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“... You are at the top of my 'authors I love' list. You speak to the reader (me) like a friend, in terms that are understood at the levels of both my mind AND my heart... If spirituality had a door through which we could enter and gain immediate understanding, you are that door. My thanks to you and those you channel for helping me through that door!"—Kathy Roberts

“One of a few really great books I have read. This is so good, beyond belief. Inspiring, so true it resonates with your being. It delivers a way to get and stay free from the ego conditioning we carry.” —Gerard O’Mahony

"Gina Lake has a talent for distilling volumes of complex spiritual wisdom into highly accessible and readable books. She is able to convey, simply and poignantly, the essence of how to live an awakened life. Getting Free shows us how to break the bonds of conditioning so that we may live from our highest Self... Gina's books will no doubt inspire you to remain steadfast on your spiritual journey and to continue to embody and act from Spirit. She is a gifted spiritual counselor, and her presence is a healing energy for all those who come to know her and her work. Highly recommended." —Jeff Bronson

Getting Free truly lives up to the name…I keep this book handy and have referred to it over and over. I have even quoted bits and pieces from it to friends and family. Gina Lake's writing style is that of a friend chatting with you. It is not a lofty esoteric book that leaves you wondering why you even bother to TRY and be is a loving, gentle handbook to help you let go of preconceived notions and MOVE ON! I am a huge fan of Gina Lake's work… I read and reread her books, and each time I get more and more wisdom from them.”—Kathy Vitcak

"I highly recommend all of Gina Lake's books. I was severely depressed, anxious, having suicidal thoughts, and frustrated with therapy when I stumbled upon Gina's books. The Universe brought me her books at just the right time and in just the right manner and, thankfully, I was open to receiving them. Through her books, I have learned how to be grounded in the moment; how to be aware of my thoughts and the egoic mind, with its obsessive, negative messages; and how to notice and listen to my intuition and change my entire outlook on life. I am also starting to realize the oneness of all life. Having never trusted anyone or anything before, I am now learning to trust the Universe and the divinely unpredictable nature of everyday events that makes life so wonderfully rich. The tremendous fear I used to feel is now subsiding. Gina talks about the importance of meditation as a spiritual practice, which has helped me to restart my meditation practice, which in turn, helps me stay in the present moment. Refreshingly, Gina's books are free of religious dogma and rules and are available to all readers regardless of religious/spiritual backgrounds and belief systems. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. This book, in particular, has helped me rejuvenate my relationships." –Randall Linder

“This is a book written in a beautiful and clear way, offering multiple insights of how we are conditioned toward a lifetime—indeed, lifetimes—of habits and how we, with mindfulness, may break free of these egoic patterns. Getting Free is an invitation to all who read it to awaken through awareness, to let go of thought, to seek guidance in all of our experiences, and to discover our true happiness, which has been there all along. Throughout the book, Gina Lake provides clear pathways for doing just that. I was so hungry for the message that I read Getting Free in record time, only to turn around and begin again in order to absorb it more slowly. I love this book.” –Susan Bacon

"I just can’t say enough about Getting Free. I have read it twice, and now keep it handy as a reference guide that offers practical advice and help along the path to awakening.  Gina’s teachings are extremely clear and easy to understand, making application to real life situations an easier choice..." —Leann Lawrence

“An inspiring, yet easy to read book: I really enjoyed Getting Free. Gina Lake presents her spiritual and psychological knowledge in a clear and concise fashion. She breaks down the information into bite-size pieces that help you gain an understanding of why we do the things we do. In addition, she offers many suggestions and functional exercises that can guide us along the path to becoming free. I found her gentle and insightful approach to be very helpful to me and my own personal journey. I will definitely reread this book and refer to it again.” —Celeste Gerard

"Getting Free is essential for our happiness. This book will assist you to grow beyond who you believe you are. Wow, all the false selves we create and all the barnacles this book helps you scrape away! It's jammed pack with rich, heart-opening ideas that gently push you ahead into dropping into your true self (love). There is also great compassion to be had for the ego, once you see it operating… I highly recommend you get this book; it won't let you down. It will make you laugh at yourself, and it could bring you some tears too. Definitely, you will experience relief, release, and deep healing and LOVE." —Rene Remington

“This was the first ever Gina Lake book I read and I still remember how revealing it was. The various ways it provides for seeing past negative conditioning have been invaluable tools that I've used over the years. I found the metaphysical information, particularly about negative entities and spirit guides to be very clarifying. I've since used that knowledge to turn to help from beings seen and unseen to support my spiritual growth. There are a lot of techniques which I've used since in therapy and with energy healers, some of which run parallel to Byron Katie's work. The book is a great bridge between more metaphysical teachings about topics such as dimensions and non-sentient beings and Advaita truths about transcending seeming duality. These areas can seem contrary, but Gina does a great job of showing how they are interrelated. A great, comprehensive introduction to her work!” —Seday Unlucay

“Wonderful reading for me in a very traumatic and stressful change period of my life. Found comfort and guidance with the book, which helped me through an extremely difficult period of my life. Highly recommended.” –Sister Margarita

"Very insightful and stimulating.... an inquiry into the essence of the human phenomenon.... thought provoking and enjoyable." —Dennis Lyda

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