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Radical Happiness Blog

Inspiration for Today

“Thy will is not experienced as the thought ‘I want,’ but as a feeling, urge, inspiration, or drive that moves you in a particular direction. Everyone has felt this and does feel this many times a day. You are naturally moved throughout your day by something that is alive in you and motivating you to sustain yourself and unfold your life plan. This mysterious something is Thy will, the Divine acting in you.”


Announcing a New Online Course with Gina Lake

Announcing The Radical Happiness 8-Week Online Course
The Radical Happiness Online Course with Gina Lake has been carefully designed to provide a foundation for awakening and to increase your happiness through spiritual practices, a structure for doing those practices, and motivation and feedback from Gina throughout the course. This 8-week online course uses a combination of written text, instructional videos and audios, guided meditations, inquiries, and exercises. The practices include four types of meditation, spiritual inquiry, breathing practices, a gratitude practice, love and forgiveness practices, prayer, and others.
By committing to intensive spiritual practices over an 8-week period, including one hour of meditation and an additional hour of other practices and activities each day, you will be forming new lifestyle habits and making changes to your brain that will have lasting effects. As a result of these time-honored spiritual practices, you will learn to move out of the usual ego-driven state of consciousness into Presence and to live increasingly from that alive, awake state. This intensive course of practices will provide something that spiritual books and teachings alone cannot.

This course is for you if...

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Just Released: A Heroic LIfe

heroic lifeGina’s new book, A Heroic Life: New Teachings from Jesus on the Human Journey, is now available on Amazon. The hero’s journey—this human life—is a search for the greatest treasure of all: the gifts of your true nature. These gifts are your birthright, but they have been hidden from you, kept from you by the dragon: the ego. These gifts are the wisdom, love, peace, courage, strength, and joy that reside at your core. A Heroic Life shows you how to overcome the ego’s false beliefs and face the ego’s fears. It provides you with both a perspective and a map to help you successfully and happily navigate life’s challenges and live heroically. This book is another in a series of books dictated to Gina Lake by Jesus.
You will learn:
•    How to navigate changes,
•    How to overcome difficulties,
•    How to master your emotions,
•    How to cultivate inner strength,
•    How to be happy, and
•    How to be true to yourself.
 Purchase A Heroic Life on Amazon: Paperback   Kindle
 Purchase on other ebook stores: Nook  iBooks  Kobo  GooglePlay  Smashwords
Excerpt: The Hero's Beliefs
Because the hero knows who he is on a deep level, he has gained access to the qualities of the divine self and lives in alignment with those qualities. Through many experiences with life, he tried on many beliefs until he found ones that told the truth about reality, ones that provided an accurate map and led to happiness.
Let’s take a look at some of the beliefs the hero came to believe along the way that helped him become the hero. An important one was just mentioned: You are given what you need to evolve. The hero discovered that, at every turn, no matter how challenging, he was given the inner and outer resources, assistance, opportunities, ideas, inspiration, wisdom, and motivation he needed to overcome any challenge and grow stronger as a result.
The hero came to recognize that every challenge was designed for his growth and had within it the potential for a successful outcome—and that it was up to him to make it successful. The hero understood that the measure of success was whether he became wiser, more compassionate, more skillful, and a better human being.
The belief that every experience is designed especially for you, for your growth, is a powerful reframing of the way the ego generally sees reality. And it is the truth. Seeing this about life allows you to make the most of every situation and to maintain a positive attitude throughout. With this perspective, there can be little suffering even under quite difficult circumstances.

The Jesus Trilogy Audiobook Is Now Available

TJTAudiobookThe Jesus Trilogy. In this trilogy by Jesus, are three jewels, each shining in its own way and illuminating the same truth: You are not only human but divine, and you are meant to flourish and love one another. In words that are for today, Jesus speaks intimately and directly to the reader of the secrets to peace, love, and happiness. He explains the deepest of all mysteries: who you are and how you can live as he taught long ago. The three books in The Jesus Trilogy were dictated to Gina Lake by Jesus and include Choice and Will, Love and Surrender, and Beliefs, Emotions, and the Creation of Reality. 8 hours.

“I represent and have always represented the Consciousness within you. I reflected the Love that you are so that you could know it within you. That was my purpose. I did not come to be worshiped but to show you the way to love and worship all of life.” –Jesus
Purchase audiobook: on Amazon   on iTunes

Listen to an excerpt from the audiobookThe Jesus Trilogy; read by Fred Kennedy (22 min.)


Why Slow Is Better

With so much interest these days in mindfulness and being present, I want to put in a good word for moving slowly, for not hurrying though life. Being present is nearly impossible when we are in a hurry. Furthermore, we find that when we are present, we rarely choose to be in a hurry. Hurrying is generally motivated by the ego, by the thoughts that run through our mind. That voice pushes us to get things done asap—no matter what. The “no matter what” is the problem, because if we make life about getting things done, we are going to miss out on a lot of life.

As we hurry through our day, it’s easy to forget that being is just as important as doing, as being needs to inform our doing or life will begin to feel dry, lifeless, and joyless. If we listen solely to the egoic mind (the voice in our head), we will begin to feel like an automaton, and we will find ourselves consumed with doing things that don’t bring us joy, but only more things, more money, more power—more of what the ego wants but less of what is truly meaningful.

Slowing down our pace and just being for moments throughout our day gives us access to our true nature and its innate wisdom. Hurrying, on the other hand, keeps us tied to the ego, which barks its commands, pushes us harder, and shames us. The ego views life from a lens of fear and scarcity. It doesn’t trust life because it isn’t in touch with the truth about life. It copes with its fears and insecurities by pushing us to constantly be doing. When we are caught in the ego’s world, we can never rest and just be, and we lose touch with the deep sense that all is well.

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