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Free Excerpts from Gina Lake's Books

• Free ebook with excerpts about love from all of Gina's books
What About Love? Reminders for Being Loving, 172-page ebook, also available in paperback on Amazon.com

Download What About Love?

• Excerpt from From Stress to Stillness 
This 8-page excerpt is about Presence and slowing down.

Download an excerpt from From Stress to Stillness

• Excerpt from Trusting Life
This 7-page excerpt offers evidence for life being trustworthy.

Download an excerpt from Trusting Life

• Excerpt from Choice and Will
This 6-page excerpt is from the first chapter.

Download an excerpt from Choice and Will

• Excerpt from Ten Teachings for One World
This 7-page excerpt offers two of the teachings.

Download an excerpt from Ten Teachings for One World

• Excerpt from Living in the Now
This 6-page excerpt is three essays about living in the Now.

Download an excerpt from Living in the Now

• Excerpt from Embracing the Now
This 11-page excerpt is three essays about the ego and living in the Now.

Download an excerpt from Embracing the Now

• Excerpt from Radical Happiness
This 14-page excerpt explains how to be in the moment and stay there.

Download an excerpt from Radical Happiness

• Excerpt from Choosing Love
This 9-page excerpt explains how to keep love alive in your relationships.

Download an excerpt from Choosing Love

• Excerpt from Anatomy of Desire
This 10-page excerpt is about working with your desires.

Download an excerpt from Anatomy of Desire

• Excerpt from Return to Essence
This 11-page excerpt describes how life comes out of the flow.

Download an excerpt from Return to Essence

• Excerpt from Getting Free
This 11-page excerpt explains how conditioning interferes with happiness.

Download an excerpt from Getting Free

• Excerpt from Nothing Personal by Nirmala
This 18-page excerpt is by Nirmala (Gina's husband), who is an Advaita spiritual teacher. You can download free spiritual ebooks, including a book of free spiritual poetry on his website, endless-satsang.com.

Download an excerpt from Nothing Personal

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