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A Contemplation a Day

A Self-Guided 60-Day Online Course

Every day for 60 days, you will receive a short contemplation by Gina Lake, in both written and audio form and set to music, for you to enjoy and ponder at your leisure. The 60 empowering essays/audios that are part of this course will inform you, inspire you, and enable you to be more present and, consequently, happier. They are intended to wake you up out of your ordinary consciousness and help you live with more love, contentment, gratitude, and awe.

What you will be reading/ listening to each day will help you see through the egoic mind and the suffering it causes and encourage you to live more in the moment and less in your mind. The key to happiness is being very awake and aware of what is really happening in every moment rather than being absorbed in thoughts about the past, the future, your life, other people, and the many other thoughts we tend to get lost in. These thoughts don't add to our life or enhance our experience of life but detract from the potential joy, peace, and contentment inherent in each moment.

Happiness is in our control, since where we focus our attention is in our control. When we focus it on what the mind is telling us, we suffer; when we focus it on what is real and true in this moment, we align with our true self and experience joy, peace, and contentment. The happiness you will be uncovering over the next sixty days is the true and ever-present happiness that comes from contact with your true self. Here is a sample contemplation:



You can register for this course and begin it at any time. Once you’ve registered, you’ll begin receiving a contemplation every day for 60 days. After you've completed the course, you'll continue to have access to all of the course materials. $25.

The link below will take you to a registration page where you will be able to pay for the course through PayPal or with a credit card. If this doesn’t work for you and you’d like to pay with a personal check, please send a check made out to Gina Lake to P.O. Box 3558, Sedona, AZ 86340 with a note about what it is for and your email address. Then she will enroll you.

“I'm on Lesson 23 of your course, and I'm filled with admiration for you and this illuminating, potentially life-altering series of essays on life and love. I have begun to change my knee-jerk reactions of anger or frustration into stepping back and asking myself who the jerk really is. I've been able to really experience my ego as a sort of puppet-master running the show, and my essential me stepping back and allowing it to happen. Your powerful words and focused thoughts have resonated with me on such a deep level, I find I'm in the midst of a transformation. Thank you, Gina. You've touched my life and many of the lives around me in a profound way.”  R. Z.

“I love this course. It seems to encapsulate the essence of true spirituality. Gina’s meditations are so "ON." I have begun to value and look forward to them each morning, and I've saved them for future experience of them. They are soooo positive and filled with spiritual insight. They are so packed with wisdom, and I love Gina's voice reading.” –S. D.

“I just finished this course for the second time in three months. Why? Because her ideas are so profound and so simply and truthfully expressed, she touches me on a deep level with each 3-minute audio. Because I listen to her first thing in the morning, before meditating, I'm finding my actions follow a more positive direction, and my thoughts and opinions about what should or shouldn't be have diminished so much. Which leaves me room to just be. And be happier. So I suspect I'll wait about a month or so and then start my mornings off with #1 and go to #60 again. That's a practice I can live and love with. For life.” –Bob

“I have really found this course helpful to me in regularly redirecting me back to my more essential self and away from the heavy burden of the ego. I discovered The Power of Now about 5 years ago and strongly believe in its message of living in the Now as much as possible. I even try to be conscious and grateful when doing the dishes! This course seems to have processed the lessons of Tolle and enhanced the message in wonderful daily capsules that are a great way to keep on a more conscious track.” –Rick

“Revelations are happening with each meditation. So many aha moments lifting the fog from my brain. I deeply appreciate the explanation of acceptance given in the Let It Be meditation, as I struggled with that concept for years. Thank you, Gina!” –A. G.

“I just feel compelled to say how much I love these meditations! These are such beautiful meditations with divine wisdom and insight! They fit into my busy lifestyle, and speak to my heart and lift me up. It's a fantastic way to start my day, and now I look forward to getting out of bed in the morning instead of dreading it. I am thankful.” A. M.

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Second Course for FREE!

Limited time offer: Sign up today for any of the online courses on this website and we will send you an email invitation to a second course of your choice (of equal or lower cost).

Follow these links to register and pay for your first course:
Radical Happiness Course
How to Quiet Your Mind
Waking Up
8 Steps for Transforming Your Relationships
28 Days to Less Stress
A Contemplation a Day
Wake-Up Quote for the Day

"Your Radical Happiness Course changed my life in ways I had never believed possible. I am happy now and have found meaning in my life. I am certain that if one puts a modicum of effort into the course that one will reap huge benefits. It has worked such wonders in my life. I am truly grateful for this course and the awakening moments it has given me."–Sidney D.


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