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Awakening Love

How to Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

"This book is what I would teach about love if I were walking among you today. It takes its organization from particular quotes of mine and others from the Bible, which have come down through time. The quotes this book is built upon are the core teachings I gave then I offer you today. If they are adhered to, they will change your life and change your world." ~ Jesus

What would Jesus say about love if he were alive today? In Awakening Love: How to Love Your Neighbor as Yourself, you will find out, as Jesus speaks to you directly about his most essential teaching in this channeled book by Gina Lake.

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“The love that is within me is also within you. Love is your true nature as much as it is mine. That means that it is possible for you to love as I did. This was my message, not that you are sinners and the only possibility for happiness is in heaven. No, I came to earth to show you that it’s possible to love your neighbor as yourself and to encourage you to do so. I came to earth, not to bring love and then leave, but to ignite the love within you, to show you that you, too, could be Christed as I was and as I am. It is your destiny to live as love, and I came to show you how to do that. That was and is the purpose of my teachings.” ~ Jesus

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117 Reviews on Amazon averaging 4.8 out of 5 stars!
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"Even if you might struggle with the authorship of this book being the historical Jesus, the powerful messages and advice contained within resonate with the heart in such a way that renders authorship largely irrelevant. Its advice on spiritual work is relatively simple to practice and, in my humble opinion, really works. Having read many hundreds of well-meaning 'spiritual' books over the years, if I had to choose only one that told the whole story in a simple, direct, and unambiguous manner, this would be the volume I would choose, and this would be the volume that I would base my entire spiritual practice upon. Strongly recommended for all spiritual seekers..” ~ John Q.

“I have been a student of every sort of spirituality out there for most of my life, including A Course in Miracles. In my humble opinion, Gina Lake has what I call the perfect distilled message. She offers a heartfelt way to let go of the voice in our heads and live as our true self. Her books are wonderful and feel soothing to read or listen to, and I can’t recommend them enough, especially on audio. They are very relaxing to listen to. I’ve actually bought several of her books and given them to friends as gifts. If you love the message in these books, please share, the planet needs it!” ~ C. Brooks.

“Okay, I am on the first page of chapter one... I know that this is the book I have been waiting for... these are the words of my Master.” – Art M.

“Beautifully written and channeled book. I can understand spiritual principles that I just never got before. This is a strong AWAKENING tool. This book has helped me see and allow grace to do her thing and keep me in my deepest prayer, which is to express my divine nature in the world. Easy to understand, with tools to go deeper.” – Kate M.

“Another important work filled with amazing insights. There are so many wonderful truths, so many 'ah-has.' It just keeps getting better and better as I drink it all in. Gina Lake is a gifted channeler and this book will not disappoint.” – Peter S.

“So grateful for this 10/10 recommend. Such a transformative read, especially during this time. This book uplifted me and helped me on my spiritual evolutionary journey. So blessed and grateful to have come across it. Felt like sunshine every time I went to pick it up.” – Katrina

“A powerful book on love. A wise, loving, nonjudgmental, and uplifting book. Thank you, Gina, for bringing his needed message to the world.” – Michael D.

“Fantastic book! How to use the First Commandment: ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,’ and ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ This is an Owner's Manual for human beings. Thank you, Jesus and Gina Lake!” – Roger D.

“Profound teachings and transmissions. Awakening to Love, Gina Lake’s most recent book, rings profoundly true. I have read many of Gina’s books and listened to her companion audiobooks. There are deep teachings within them, to guide the reader in a process of awakening to their true nature. Gina’s gift as a channel allows Jesus’s messages to permeate one’s being on many levels, as the energy of the Master is transmitted through the words. I am deeply grateful to Gina and to Jesus for these teachings and transmissions.” – Ariana

“Phenomenal wisdom and love. This awesome book is beyond phenomenal, and I’ve only read 1/4 of it. I just want to highlight (underline) everything. It has sooooo much truth, love, and wisdom on even just one page or, better yet, a sentence or paragraph. It shows me how to be more loving and the areas where my ego is acting up. I thank God for Jesus and Gina Lake and her husband, who work together. She also does videos on YouTube under the name Gina Lake Channeling Jesus. If you’re ready for it, this work will greatly enhance your life. This book was written with soooooo much love, not condemnation. This book is transforming me bit by bit. I just love the loving wisdom by Jesus.” – Lynette

“Beautiful teachings. Gina Lake's works are truly Christ inspired and contain the essence of the true spiritual life. They contain the keys to understanding the nature of our universe and our purpose within it. I strongly recommend them to any seeker of God. Though some reviewers have commented on the repetitive nature of the works, I have that to be their strength as I am able to read many, by no means all, of the same ideas presented differently in each book which has served to make them a reality for me.” –Seeker

This amazing and comprehensive book will serve you well on your journey to awakening! This book may be the ‘final’ course of instruction (written in an easy to understand and conversational tone) you will ever need to know as a spiritual seeker wanting to evolve into greater joy and well-being on your human journey toward experiencing greater consciousness.” –Jim K.

“I love Gina's books. This one is no different. I have often struggled with the mixed messages around Jesus. Gina's material is so grounded I can feel the truth of it. Even if I didn't know who Jesus was, I could listen to this and say that sounds like truth. So simple, so evident. No crazy double negatives or iambic pentameter to figure out like ACIM, Just plain and straightforward. It has helped me a lot.” –Laurel S.

“Simply amazing. The love and wisdom can be felt on every page of this book. Very easy to read and understand. Another MUST READ by this author and scribe.” –Harte

“Powerful message. A wonderful, clearly written book on the unifying force of love and the importance of honoring the light and love within everyone and celebrating diversity. It is a powerful philosophy with the potential to transform our world. It is also a useful guide to understanding the ego and how to calm and transcend it.” –Carolyn B.

“This book carries you through the basic teachings of Jesus—that a life lived from Love is our ultimate destiny. If you are ready to begin learning Jesus’s teachings as he meant them (rather than as they are taught through institutionalized religion), then you are ready to learn that you are no different than he. You are a son or daughter of God just as he was, and you are destined to travel the road to enlightenment, just as he did. Do not hesitate to read this book. It is guaranteed to give you a deeper understanding of the answers that you seek from he who still loves us and is available to us.” –J. B.

This book is an amazing investment in learning how to navigate a life of inspiration, joy, peace and love. I'm so grateful for the information and wisdom found within these pages. If you feel pulled to reading this book, don't hesitate for a moment. You will be giving yourself an amazing gift. You won't regret it!” –J. M. H.

“This is a very inspiring book that brings you further into your true nature and helps you release what is false. I feel more connected to everything and peaceful after reading this.” –Sarah

“Of Gina’s many Jesus books, I found this one to be spot on in teaching Truth of what we humans truly are: Love, incarnate. All of the world’s problems are due to the belief that we are our EGO, which is actually our programming, which we developed early in our lives. It is time to awaken to what we truly are. We are actually holographic particles of what we call GOD.” –JMO