choice_and_willChoice and Will: New Teachings from Jesus. Just released! Choice and Will explores the complex, mysterious, and important question of who or what chooses. The question is complex because there is more than one answer. It is mysterious because our nature is mysterious and because the answer may not be what you think. The question is important because our choices shape our reality and determine our experience of it.

Choice and Will invites you to look deeply into the workings of your mind and heart and discover who you are, what you really want, and where you are going. The result of that investigation is bound to be greater mastery of your choices and, consequently, of your reality. This book was dictated by Jesus to Gina Lake using her intuitive senses. 138 pages.

"You have been given the gift of free will. Every choice either celebrates life and furthers creation or shows you the unworthiness of that choice and, in so doing, furthers your understanding."

Purchase Choice and Will on Amazon:  Paperback   Kindle

The books below belong to a triology by Jesus, which can be read in any order. Love and Surrender will be available in November 2014.

choice and willcreation of realitylove and surrender

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