. Grateful to Gina Lake.” –Dinesh
  •  “Life changing. This book made me realize why I wasn’t enjoying my life. I would recommend this book to everyone. Find the time and read it.  I feel so much better than I felt before reading it.” –Amazon Customer
  •  “This is a new treasure from a wise and awakened teacher. I loved this book and feel grateful for this great opportunity. The teachings on the importance of surrendering our ego and choosing to trust a higher intelligence filled me with peace, joy and happiness. A much needed, beautiful book that will live inside your heart for a long time! ” –F. Gronqvist
  • “Wise, inviting, and helpful. This book provides deep wisdom and understanding in an elegant and accessible way. What is more rare, is that Love and Surrender provides powerful tools that anyone can use on their spiritual journey; tools that will help them move towards love and light, and a life ever more rich in divine presence.” –M. Scott
  • “One of the most inspiring books I’ve ever read. Author Gina Lake writes with such wisdom, love, and insight into the human condition. I put it on par with Neale Donald Walsh's inspiring Conversations with God. It reads like poetry and hits home like few works I've read. I believe it will have life-changing effects on readers who let the thoughts in.” –R. Z.
  • “Are you ready for your life to change? Read this book, and your life will be changed for the better, forever. A must read for anyone ready to surpass ego consciousness and lead a more loving, fulfilling life as the True Self.” –Amazon Customer
  • “This is a wonderful and powerful book. If you read it, it will help you in some way, there's no doubt about that. If you read or tried to read A Course in Miracles, you will find this book is teaching the same thing but in a much more understandable way.” –Nancy C.
  • "Ahhh...the energy of this book really is like a breath of fresh air! What if you really could stop suffering right now? Can you be open to that possibility? If so, you will really enjoy this book." -Natalie D.