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In this channeled book, Love and Surrender, Jesus explains the important role that surrender plays in releasing us from bondage to our conditioning into the freedom and love of our true nature. Surrender is the "miracle" that occurs when we are finally able to let go and let things be as they are.

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It's Time to Awaken!

Gina Lake Channeling Jesus


It's time to awaken out of the ego and its limiting beliefs and sense of lack and dissatisfaction. Gina Lake's books, her channeled messages from Jesus, the Christ Consciousness Transmissions, and her online courses will help you do that. They will accelerate your spiritual growth, help you become more present in your life, and support you in living the life you're meant to live. When we learn to be present in the moment, we discover that life provides us with the wisdom, inspiration, motivation, love, and inner and outer resources we need to survive and be happy. We discover that, indeed, happiness—radical happiness—has always been here in this simple moment.

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