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Are Transmissions Dangerous?

Here is a message from Jesus regarding the Christ Consciousness Transmissions we offer seven times a week:

This is the one you have known as Jesus the Christ. Are transmissions dangerous? Let me begin by saying that transmissions can be dangerous. A lot of things can be dangerous, even very dangerous, such as fire, electricity, and riding a bike, but you still use or do these things because they’re of benefit or enjoyable. So, a better question is: What makes transmissions dangerous and how can those dangers be guarded against?

What makes transmissions dangerous is the same thing that can make channeling dangerous: not being able to connect with higher dimensional beings. The spiritual advancement and purity of the transmitter is the most important qualifier, since that will determine the level of energy they can transmit. Can they transmit Christ consciousness? If they aren’t awakened or enlightened, they probably can’t, at least not consistently or powerfully.

Unless channels or transmitters are sufficiently advanced and purified, they will reach all manner of beings with their own agendas who are not suited to guide, help, or heal anyone. Negative streams of energy can come through psychics, channels, healers, and spiritual teachers if they’re not spiritually developed enough or if they’re driven by a desire for power, admiration, or wealth. After being in their presence or receiving a transmission from them, you’re likely to feel bad or unsettled, and this negative state or even depression can linger for some time.

More importantly, transmissions from a negative source can stir up unconscious material that isn’t meant to be stirred up, which may be difficult to handle. There’s a time for everything, and some things are better off left alone. Stirring up repressed emotions prematurely may cause emotional problems. Transmissions from negative sources can also activate and misdirect kundalini, the energy that guides the spiritual process.

This is very different from the healing or spiritual process that is set in motion during a transmission from higher dimensional beings, who know exactly what’s needed and what someone is able to handle and how to facilitate that. Once higher beings set a process in motion, they stay with that person throughout the process. Long after the transmission, they remain connected to them and continue to work with them and support them during this process as best they can.

This is very different from what goes on when lower beings are involved. They may set a process in motion and then leave that process unattended. They often don’t know what they’re doing or don’t care what impact they’re having. Some even cause harm intentionally.

Another problem that can arise if transmitters are connected to lower astral beings is entity attachment. When someone unknowingly opens up to receiving a transmission from a lower astral being, that person is inviting that being or beings to inhabit his or her energy field. Those beings are then able to remain close to that person and influence him or her negatively through the mind. Opening yourself up to transmissions from those who aren’t connected to higher dimensional beings can cause entity attachments that linger and cause emotional problems, such as self-hatred, rage, addictions, depression or other mental illnesses, or suicide.

I want to make a distinction between the harm that can be caused by transmissions in the ways I just described and the discomfort or difficulties that are a natural part of the spiritual processes that are often set in motion by a transmission of higher energies. Even beneficial transmissions can result in uncomfortable symptoms: sleepiness or sleeplessness; sluggishness or lethargy; weeping or fear or other emotions coming up; energy running through the body; and restlessness or an inability to focus or do mental work, to name a few.

These symptoms are common and normal during and after a transmission and will pass without needing to do anything about them. The best thing to “do” in these cases is to not be afraid of these symptoms, relax, and know that they are part of a natural process. These symptoms are signs that clearing and adjustments are being made in the subtle energy body. They are part of the process of healing, clearing, and raising your vibration and making it possible for you to hold more light in your subtle body.

However, if you are afraid of this very natural healing process, because you think something is wrong, that will create unnecessary suffering. When these symptoms occur, it’s important not to pathologize them. Spiritual process (i.e., the movement of kundalini) is mysterious and sometimes uncomfortable and even difficult. But if you can relax and trust that these symptoms will pass and that the experience is accomplishing something of value, the symptoms will be easier to endure.

All in all, when a transmission originates from beings on higher dimensions, most people experience pleasant and positive "symptoms": upliftment, peace, heart-opening, a flow of love, gratitude, a release, a shift in consciousness, a quiet mind. These effects may last for minutes, hours, or days. Whatever the symptoms, they are evidence of a deep, mysterious, and important spiritual process that has been set in motion. Transmissions are a gift from God. They help heal people’s emotional wounds and facilitate their evolution whether they are on the spiritual path or not, as long as they open to them.

Here are some testimonials for the online Christ Consciousness transmissions we offer:

"I just wanted to say that the transmission experience yesterday evening was astonishing. It was a mind-blowing, 'psychedelic' experience, but one that was personal and soothing and healing and comforting. For at least a few moments, I just felt indescribably good, better than I can recall feeling for many years, if ever. It will take me a while to fully process the experience. My skeptical, analytical, left-brain dominated mind is intensely curious as to what the hell just happened, if you will pardon the expression!" –J. T.

“I am the same person I was when we last talked, but I am also suddenly very conscious of this other I, one who is not just the form or identity of the me that I seem to habitually think myself into, not the one skimming the surface of this life, but the I that I recognize has always been more and is now suddenly invited to come forth again, reveling with curiosity, authenticity, and newness/excitement.... There’s no measure of gratitude for your generous assistance in opening these higher chakras, Gina. I truly didn’t believe I was so ready, but ‘it’ sure seemed ready for me. I feel like I’m just starting to experience what it is to literally get out of my own way. I’m eager to share my excitement of actually experiencing what I’ve only let myself learn and read about.” –S. B.

“I cannot say what a profound experience it was to look into your eyes. I have never seen gazes like yours before—a love and kindness I had never seen before, as if you would look right into my heart. I was touched, and everything else disappeared. The CCTs are life changing. I would never have believed that there is a whole other world to experience just by attending an event on the internet! I didn’t have experiences of energy flow before, and every Sunday it is a new little wonder to see that there is so much more to life than we think there is.” –K. B.

“I must restrain myself... and yet somehow convey my sincerity... and so, I will not talk about the depth of your eyes and how the camera light shattered into swirling galaxies... nor will I attempt to convey what it is like to look into the eyes of Jesus in real-time. And so, I am speechless.” –A. M.

“The transmission shifted me back into Love. Afterwards, I felt an expansiveness in my chest, like the shield that had been guarding my heart had fallen away. For the next three days, it felt like my heart was being healed and repaired. Old hurt, anger and fear seemed to drop away. In its place there was a gentleness, softness, and sweetness filling my heart. I am in awe of the effect this had on the relationships in my life. My husband and children began to mirror back to me my own state of love, patience, and kindness. I am deeply grateful to experience such a profound healing of the heart and for tapping into Christ's loving presence from within.” –L. R.

“I cannot express in words what it is like to see the face of Jesus in the here and now. Something my little Catholic girl self that longed to be a saint would have only imagined would maybe happen in heaven. The palpable light and love that poured through my heart chakra like the sun bursting through clouds was indescribable, and the tears had me sobbing with such a holy love. So humble, so deeply moving. How do I or any other kindred soul here express enough gratitude? Blessings to you and Nirmala for this divine work you have gifted the world with. It feels like the second coming of Christ. And it feels like an opportunity to surrender to the process of awakening to a new way of being.” –K.

“The day after the session, I felt Christ presence in my heart chakra. This was a more direct experience of Christ than I recall having before. During the session, I felt a deep soft love.... Since the session, I felt some big chunks of fear release. During my meditation this morning, I felt myself stand fully upright inside for the first time, not bent forward/pulled down toward the lower chakras/emotions.... I feel that whatever happens in life, I can meet it from love because that's what's here, now that fear has been released and shakti is flowing. This is a significant change, since I now see that I was responding from fear quite a lot before.” –J. M.

"When the transmission started, I was flooded with emotion that moved me to tears, a great washing over me of gentleness and space. I felt the sensations that I am familiar with when connected with Spirit: a heavy pressure in the brow and crown, heat emanating from the heart through the body, and something I had not had before, an image of Jesus in a glowing long white robe stretching out his hand to me and flooding me with love. After the transmission, I sat for some time watching the flames in the wood-burning stove, in a place of quiet-mindedness, peace, and spaciousness. I had been in a dark place the previous week, of grief and perceived aloneness and loss, and since the transmission, that distressing sensation is gone. I will join you again. Thank you." C. P.

“I have been having very visual experiences with Jesus during the transmissions. He shows up right in front of me and shows me things or tells me things. It has changed me profoundly, and I am very grateful. Jesus is my friend and Beloved now, and I feel His Presence with me wherever I am and whatever I am doing. Now that I have that frequency instilled in my being, I am able to remember it and call upon it throughout my day. I now can use it to shift a challenging situation, to open to more joy/love, or to bring healing where it is needed. It is also very healing for me to hear the message of Jesus coming through your female voice and body. It helps me to know that, I too, can BE that—that, I too, AM that.” –K. W.

“Just after you finished the transmission, there was a calm, easy presence that filled me. Then something extraordinary occurred—I had mobility in my neck. About a week ago, my shoulders and neck jammed up, and I’ve been walking around like Frankenstein.... What you saw and what I experienced, with blood flow and the tingling in my mouth, then the instantaneous healing in my neck is awesome in every sense of the word, and I couldn’t wait to share this with you this morning. I even slept like a baby, hardly any shoulder pain this morning. It’s a glorious realization of Divine Power and Blessing and Connection and Oneness. Thank you for being the conduit for undeniable healing. As you could imagine, I’m kinda on a cloud-nine of awareness and gratitude today!” –S. B.

“After the transmissions, I have felt totally calm, as if the emotional edge is off of everything, and the voice of the ego has been more or less muted, noticeably so. I find that although I react to things that happen during the day, it is with a certain distance, like an amused observation of myself. I try to stop and remember Jesus during the day, and recapture that calm joy when needed.” –L. K.

“Wow, thank you for the transmission this morning. I've never experienced anything so intense. I can't begin to describe it other than releasing grief, perhaps many lifetimes worth, realigning energy centers, releasing denseness, and feeling it resolve to a beautiful mult-colored light. Like a birthing experience, perhaps. Thank you for such a beautiful experience.” –Q. P.

"On November 12th, I experienced my first powerful Christ Consciousness transmission from Nirmala and Gina and a wonderful channeling through Gina. The transmission was like the best meditation ever. What I received was dramatic and life-changing. During the transmission, I felt the fulfillment of a calling to religious life, which had begun some 62 years ago, and I now feel I’m finally making some significant progress on my spiritual path and with my new mission. I’m beyond grateful.” – J. D.

“I started to notice when people were talking from ego... All of sudden I got it: I can be aware of what is happening and not engage my own ego, but make another choice to somehow let the winds gently remove the clouds of my own misguided blabbering and somehow reconnect to higher Self.... I cried about twenty minutes, sadness and angst of years filling my eyes and spilling down.... The blessings from CCT have been many—much I am not aware of. And, this is only the beginning. I am grateful for each tear that washes away the grime of ages, and I say thank you. May my behavior, my choices, make a better life for all.” –H. S.

“Once again, Jesus's latest message has been transformational for me. My heart feels so thirsty for his words. I know I will listen again and again. The transmission was such a deep and powerful experience. The first time I received the transmission a river of tears flowed, it was so beautiful. I felt such a closeness and connection with Jesus. I felt merged with his energy, like he was speaking directly to me, molding and shaping me from deep within. He gave me glimpses of what is possible for me, how life was intended to be lived, a life full of divine wisdom, sacredness, and love. Afterwards, it was as if I was emerging from the deepest of meditations.” L. Z.

“Just a quick note to tell you how profoundly I have been healed by my participation in these transmissions. I attended the first session in the most emotional pain I had ever experienced. My heart literally hurt. I had had an 'arms’ length' relationship with Jesus due to wounds of Catholicism. Long story short, I was willing to receive any healing this group of ascended beings had to offer. And I was healed. I am still in grateful awe that this is true for me. The pain in my heart was taken from me. Wow. And thank you! I have been back every week since and plan to keep attending.” –L. C.

“I cannot put into words the impact of the transmissions. In some, I have been just immersed in a state of divine union. In others, I've had depths of grief of trauma activated and released, sobbing uncontrollably. I know something profound is happening and beyond the transmissions themselves. Ever since my weekend with you, I've been cultivating my own relationship with Jesus, something that I've dipped in and out of over the years. But I am now turning to him for support for my deepest, darkest fears, feelings, and beliefs. And I am finding such profound solace.” –J. P.

“I found that after my first and second transmission, my relationship with my boss suddenly got worse, and I wanted to quit. Then after a week or so, there was a huge shift. All the heavy, dark, nasty stuff vanished and not only everything changed in my job, but I am discovering things I didn’t know were stored in my heart or I didn’t know I was capable of. The way I love, how love truly feels, an amazing feeling of compassion I didn’t know was in me, the way I now see people around me, and much more have all changed in such a short period of time. I feel I am a brand new person. This is HUGE, and I am truly grateful." –M. M.

“Every experience receiving the transmissions is different, but they are always beautiful and uplifting. In the first transmission I received, I had a vision of Christ asking permission to enter my heart, which I happily accepted, and then I saw Christ step into my heart center. A profound feeling of being held in divine love and grace overcame me. It was a truly beautiful experience. The effects of the transmissions have been, at times, subtle and others quite dramatic, but the general effects are a greater sense of ease in my daily life as well as a clearer perception of my divine nature, which is becoming more and more unshakeable.” –A. M.

“There are no words to express the depth and awe of connection that this intensive has brought forth. With the movement of hands, galaxies unfolded, and all the saints and enlightened beings moved with us. There were no limits and are no limits to this consciousness. There were tears moving through, and all restrictions inner and outer melted and revealed their true nature. The love and gratitude were boundless. Gina poured forth a powerful stream of presence, complemented by the loving and expansive presence of Nirmala, both complete within themselves but together channeling a larger and deeper field. Deepest gratitude to you both.” –H. S.

“I wanted to let you know that the transmissions have been so good for me! During the transmissions, I felt a deep peace, and a few times I still felt that peace the next day. Since attending the transmissions, it is much easier for me to fall into a state of bliss when I just lay down, and I often stay in that bliss for hours. I also feel a deep peace, a sort of ‘everything is alright just the way it is’ during the day more often. I’m so very grateful for this! It feels so wonderful!!!” –L. S.

“I was guided to Gina's website where I was beyond thrilled to find the transmissions and channeled books. After just listening to the words, "This is the one you have known as Jesus the Christ," the feeling was that of a long-lost reunion with someone so close to you. It was an immediate healing of my heart and immense gratitude. I was on my way home! After many transmissions and digesting all of the channeled books. I now am able to pick up Jesus's vibration. It is so wonderful. My personal relationship is getting stronger each day. What a gift!! Thank you! I truly don’t have the words to express my sincerest gratitude. This has been a true gift! And for once in my life I feel loved and supported. Life is benevolent—truly!!” –D. S.

“The weekly Christ Consciousness Transmissions are life altering. I am in tears as I type this because I feel such deep love and peace on a consistent basis.” –M. D.

“Since the CCT, my relationship with Jesus has deepened and so has my meditation. I have received helpful messages during meditation that bring additional clarity. What is most important is that now I ask Jesus for help many times a day, and I know He is helping me. During the worse storms, there is a knowing that I am never alone. I know this will change my life. I am so grateful for the CCT.” –F. W.

“The intensive was delicious, in my experience. Three deeply buried beliefs of family-taught conditioning were flushed up to consciousness, where I can choose to no longer entertain these false identities. Surprise and relief. That inner space now occupied by love. The experience of looking into your eyes during the transmission is transformative in ways I can feel but not understand. It’s increasingly powerful over the days of the intensive.” –R. R.

“I am so grateful beyond words for this transmission, both to Gina and Nirmala (and the others who are assisting) for being vehicles for the energy and to Jesus and the other ascended masters. It is blowing my mind how there are times when it looks like Jesus is looking directly into my eyes through Gina and Nirmala! I feel like I’m being seen through the depths of my being and loved for all of it: the divine perfection and the flawed humanity. So profound!” –J. P.

“I have tried at least four or five times to start a letter to thank you for the wonderful Christ transmissions, but I fall short each time as I can never find the appropriate words. I used to just hope I would be able to join you every Sunday, but now it's a weekly priority of mine. It's way better than any other Sunday service I have ever attended. For me, the transmissions give me a great sense of calmness, and I feel I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be, and I am learning that peace of mind is no small thing. So, I bow down to you both, and I humbly offer my thanks.” –C.

“Thank you for turning my partner into my spiritual partner. The best couples therapy ever! I am so grateful. Our relationship has been so wonderful. Every morning we have coffee and green tea with Jesus. Lol! We listen to the taped transmissions as our lesson for the day, and we truly feel his presence, and so does my cat. We are then able to tune in to our divine selves to communicate to one another and keep our egos in check. Life is good. We are committed to this journey, one day at a time.” –D. S.

“(The transmission) was so powerful. I felt so much love. I was looking into your eyes, and I had this knowing that Jesus was looking at me as if we were sitting face to face. And I felt seen by him. I don't even know how to really was an intimate experience. It lasted through the end of transmission, and I felt so much joy. I can't even put into words. Thank You so much.” –N. N.

“I am so grateful for the transmissions! I experience them like a cleansing. My heart region and back ached for some weeks. This changed into an energy flow throughout my body. The last two CCTs, I suddenly started being moved by this energy. My upper body turned around its axis for a while clockwise and then for a while the other way around. The movement felt very sweet. Everything was so light. When I meditate now, this sometimes comes back, and I feel connected to the subtle realm. Such effects are more than I ever wished for or thought possible.” –K. B.

"After the passing of my mother, I decided I could use some love, and I tuned into one of Gina and Nirmala's transmissions. I have continued tuning in ever since. After listening to many of the YouTube messages and reading the books so that I could get a complete view of Jesus' teachings. I can say that not only am I recovered from a case of PTSD and depression, but I am in a better place than I have ever been in my life. For the first time, I am genuinely happy. I have been a meditator and a counselor for 30 years and sat with different teachers, but this is the first time that these same teachings have stuck for me in a new way. I am living the teaching now. I am relaxed and at peace, I trust Life and my real Self to navigate this life. I feel genuine joy in meeting each new day. I feel loving, strong and capable.” –Dr. Vicky M.

“The Christ Consciousness transmissions were the purest expression of love I have ever encountered, and the most beautiful experience of love I have ever received. It reminds me of my late grandmother and the way she loved me. She loved me like no one else. That is what I felt at the Christ Consciousness transmission. I immediately changed after just one transmission. The ego is insane, but the heart is truly sane. Thank you, Gina and the other spiritual teachers at the transmission, who allowed that sanity to come into me, and allow me to walk in the light of Presence and reality.” –N.

“From the first transmission, I have been physically overcome and am just a puddle of compassion. My limbs are heavy and become unusable, as I relax and receive. Being open to receiving really is key. Sometimes I notice sharp pains or heat or the area of my heart feels void, open as if it has been replaced with God’s eternal flame. I have been brought to my knees through Jesus and the others’ presence. Large chunks of emotional pain have passed through me as it transforms into light. These sessions, the words, and Presence of these nonphysical beings, are changing me on a fundamental level, complementing and enhancing my growth and devotion to my divinity. I can honestly say these are the absolute highlight of my week, and I look forward to each one. Thank you.” –B. M.

“My husband started coming on Saturday nights about 3 months ago, and I've seen beautiful changes in him and in our relationship. And the gazing has been so good for me. The impact is gentle and powerful at the same time.” –A. T.

“The transmission yesterday moved me beyond words. It felt like the energy flowing through me was flowing back out through my heart center to the earth and all beings, so I went with it. I feel like a different person today, cleansed and healed. Thank you for your precious work. It feels very, very high vibration, and when you were channeling the energy, I saw you and Jesus become one, male and female of the same energy.” –C.

“I'm noticing a ‘quickening’ in how deeply I've been able to embody Jesus's teachings, and I leave the Christ Consciousness transmissions feeling filled with a warm inner light that just feels like gentle sunshine radiating from inside out. I'm finding that I'm moving into direct embodiment of spiritual concepts I've understood egoically for years and am truly experiencing them directly for the first time—and my external life as a whole has been changing, becoming warmer and more loving. It's been a truly beautiful unfolding for me so far. I'm looking forward to watching what continues to unfold as I move deeper into the teachings and the Transmissions.” –Dan M.

“During transmissions, I feel held in a blissful space – a sweet, sweet remembrance of Home. During and after transmissions, it feels like a purification process is happening in which the inner core is shaken and ‘that which I am not’ rises to the surface to be seen and released. Week after week, as ‘that which I am not’ passes, it has allowed for much clarity, lightness, and rootedness in Oneness. Each transmission has been a blessing that unravels, cleanses, and guides to a place deeper and deeper within the Self. An outpouring of love and gratitude to Nirmala and Gina as well as each and every one of you for the part you play in this beautiful symphony.” –F. M.

“I am so grateful to you both and all the Ascended Masters. During the transmission on Sunday, there was a vibration and aliveness in my being like I have never experienced before. It really did feel like the pebble dropping in the ocean and becoming one with it. As the week has gone on, it has become easy to access this space in meditation and quiet time—a real shift in consciousness, which my being is truly grateful for.” –M. A.

“This afternoon I attended the transmission, and just as Christ said, the transmissions work on subtle levels, and I feel as if enlightenment is closer than I thought. It melted my heart for many moments throughout the transmission and actually pierced the veil, if only for a fleeting moment. I felt the care and generosity of Jesus the Christ, as I perceive Him, showering through both you.” –D. K.

“It's a blessing to be part of these Christ Consciousness Transmissions. In addition to listening to and learning from a profound teaching of Jesus, the energetic transmission gives me such a peaceful and love-filled experience. Thank you, Nirmala and Gina!” –J. K.

“During the weekend intensive, the energy really built. The teachings were so right on for me, and one seemed to lead into the next. During one session on Sunday, I had some intense emotional clearing and feelings of regret/remorse come up and then the very next teaching was on forgiveness of self and others and basically a message of how there are no victims, which I needed to hear. The energy of participating in the whole intensive was very beneficial. Thanks again.” – C. W.

“Today I joined your Christ Consciousness Transmission for the first time and was so deeply touched. Everything about it was miraculous, healing, and delightful. What a blessing! The Christ Consciousness energy was both exquisitely sweet and powerful, loving, and encouraging. My soul feels utterly refreshed and bathed in peace and love.” –T. T.

“Last evening’s transmission was beautiful!! What Christ passes to us through you both is the most precious gift ever!! Thank you for being this vessel for us.” –J. R.

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