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Jesus by Danielle Tonossi When are the transmissions?

Sundays at 11:00 am Pacific time (12:00 noon Mountain time, 1:00 pm Central time, 2:00 pm Eastern time, 7:00 pm London time, and 8:00 pm Central European time). These meetings are about an hour long and include a channeled message from Jesus followed by a 20-minute transmission to activate awakening.

How do I attend one of the online group sessions?

At or slightly before the correct time, click on this link: https://zoom.us/j/7863350099 If you are prompted to download the Zoom launcher, just follow the on screen instructions. The meeting room will be open about 15 minutes before hand for you to come and just sit quietly. You can attend online on your computer, smartphone, tablet or even by dialing in from your telephone. (See this page for instructions to join by telephone.)

Is there a cost to attend?

These sessions are offered by donation, but you are welcome to attend your first session for free by clicking on the Zoom link above. After that, the suggested donation is $10-$20 (US). Below is a link to donate on Paypal, where you can also use a credit card even if you don't have a PayPal account, or you can mail your donation to Endless Satsang Foundation, PO Box 3558, Sedona, AZ 86340.

Another way you can attend Christ Consciousness transmissions is to join my online course Awakening Now. Ten Sundays of transmissions are included in the course. After you enroll, you can attend ten Sundays of your choice.

Will you be recording the transmissions?

This is a sacred space and a live, individual experience, so we are not making recordings of these sessions available. If you miss a session you have donated for, you are welcome to attend another session.

What happens in one of the online group meetings?

This group is for you. What it offers is something you will receive, and it will be received, not by your mind, but by your being. Any words that we use are for the purpose of preparing you to receive. So, this is not the usual kind of gathering. We aren’t gathering to answer questions and share ideas with each other. We are gathering for each of you to receive a transmission that will be in service to whatever is in your highest good.

This gathering is between you and the transmission, and it is fine to consider yourself to be alone with it, because that is really what’s going on. Jesus will duplicate himself and stand in front of each of you and give you the love, healing, and support to awaken that you are willing to receive. Your willingness to receive is key. That is your only job—to be open and willing to receive whatever is in your highest good.

These meetings are about an hour long and include a channeled message from Jesus followed by a 20-minute transmission to activate awakening. Then, after the music that accompanies the transmission ends, we will sit in silence for a few minutes with eyes closed before quietly ending the meeting. We suggest you continue to sit quietly for 10-15 minutes after the meeting and, if you can, arrange your schedule to have a restful day. Taking a walk or spending time in nature is ideal.

How can I best receive the transmission?

The most important thing to do before receiving a transmission is to state inwardly your desire to receive whatever is in your highest good to receive. You can say something like this: “I am open, ready, and willing to receive whatever I need to awaken more fully to my divine nature for the good of all and in alignment with my highest good. I align with all that is good and of love.” Then close your eyes, relax, and move into a receptive state. Put your attention on the experience you are having of sitting and receiving the transmission—not on your mind’s experience of it, but your body’s experience in the moment. Set your mind aside as best you can and just be and experience whatever you are experiencing, without evaluating it or thinking about it.

What can I expect to experience?

Everyone's experience will be unique. Some experience subtle sensations of heat, light, tingling, or energy moving. Others get intuitions or insights that are important or helpful. Most feel a sense of relaxation, openness, and being supported or held by a benevolent force. Even if you don’t feel or experience anything, the transmission is still working.

After a transmission or series of transmissions, you may notice subtle and yet profound changes in how you feel throughout your day and also in your relationships. The primary intention of the transmission is to support spiritual awakening, but occasionally someone may experience a physical healing.

We are discovering that a common outcome of these transmissions and one purpose Jesus has in giving them is to help heal our relationship with God, which for many has been damaged by mistaken concepts received in our religious upbringing. Many report that they now are able to feel worthy and loved by God, that they now feel they have a relationship with God or Jesus. This is important because our relationship with God is primary and the template for all of our relationships. Feeling loved by God allows us to drop into our own divine nature and express that more easily in the world. And that very much relates to awakening.

These transmissions are not for everyone. And yet, if you are reading this, you are likely among the many that they are for. Since Christ Consciousness transmissions are for the purpose of spiritual awakening, you may have been drawn to these sessions because you are ready to awaken. Regardless, these transmissions will have a positive influence on your life, and they aren’t harmful to anyone. The beings behind them (Jesus and 27 other Ascended Masters, including Mother Mary, Anandamayi Ma, Saint Joseph, Saint Anthony, Yogananda, Saint Therese de Liseaux, Saint Teresa de Avila, Lao Tsu, Kuthumi, Archangel Gabriel, Saint Germain, and Archangel Michael) know exactly what you need and will deliver that.

Are there any negative effects?

Jesus and the beings he works with will tailor the transmission to each individual in the group and provide what is truly in alignment with their highest good. However, as part of any process that opens a person spiritually, there can be a period of unloading of conditioning that happens as a form of clearing. The best thing to do with any strong emotions or reactions that occur in the days or weeks following a transmission is to welcome them and be as present and curious as you can to the experience you are having. This is what allows them to be cleared from your subtle body system. Resisting the experience of clearing will only make the experience last longer and be more uncomfortable.

If you do experience material arising from the unconscious that is especially difficult, be sure to reach out for support. Gina's husband, Nirmala offers mentoring sessions to support people at any stage in their spiritual journey. Nirmala also offers transmissions in his mentoring sessions.

How often should I get a transmission?

It’s up to you. You can receive as often as your like. This force is safe and can’t be received too often.

Do you send out reminders of upcoming sessions?

You can sign up for a weekly reminder email that goes out a few hours before each Sunday's meeting here.

What is the music that you play during the transmission?

There are two pieces of music. The first one is Movement 3: Hope from the album The Prayer Cycle by Johnathan Elias. The second piece is Agnus Dei composed by Samuel Barber from the album Evocation of The Spirit.

Where can I learn more about CCT?

For more answers to your questions, go here.

To listen to more messages from Jesus, go here.

To find out how to receive a transmission, go here.

Please use the contact form on this website to ask any other questions you may have about Christ Consciousness Transmissions.

You can also download a free ebook by Jesus here.

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