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Excerpt from Angels, Masters, and Guides

Working with Angels

Healing is a particular expertise of angels, who are not only messengers, as they are commonly called, but healers. Angels are like the white blood cells in your own body, which combat infection and respond to illness, and also like red blood cells, which deliver gases and nutrients throughout the body. Without angels, God’s body, if you will, wouldn’t function properly. The Divine needs angels to accomplish what it wants to do within creation. Angels are essential components of all life, not just on the material plane, or third dimension, but throughout the dimensions.

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Angels are of a higher order and don’t usually have a relationship with specific individuals over a long period of time, as spirit guides do. Rather, they come and go as needed throughout the body of God. Angels go where they are called and where they feel called, and when that mission is complete, they go on to another mission, often in an entirely different dimension or star system. They operate in all dimensions and, at times, interact with human beings to deliver messages and healing. However, their interactions with humans are but a small part of what they do.

This is quite different from spirit guides and Ascended Masters, who are particularly devoted to Earth and other third dimensional societies. Guides and Ascended Masters are engaged in long-term undertakings with human beings and involved more closely with specific individuals than angels. The work of guides and Ascended Masters is focused most on those, like yourselves, who are reincarnating in third dimension and also, to some extent, on those in the fourth dimension, or the astral plane, which is where you go in between lifetimes. The fourth dimension is where angels are more closely involved with humans, as they, along with your spirit guides, help people transition from the third to the fourth dimension at death and then back again to the third dimension at birth.

Anyone can call on angels for help, and either they or another who they summon on their behalf will answer your call. In this way, angels are very available to humanity, but often they will simply assemble appropriate guides and other helpers to assist you in what you are praying for rather than answer your call themselves. This is one of the ways they are messengers: They deliver your requests for help to the appropriate and best helpers for you and your situation.

You often hear of guardian angels being by your side, protecting and guiding you, and while it’s true that each of you has numerous spirit guides who protect and guide you moment to moment, guiding you day-to-day is not specifically an angel’s job. Angels are not the ones best suited to guiding your human life, since they’ve never been human, while your guides and the Ascended Masters have graduated from the third dimension and personally understand what it’s like to be human and to overcome the human ego. It’s understandable that spirit guides have often been mistakenly called “angels” or “guardian angels” and that’s fine. I point this out only to bring a little more clarity to this subject.

Just as red blood cells circulate throughout your body, angels circulate throughout the dimensions, transmitting needed information from one place to another. They are the Divine’s communication system. Angels are able to see what needs to be done throughout the dimensions and coordinate the actions that need to be taken.

Because angels are so essential to the health and maintenance of the body of the Divine, there will always be souls spun off from the godhead who will play this role, at least for a time. Just as your body produces red blood cells as needed, the Divine produces souls that become angels as needed.

It’s impossible for you to understand what it’s like to be an angel, and it also isn’t necessary. Angels are so very different from human beings, although not so different from your true nature. Still, what you experience of your true nature is so significantly limited and colored by the experience of having a body-mind that even people who are enlightened can’t know the nature of angels or of the Divine. However, once you leave the body and exist in higher dimensions, your experience of God expands to include a truer sense of this. But not until then, will you have a better sense of the enormity and magnificence of God.

For the time being, you are in a human body and limited by that experience. Nevertheless, you are still able to receive communications from your soul through your spirit guides and others via your intuition to ease your suffering and help you evolve. Your guides send you insights intuitively, encourage you to move in certain directions and not others, send people to help you, put information you need in front you, arrange circumstances for your growth, and motivate others to help you and provide certain opportunities.

Every minute of your life, your guides are involved with you in one way or another. They are always looking out for you and have your best interests at heart. Your guides know you intimately because most of them have been with you for lifetimes, and some have been with you for eons. Your guides are dedicated to you and to your growth almost exclusively. This is how much each and every one of you is loved. Each of you is given what you need in every moment of your life. Your guides are that close and that available to you.

Angels have a different relationship to human beings, if you could even call it that, since most people’s relationship with any particular angel is likely to be brief and infrequent. However, some psychics and channels have a more regular, ongoing relationship with one or more angels because of the nature of their work.

Many angels do deliver information through channels and also work through healers, particularly energy workers, as channeling healing energy to humanity is one way that angels do serve people who are open to them. Healers who have some psychic awareness often see or feel angels around them when they’re working and may also receive messages related to healing from angels.

Angels usually choose to appear to psychics, healers, and others in a form that can be recognized as an angel, since everyone grows up with certain ideas about what angels look like. In truth, angels don’t have wings or any physicality at all. They don’t look the way people assume they look, but angels will take on that guise to play the role and to demonstrate that they’re angels.

An angel’s true appearance is that of pure energy, but when interacting with people, taking on a more personified appearance, one human beings can relate to, usually serves the relationship. This reinforces what people believe angels look like, so angels continue to appear to people that way, and people continue to assume that’s how angels look.

Originally, when artists depicted wings on angels, they were undoubtedly trying to convey their swift appearance and disappearance and their nature as messengers who fly from place to place. However, the truth is, if you were able to see angels as they actually are, they would appear as a brilliant light, although you would be seeing only a mere pinpoint of their entire energy, as their brilliance is too much to behold. Angels have to tamp down their energy when they interact with people, or their energy would be impossible for people to bear.

In addition to being messengers for the Divine, like white blood cells in your own body, angels fend off what might corrupt or harm the body of God and bring healing to where healing is needed. Because you have free will and because duality is present throughout creation, meaning there is both love and an absence of love within creation, a positive pole and a negative pole, at times a rebalancing of the system is needed, which is accomplished, in part, through healing those who have lost their way.

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“It wasn't that long ago that perhaps this book and Gina's work would have been too woo-woo for my taste. I had a bit of a puckered attitude for anything that struck me as new-agey because so much of it would set off my b/s meter. This book and all of Gina's work make the chords of Truth and resonance sing and hum in deep gratitude and communion. I am now reading it for the second time; it has only been a couple of months since I first got it. I honestly feel like a different person reading it now. There is such a sense of trust and grace in life now. I feel so palpably supported and loved, giving the space to really explore being this love that we are. The sheer practicality of the guidance has helped me rest and open up to the tenderness that has been yearning to come to the forefront but can be difficult to allow in our world these days. This book is such a tremendous relief and support on the journey of waking up to our true nature. I find these days there is now a buoyancy and joy to this unfolding instead of this work horse attitude of ‘enlightenment or bust.’ Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! to Gina, the guides, all the beings seen and unseen, so much love and gratitude!” –L. W.

"I feel like I’ve had my life ‘before’ reading this book and now I have my life ‘after.” That is how much the information in the book has changed my life! It has meant so much to me! In particular, it has connected me to my Guide. That meditation where I met him on the mountaintop was awesome. Now, I am continuously tapping in and connected and receiving transmissions from my Guide all the time. It was so helpful that the book talked about how to receive transmissions from your guide, spirit helpers, ascended masters, and angels. That information really went straight to my heart. I also loved the information about the angels and the spiritual hierarchy of service. So fascinating! And so powerful, moving, informative, and transformative! It’s like I’ve stepped into the light, out of darkness. Once again, Gina, this is the best book ever! You outdid yourself once again!” –Nima S.

This is not a book you will finish reading and never pick up again. What I love about Angels, Masters & Guides is the How and Why. I’ve read many books that talk about our guides but don’t touch upon how to call them in or how to work with them. I’ve read a lot about the power of prayer, but this book gives prayer examples and suggestions and why prayer works. We all have negative beliefs and thoughts, but how do you reprogram them? I also found the chapter on meditation extremely helpful. As someone who is consistently inconsistent, I needed the how and why, in addition to how to overcome resistance to prioritizing my meditation practice. Reading this book connected a lot of dots for me. It’s easy to read, uplifting, and feels spiritual charged. I’m very grateful for the clarity, examples, prayers, and also, video links. In this way, it is more of a guide and resource that just a book.” –Jamie M.

“This book literally had me glowing. As odd as it sounds, I could feel myself resonating with a warm vibe. I've always believed we had Angels and Guides with us, but I felt I should only call on them for really *important* stuff. But here we are encouraged to call upon them often, several times daily in fact. I was truly able to receive this! This book is helping me open more to their presence because it keeps it simple. This book has truly been a wonderful experience for me.” –JMB

If every single person just read one chapter in this book, the world would change. It is a book of complete truth of who we really are and what life is really all about. It's a book about Life and how to see yourself, not just as a human being, a character in the play of life, but as an incredible, magnificent extension of the Creator who purposely chose to have this earthly existence and all the experiences that come with it. If you could see yourself more as a soul and less as a human being, your life would be so much easier. This book explains how to do this and how to live more fully and completely as a human being while acknowledging your soul. I buy everything Gina Lake writes because she is channeling the ultimate Master of life.” –Connie N.

This book offers valuable and interesting information about angels, masters and guides and other topics such as healing and meditation. I felt like I was absorbing nutrients for my whole being while reading these words. The content and presentation are set forth simply and clearly, and thus feels easy for the mind to process. I never tire of having so-called basic concepts explained by Jesus, because as much as I have been exposed to spiritual concepts and practices, I'm still looking to deepen my understanding of them. Reading this book, I felt uplifted and inspired to be a better person, supported by the wealth of information and helpful suggestions included.” –Leah S.

“I am so grateful to have happened upon this book! As a child I experienced the power of prayer in a gut feeling kind of way. It was so helpful and reassuring to have a concrete, practical understanding of these light beings and just how miraculous and full of love every precious moment is. I also have so many more ways to keep on with my efforts to overcome egoic programming and more compassion for myself.” –Puzzledog

“This book gave me a lot to think about. It opened my mind. It presented life in a way I never imagined or experienced. This review is only preliminary since the book is really about practice, practice, practice and experiencing a different way of life. So, I'm putting it to practice. There's a process I see in the book. It begins with prayer and trust in our guides, ascended masters, and angels. We work at developing a relationship with them by developing our intuition. While this is going on, we work on healing our emotional issues. Some of them we're aware of, but others may be hidden and we need to spend time to allow them to surface. Daily meditation is critical to all of this. Finally, there are things we can do throughout our day to assist this healing and awakening process. The most important thing I got out of the book is that we're not alone. We have spiritual guides, ascended masters, and angels of light that love us and are constantly working to help us learn and grow. We can improve our life by working with them. This book shows us how to do it.” –Mel

If you are suffering, physically or mentally, and have not been able to heal yet and are ready for understanding and transformation, then I suggest you come with an open mind and read Gina’s book, Angels, Masters, and Guides. It is filled with lots of useful information explaining why one suffers physically or emotionally and how to bring about healing the body and mind. She talks about the role our spirit guides, ascended masters and even angels play in our lives and how we can connect to them on a daily basis to receive guidance. She provides many easy to do exercises and mediations to help facilitate healing and connecting to your guides. This book is filled with love and is geared to those who are more spiritually minded, are willing to see themselves from a higher perspective and receive guidance from their guides.” –Elle

“Another awesome book! When I read Gina's books, I always feel like Jesus is there with me talking to me personally.” –E.

“This book is very special. It clearly explains the role of angels and guides and offers the information you need to start connecting with them. It greatly increased my willingness to actually give prayer a chance - and I’m experiencing results. Really, buy this book.” –Christine D.

“Nothing but truth here! I love, love, love this author! Another great book by this one! I loved the part about talking with Masters every day. The method in the book really works. I can feel the energy from it. Asking for help and talking with Masters is another step in the awakening process. Pick up any one of her books and take a look down at your hands. You are holding the teachings of Jesus! I am sure of it.” –Beverly

“As always, Gina's books are deep and insightful and very accessible for anyone at any point along their spiritual path. It seems that the words have their own vibration and speak to each reader in the most meaningful way at the perfect time. Thank you, Gina, for your love and light that pour into the writing process to bring clear, insightful, and wise information. All of Gina's books have touched my life.” –UPS


Reading this book, I discovered many things about Angels, Masters and Guides that I never knew before. Everybody is constantly surrounded by them. They are here to help you though difficult experiences, lessons, and traumas. But since everyone has Free Will you need to ask for their help. This book has many examples and exercises to show you how to ask for and receive their help. The concepts are easy to understand and use to clear issues, to reprogram old conditioning, and create a new self-image.” –Phil F.

“Definitely something to awaken or unlock our God DNA! I have now read all the books by Gina where she is the instrument which Jesus/Yeshua channels through and I must say His voice is distinct in all her writings. The energy transmission and transference are incredible. And the tools remove our blockages are laid out in plain and practical ways.” –James A.

“My husband and I are reading Angels, Masters & Guides together as he recovers from a recent accident. It is so affirming and healing for both of us to contemplate the Truth offered here: that we are surrounded with all that we’ve ever needed in order to be the best and most loving human beings we can be. The simple, intentional reminder to prioritize the practice of calling upon our guides and the assistance of angels throughout the day--as well as developing sincere connections with the Ascended Masters, is not only clear, but the suggestions in this book on how to do so are extremely helpful. Likewise, the chapter on how to be with difficult emotions is brilliant. As is the chapter on how physical issues can deeply serve the soul--with illustrations of how surrender, acceptance, and allowance of whatever life-circumstance seems to appear, has the power to transform us inwardly. All subsequent chapters build and deepen on this foundation, with many practical steps that support and nurture our connections with the Masters, angels and guides. I love the messages of this book and will be re-reading it for years to come.” –Susan B.

“Enjoyable and uplifting read. Very insightful book for anyone who has been on a spiritual path for a while but who still has questions about guides and angels. This book also provides clarity on the impact of emotions and the soul's healing journey through life. The information is easy to understand and presented logically. The wisdom in this book would've been great in my younger years, but I am grateful for this opportunity now. Definitely a book I'll want to read again and again.” –Carmen W. 

“I have read all of Gina Lake’s books and have been eagerly awaiting the publication of this book. This book is so very helpful and clear! I have been on an inner spiritual journey for 40 years and have practiced meditation for years, but a practice of prayer and asking for divine help and guidance from angels, Masters and guides has been missing. This book has provided the information and support that I have been looking for.” –Timothy P.

This is yet another fantastic book put out by Gina Lake. There is so much everyday wisdom packed into this book that has stood the test of time and will continue to be of great value well into the future. True to all of Gina’s works, especially those brought through from Jesus, the tone is so loving and kind while being sure the reader makes no mistakes in interpreting the message. This book is perfect for anyone who desires to learn more about who they are and how to continually grow into a better and better version of themselves.” –Christine Deitcher

“Before I even opened the book, I felt the angels and Masters & guides at work. I could feel the Love of God, Source, Universe pouring through the book via Gina Lake, the Masters, angels & guides. The book is a simple read with very easy exercises and practical application, everything from how to speak to them to how to sense and intuit their messages, how to release negative emotions, how to meditate - all in all a great resource to bring more love, light & higher consciousness into your being and the world around you.” –Tara C.

“Beautifully expressed and infinitely mind-expanding. This book will challenge your thinking on so many levels and tells you everything you ever wanted to know about our true spiritual nature and the assistance we can count on from the other side. These teachings will really help you to look deep inside to your true nature.” –LHB

This book is so much more than a discussion of connecting to higher spirit realms. It provides guidance for the best way to pray, correct use of prayer, wonderful inner child work exercises, and explanations for how to move beyond ego perceptions and negative belief systems. Included are links to Gina's guided meditations and transmissions for raising your consciousness. This is a wonderful tool to use for personal spiritual development.” –Mary J.

“A good way to absorb this valuable information in Gina's book ‘Angels, Masters and Guides’ is to temporarily let go of all past beliefs by reading objectively, then begin to open up to these new teachings of truth from Jesus. These are much the same teachings of Love and Understanding Jesus gave two thousand years ago but meant for a more advanced society.” –G. R. Gaus

“Firstly, I want to say I love everything Gina Lake writes and produces, truly a gift to humanity. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to connect more fully with the angelic realms with her guidance. This book is a valuable addition to my growing library of her work.” –Avril

“I loved the fantastic overview of what we are and why we are here -- will read it again and again. There are also great insights on deepening practices such as Gratitude, Sending Love and Whole Body Listening, along with a special focus on Meditation. In my opinion, Gina Lake is one of the world's top channels for Jesus/Jeshua. I like her Christ Consciousness transmissions; also considering taking her Awakening Now course.” –JWB