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It's Time to Awaken!

Gina Lake Channeling Jesus

Gina2 3 11 It's time to awaken out of the ego and its limiting beliefs and sense of lack and dissatisfaction. Gina Lake's books, her channeled messages from Jesus, the Christ Consciousness Transmissions, and her online courses will help you do that. They will accelerate your spiritual growth, help you become more present in your life, and support you in living the life you're meant to live. When we learn to be present in the moment, we discover that life provides us with the wisdom, inspiration, motivation, love, and inner and outer resources we need to survive and be happy. We discover that, indeed, happiness—radical happiness—has always been here in this simple moment.

Books and Audiobooks by Gina Lake

Your questions about channeling and Gina's books by Jesus are answered here.
Listen to channeled messages from Jesus from Gina's books.


Christ Consciousness Transmissions

Gina Lake and her husband, Nirmala, hold live online events on Zoom at 11 am Pacific time on Sundays and Thursdays, and 5 pm Pacific time on Tuesdays and Saturdays. They also hold online weekend intensives once a month. In these gatherings, Jesus and other Ascended Masters working with Jesus offer us a transmission of Christ Consciousness energy. Christ Consciousness transmissions are a direct current of love and healing that will accelerate your evolution and help you break through to a new level of being. These transformative gatherings also include channeled nondual teachings from Jesus for today based on the universal truth behind and beyond all religions. More information about these meetings is here.

Jesus Introduces Himself and Christ Consciousness Transmissions (14 minutes):


Online Courses

Each of these courses is self-directed and can be begun anytime and completed at your own pace:

Awakening NowAN Logo 1600px transparent. Awaken and transform your consciousness. Awakening Now will help you experience life through fresh eyes and discover the delight of truly being alive. This 100-day inner workout is packed with teachings, practices, guided meditations, and inquiries that will pull the rug out from under your ego and wake you up. The practices in Awakening Now will change your brain state so that you function more rationally, creatively, and compassionately and less from your fear-based, egoic self. This means you will be more at ease in the world and more in the flow and connected with your divine intelligence. By the end of 100 days, you will have developed new habits and ways of being that will result in greater joy and equanimity and being more richly alive and present. This is Gina's most in-depth and lengthy course for those who are willing to delve into meditation and other practices.

Deep Peace channeled guided meditations from JesusDeepPeaceEnticement. In these 20 guided meditations from Jesus, he gently and wisely guides you into the realization of this most profound mystery: At your core, you are divine and love itself. Through the words in these guided meditations and the transmissions of love and healing that come through them, you will also experience what it’s like to have a relationship with the wise and loving being known as Jesus the Christ. Each guided meditation is 15-20 minutes long and can be downloaded to any listening device. A transcript of each guided meditation is also included.

MovingBeyondEgoEnticementMoving Beyond Ego. This collection of talks will help you become more aware of the voice in your head, what it is up to, and how false it is, which will help you detach from it. More importantly, you'll discover what it’s like to become free of this voice and live from a truer place, one aligned with your divine self and its guidance. You'll discover how living this way is not only more creative, wise, peaceful, and loving, but also safe and provides for all your needs. The materials consist of eight 25-35-minute talks, with transcripts and other supportive materials, which you will receive over the course of 8 weeks. The talks are mp3s and downloadable onto any device.


Gina3 11lowres Gina Lake has been a channel since 1986 and a nondual spiritual teacher since 1999, after having a spiritual awakening. She is also the author of over twenty-five books. She has a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and over thirty years’ experience supporting people in their spiritual growth.

After a further spiritual deepening in 2012, Mother Mary, Jesus, and a circle of Ascended Masters made contact with her, and Jesus began dictating books through her. These teachings from Jesus are nondual (Oneness) teachings, based on universal truth, not on any religion. They are messages of love and peace and how to be an expression of that in your life.

Then in 2017, at the request of Jesus, Gina and her husband, Nirmala, who is also a nondual spiritual teacher, began offering Christ Consciousness Transmissions to groups online in weekly meetings and monthly intensives. These energy transmissions are a direct current of love and healing that accelerate one’s spiritual evolution. Gina’s YouTube channel has over 200 messages from Jesus to listen to. Follow Gina on Facebook and Twitter.