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Radical Happiness Blog

Offering ongoing support for spiritual awakening and living in the moment

Inspiration for Today

“Can you find the you that wants to be in the moment and enjoys it? That’s who you really are, and the resistant part of you is just the ego, the false self. Just let the ego be there and let it be resistant, like a rebellious child, while you firmly commit to being present. Become really familiar with your dual nature. Learn to recognize the ego when it shows up. Learn to see it as programming and not who you really are. Then notice what else is here besides the ego, besides that resistance.”

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Why Bad Things Happen

Here is an excerpt from Living in the Now. The audiobook has just been released.
living in the now
It would be more accurate to say “things happen” than “bad things happen.” There is a world of difference between those two statements. The first one is true, and the second one is a story told by the ego. Bad, after all, is a concept; it doesn’t exist. We can’t touch it, hear it, see it, or even sense it in any way. Bad is an idea that egos can generally agree on, but that doesn’t make that concept true or real. That is the problem with consensus reality: What is accepted as true often isn’t, but seeing things otherwise can be challenging.

There is hardly anything more pervasive in consensus reality than the concept of good/bad. It is the ego’s primary judgment—something is either good or bad, usually in relationship to me. That is how the ego sees the world. The fact that everyone else who is ego identified also sees the world this way doesn’t make it true. So when people ask why bad things happen, it’s a trick question. It presumes bad things are happening and, in truth, they aren’t—things are happening.

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New Online Course About Reducing Stress by Gina Lake

Daily Tips for De-Stressing Your Life, 28-day online course at DailyOm.com

Gina has just created and released a new online course with DailyOm.com, which offers online courses on spiritual and self-growth subjects. These courses, which can be begun anytime, are affordable and fun. Gina's four DailyOm courses are an excellent adjunct to her books. You can begin these courses at any time. Daily Tips for De-Stressing Your Life will give you some tips and strategies for disengaging from stressful thoughts and reducing stress in other ways. Every day for 28 days, you will be given a tip or practice for that day. At the end of the 28 days, you will have many new tools for overcoming stress and bringing more peace and joy into your life. This course is based on Gina Lake’s book From Stress to Stillness: Tools for Inner Peace. $25 or whatever you are able to pay. Please visit DailyOm to register and for more information. Daily Tips for De-Stressing Your Life, 28-day online course at DailyOm.com.

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Living in the Now Audiobook Is Now Available

LNaudiobookforwebLiving in the Now: How to Live as the Spiritual Being That You Are. The 99 essays in Living in the Now  provide practical spiritual wisdom that can be used in daily contemplation. They address many questions raised by the spiritual search, offering insight on fear, anger, happiness, aging, boredom, desire, patience, faith, forgiveness, acceptance, commitment, love, purpose, meaning, fulfillment, meditation, being present, quieting the mind, letting go of the past, healing conditioning, dealing with emotions, trusting life, trusting your Heart, and many other deep subjects. These essays will help you become more present and aware of your true nature and feel more loving, happy, grateful, and at peace. 8 hours.

Purchase audiobook: on Amazon   on iTunes (coming soon)
Listen to an excerpt of the audiobook (19 min.):

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The Illusory Reality

Beliefs create an illusory reality, which becomes one’s reality. This illusory reality stands between you and actual reality. Like a pair of colored glasses, this illusory, mind-generated reality changes how reality looks: like clouds, it hides aspects of reality; like a magnifying glass, it magnifies the importance of some things while minimizing the importance of others; and like a fun-house mirror, this illusory reality deceives and makes reality seem scary. Beliefs cause you to perceive things that are not there and to not perceive things that are there. Moreover, beliefs cause you to see the world through a singular point of view, the view of “me.”
The me that you feel yourself to be is the sense of yourself that is created and upheld by your beliefs. You also have some images, or internal pictures, of yourself, but the sense of you is largely comprised of what you believe yourself to be—beliefs about yourself: “I am this and I am that; I am not this and I am not that. I am someone who likes this and not that.”
If you take away all of your beliefs about yourself, you are left with “I am,” a simple statement of existence, which is the only absolutely true statement you can make about yourself. If you examine your other beliefs about yourself, you discover that none of them is completely true or true all the time, and therefore none of them is true. Your beliefs about yourself only seem to be true and only seem to be true all the time.

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