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A Heroic Life

New Teachings from Jesus on the Human Journey

The hero's journey—this human life—is a search for the greatest treasures of all: the wisdom, love, peace, courage, strength, and joy that reside at your core. These gifts are your birthright, but they have been hidden from you, kept from you by the dragon: the ego. This spiritual channeling book by Jesus, A Heroic Life, will help you tap these gifts and show you how to overcome the ego's false beliefs and face the ego's fears. It will help you successfully and happily navigate life's challenges and live heroically.

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"Contrary to the ego’s perceptions, life is not supposed to be different than the way it is. You are not lacking anything you need to be happy. You do not need to be afraid of life. Life does not have to be a struggle. Life is not a competition. Life is not about getting more things and more power. You are not actually separate from others or from life, although it does seem that way. The ego’s perspective does not reflect reality, which is why it causes suffering.” ~ Jesus

You will learn:

  • How to navigate changes
  • How to overcome difficulties
  • How to master your negative emotions
  • How to cultivate inner strength
  • How to be happy
  • How to be true to yourself

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153 Reviews on Amazon averaging 4.8 out of 5 stars!
Here's what reviewers are saying ...

  • "I believe this book can change lives. No kidding. Like her other books, Gina Lake channels messages from Jesus about living life to the fullest as the Hero rather than being led by the anti-hero, namely the ego. And once again, it's brilliant. Think Eckhart Tolle meets Neale Donald Walsch." –R. Z.

  • “This book is truly a how to be the hero in the sacred hero's journey of vanquishing the false self and living as the divine in human form. I love how practical this book is. Every chapter has a list of qualities, beliefs, or suggestions to help overcome our internal blocks. This books is remarkably accessible, wise, and beautifully written.” –L. K.

  • “This book is getting me through a difficult passage. I have complete confidence in the origin of this teaching and the bearer of this message because it feels completely authentic. I am not a Christian, and I'm glad I didn't let this get in the way of reading all of Gina Lake's channelings from JC.” –Walford

  • “This book is a beacon of light guiding the soul home from the dark stormy seas of egoic identification. I cannot express in words the gratitude I have for the help Gina's books have had. The writings transmit caring wisdom like a loving family member would.” –I. T.

  • “I am continually amazed at Gina's ability to translate Holy Ideas into very simple and plain English. There are so many people I know who are in need of healing who might be open to reading and relating to this book. I have already recommended it far and wide.” –D. K.

  • “This book takes you to the classroom where the Beautiful Soul who was also the man called Jesus teaches those who are hungry and ready for their next stage of awakening. There is no doubt that Gina Lake is a pure channel, fine-tuned to receive from the highest levels.” –Gary H.

  • “This book was excellent with very wise teachings from Jesus. Even if you don't believe it came from Him, the wisdom in it is great. If you read this book you'll want to get all of her books. The wisdom in all of them is unbelievable. They will put you wisely on your spiritual path.” –Robert

  • "All Gina's books are truly God sent. When you read her books you will know in your heart the words were given to her by Jesus. Helping us to understand who we are and how to live in peace, love and happiness is truly a gift! If you want to live everyday of your life in joy, read all Gina Lake's books." –M.

  • "I'm so glad I came across these books by Gina Lake. They read like a manual to one's life—unraveling deeper and more profound layers of spiritual insight and inspiration. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is seriously looking for an answer to 'Who am I'?" –R. M.

  • “This book was the life raft I needed, and I feel like I’ve been pulled on board a wonderful ship of Grace. I'd like to nominate you for the Nobel Peace prize for this book. It is, for me, more helpful than any other book I have read.” J. M.

  • “The ideas presented in Gina's book went straight to my heart, comforted me greatly, and gave me an entirely different way of looking at things. There is nothing in this book that contradicts anything in the Bible. The thoughts expressed light up the scripture from behind the pages, softly, like the brush of an angel's wing.” –Lynda

  • “If you are open-minded, this book will help you open your mind up further. It’s an amazing book of insights that really helped me have a better understanding of why things seem so messed up these days and how to remain balanced throughout the seeming chaos facing our world. Gina Lake is a rather gifted writer who has been given the honor of channeling Jesus. Such amazing insights for helping anybody make sense of the seemingly insensible.” –Pete S.

  • “This book is gently poetic and crystal clear, written with humor and awareness of the human side of things. I don't think anyone interested would consider this too complex, as is sometimes the case with ACIM. It is not, repeat not, even remotely Christian in the contemporary American sense, but states the case many different ways for leaving the current ‘small’ self behind for the larger original one.” Richard S.

  • “Where have these words of wisdom been all my life? Everyone should read Gina Lake, peace, light and a blessing.” –A. Stewart

  • “I've read many of Gina's books. She is undoubtedly the real deal. She writes in a very clear, pragmatic and direct way. I am a huge fan of her work. Having read a variety of spiritual /self development books, this is definitely up there as one of my all time favourites.” Thomas V. B.

  • “If you love Jesus, this is your book. Jesus is always with us and ready to help whoever is calling upon him. This book provides a map to successfully and happily navigate life's challenges and live heroically. Highly recommended.” –Stefano

  • “This helped me at least temporarily derail negative thinking, emotional pain, and fear in just the first 80 pages. It was a godsend while I'm dealing with some personal difficulties. I would highly recommend it. Don't let the title that it's channeled from Jesus dissuade you, I'm not at all religious, but this book is hugely helpful when dealing difficult emotions. It almost felt like an inner peace guided meditation, but better!” –Jimbo

  • Highly Recommend!! I don't read many spiritual books anymore, but this book was calling me to read it. So glad I read it because it really helped me understand my journey.” –Ted G.