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Being Happy (Even When You Don't Get What You Want)

The Truth About Manifesting and Desire

Being Happy (Even When You Don't Get What You Want) shows you how to be happy despite your desires by exposing the truth about manifesting. It reveals the myths about desire, which keep us tied to desires and the suffering they cause. So, it is also about spiritual freedom, or liberation, which comes from following the Heart, our deepest desires, instead of the ego's desires. It is about becoming a lover of life rather than a desirer.

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We expect that getting what we want will finally make us happy, but what we find is that it mostly just leads to wanting more or wanting something different. Our desires toss us to and fro until we tire of this and begin to question the value of following our desires. Being Happy (Even When You Don't Get What You Want) will help you understand desire and its purpose in your life. It will also help you discriminate between your Heart’s desires and the ego's and to relate to the ego's desires in a way that reduces suffering and increases joy. This book was formerly titled Anatomy of Desire.

A review from Neale Donald Walsch:

"Conversations with God says that happiness is not getting what you want, it is wanting what you get. Others have made the same observation, and in fact, this thought seems to be as old as time. Still, it is good to hear it again, to visit it once more, to connect with the wisdom yet one more time. And few books do as good a job, as quickly, of reconnecting us with that wisdom than this one by Gina Lake. This book had a lasting impact on me. I highly recommend it…. It offers a simple, accessible, articulate, and interesting take on the very human experience of desire and gives us the tools to make clear choices about how we want to live our lives. An excellent read."

From Being Happy (Even When You Don't Get What You Want):

“To the ego, success is satisfaction of its desires. Being able to make life comply with its desires is the ego’s strongest desire and its biggest fantasy. It doesn’t seem to notice that life rarely does conform to our desires, even when we do everything that is supposed to bring us what we desire. That doesn’t keep the ego from desiring and pursuing what it desires. Desires structure most people’s lives because most people listen to the voice in their head and act on those desires, most of which come from the ego. But something much deeper is driving and guiding our lives than the ego’s desires. Those drives, when they are followed, will bring fulfillment. However, those deeper drives might be missed if we are busy following the voice in our head.”

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80 Reviews on Amazon averaging 4.4 out of 5 stars!
Here's what reviewers are saying ...

  • “Amazing, from beginning to end. Impossible to put it down until finished. Truth at its core. Can't wait to experience the liberation imparted.” —Tania A.

  • “This is definitely a book I will read over and over. Every paragraph resonated with my heart, and it felt so refreshing. There is such a 'rush' in your own heart when everything you read lets you know you are on the right track, and it just plain feels good!” –Charlene P.

  • “This book is pure gold! It is filled with spiritual gems and powerful insights that drip with presence. This material rings of both authenticity and clarity. You know that favorite author of yours that always ‘nails it’ just as you see it? Or answers questions you've always had? Well for me, Gina Lake does the job.” –Michael Jeffreys, spiritual teacher

  • "I'm a former Law of Attraction teacher, and I love this book! Gina Lake does a brilliant job of explaining desire. If you have been involved in Law of Attraction and are at a place where it doesn't serve you as well as it used to, this is the book for you! The clarity that you will receive from this book is priceless. This book is a must read!" –F. Morton

  • “This book has inspired me deeply and left a lasting impact. If I feel myself slipping or struggling with a specific issue, all I have to do is open this book and read a couple of pages. There is gold everywhere throughout this book, so I let it open where it may and always find the perfect message for me.” –Kathy A.

  • “Gina's warmth and love permeates throughout every page, captivating the reader and moving one beyond mere words to truth itself. This book guides one through the maze of egoic desires to the desires of Essence. A marvelous read and one I will refer to often.” –A. Schultz

  • “The map to return to that true Joy is to be found within these pages, as they are offering a new sacred perspective of what Life is about. A precious gift for any longing soul. Gratitude for these words of wisdom. My soul rejoices.” – Danielle T.

  • "In this book, Gina Lake intimately dissects the entire landscape of desire and skillfully points us to the Reality that is beyond all fantasy. In a well written, grounded, and pragmatic manner, she guides us to awaken from the ego’s endless cravings and invites us to discover the uncaused joy of the Heart.” –Katie Davis, spiritual teacher

  • “As a follower of the Law of Attraction, I was under the impression that to be happy I had to get what I want. This book teaches you to be happy whether you get what you want or not, and for that it is a true gem. Happiness doesn't have anything to do with what you have—it is our natural state. P.S. If you don't want to get over stress and suffering, then don't read this book!” –S. B.