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Jesus Speaking Series


The difference between the Jesus Speaking series and Gina's other audiobooks is that the channeled books by Jesus in this series are in Gina's voice, rather than another narrator. In addition, they are meant to be, primarily, audiobooks, although they are also available on Amazon as ebooks and paperbacks. They are intended to give you an intimate experience of Jesus, as if you were sitting in his presence and he was speaking directly to you. Jesus still exists and is and has always been available to those who are devoted to him. This series is Jesus speaking from another dimension today through Gina Lake. These are nondual (Oneness) teachings and not Christian-based. If you have questions about the process of channeling, please see FAQs here.  A sample of Jesus Speaking: On Falling in Love with Life is below.



Just released: Jesus Speaking: On Awakening to Love. What we know about Jesus and what is obvious from the messages in this book and audiobook is that Jesus is about love. His purpose in speaking to us through these messages is to awaken the love within us that is our true nature. The channeled messages from Jesus, which this book is based on, were part of weekly online video meetings, where Gina Lake and her husband, who is also a nondual spiritual teacher, give what they call Christ Consciousness energy transmissions. The channeled messages from Jesus were given before the transmission to prepare, teach, and inspire those who are there to receive the transmission. Many report feeling a transmission come through these channeled messages as well. For more about these transmission meetings, go here. 6.5 hours.

“What you all want is love. That is encoded in you—to go toward love.”

Audiobook, Ebook and paperback available now on Audible, Amazon and iTunes:
audible    itunes     amazon

  JS2audiobookforwebJesus Speaking: On Overcoming Fear and Developing Trust will help you overcome fear and give you the experience of having a relationship with the wise and gentle being we’ve known as Jesus the Christ. In the Introduction, Jesus explains: “To be free from fear requires that you see the truth about fear—that it is an illusion. It isn’t real. Merely seeing this is, itself, freeing. Fear keeps you imprisoned in the ego’s world, which is one of lack and insecurity and every possible negative emotion. Fear shapes most people’s lives, which is why so many are unhappy, since fear and happiness and fear and love cannot coexist. Fear blocks love. It is the enemy of love and therefore the enemy of happiness. So ultimately, this audiobook and book is about happiness and love: how to be happy and loving, which is to say, how to be the person you are meant to be, how to be your best self. Fear doesn’t make anyone a better person. It doesn’t even keep people safe. How can an illusion, a lie, keep you safe? But the truth can and will.” That is what you will find here—the truth about fear, along with practical advice and methods for working with fear and overcoming specific fears, such as the fear of failure, poverty, death, loss, illness, aging, and not being loved. 4.5 hours.

Audiobook, Ebook and paperback available now on Audible, Amazon and iTunes:
audible    itunes     amazon

  JesusSpeaking1audiobookJesus Speaking: On Falling in Love with Life will bring you into greater alignment with the Christ within you, with Christ Consciousness. By doing a few simple things and shifting your perspective in small ways, which are explained in each of the chapters, you can become a lover of life. In the Introduction, Jesus explains: “I am the one you have known as Jesus the Christ. I am speaking to you now through this channel to help you to know of my presence and to feel my presence in your life more fully. I want you to know that I exist here, in another dimension, that I am eternally present and continue to be the servant for all that is good, and that you—like me—are also eternal and will continue to exist once you leave this temporary body. You are so much more than you realize. I was but an example of what you are capable of as a human being. But in essence, you, like me, are much more than a human being. You are an eternal being. My intention in speaking to you through this audiobook is to help you realize your true nature and to live as the best human being you can be. Allow me to be your guide Home. It is my deepest honor to serve you in this way, for in doing so, I am serving the Whole and giving glory to the Father, who has created all of life.”

4.5 hours, $9.95 for the downloadable zip file. Eight mp3 files are contained in this zip file. You will need unzipping software on your computer, such as WinZip, to unzip the files. Purchase and download MP3s of Jesus Speaking: On Falling in Love with Life through PayPal or credit card below. If for some reason, PayPal or a credit card through Paypal doesn’t work for you and you’d like to pay with a personal check, please send a check made out to Gina Lake to P.O. Box 3558, Sedona, AZ 86340 with a note about what it is for and your email address. Then she will email you the link to download the audiobook:

Audiobook, Ebook and paperback available now on Audible, Amazon and iTunes:

audible itunes amazon

Below is a sample from Jesus Speaking: On Falling in Love with Life, which can be purchased on Amazon, Audible or iTunes. Or purchase this audiobook with Paypal using the "Buy Now" button above.

 Preface, Introduction, and part of Chapter 4 on Surrender (5 min.):

  • “Gina's communion with Jesus has brought forth another jewel of truth. This time rather than just reading Jesus's words, you are invited to experience them and Him directly. If you choose to buy this audiobook, you will be gifting yourself a direct pathway out of confusion, frustration, and aloneness into an eternal Union that is an ongoing celebration of the Mystery of Life itself.”  —John Mark Stroud, Founder of One Who Wakes
    “Lucid and powerful, the audiobook Jesus Speaking was experienced as a continuous and seamless message, delivered directly to my heart. I felt as if I were sitting in the presence of the speaker, listening to the entire book in a single session. So direct—universal yet personal. A real gem. Remarkable!”  —J. G.
    “Clearly expressed! You don't have to be an ACIM student to wake up to who you really are. Gina is one of my favorite authors. Your life changes! Life is more peaceful and joyful, and after all, isn't that what we are all looking for?" –C. Chapman
  • “This book is one of the ten books I’d take with me if I knew I’d be stranded on a desert island. After taking three online courses and reading four books by intuitive and author, Gina Lake, I believe she is a national treasure. This book channels thoughts from Jesus, but you don't have to believe that to derive tremendous value from its wisdom.” –Mr. Z
    “Wow!!!!!! Jesus does it again! What a blessing humanity has in Gina as Jesus's scribe. This book WILL change your human experience. And if one practices any of it, then they will be well on their way to self-mastery and real happiness. Thank you both for loving all of us enough to share this divine wisdom!!!!!” –Harte
    “Knowledge for the ages. I wish I'd had access to this advice and support when I was a young adult. Whether you believe it's channeled from the entity formerly called Jesus or not, the teachings here are invaluable and provide down-to-earth, practical guidance for all spiritual seekers. A must read!” –Amazon Customer
    “So beautiful! More freedom gained after reading this amazing book.” –Freesoul
  • “Insightful information that helps us break the behavior patterns of our greatest fears. It felt like Jesus was talking to me as I read this book. This is a book I will read many times. It paves the way to greater spiritual mastery. My great appreciation for the gifts of Gina Lake in channeling this book. My love and gratitude to Jesus for this ‘master class’ teaching.” –Lightworker
    “What a beautiful book. It filled my heart with love and joy as well as comfort and peace.” –L. Cartegena
    “Very impressed. Ok, this is a must read. Gina Lake has a certain gift using words, sentences that give you a few ‘Ah-ha’ moments. This book also makes you really think out of your boundaries and search deep within yourself. I love this book, I highly recommend it to anyone who is searching for answers.” —Dol
  • “Messages in any book from Gina Lake cannot help but resonate deeply with the soul. I continually lost my sense of false self as I reflected on what is essentially untrue about my own misguided fears and how letting go of my negative streams of thought about those fears opens the way to a flow of life that has the potential to alleviate all of my perceived suffering.” –Susan
    “Unspeakably informing. I have read this wonderful book over and over. It is very clear about life here in this world. If you choose to understand yourself, read this book. Only for the curious and those who think and feel eternal. Understand yourself for the first time.” –D. Van Meter
    “Fantastic book. Took my spirituality to another level. This is the best book I have read in a while. I am a spiritual teacher and have created an amazing life for myself through learning about and co-creating the life I want, and this book has helped me hit a new level. I am eternally grateful.”—J. Pfeffer
  • “Another excellent book of wisdom. So many truths here; so simple to comprehend and digest for those seeking truth and understanding about life. In this text, the issue of fear is addressed with several specific types of fear placed under the microscope. Once a person is able to control and eliminate fear (a useless emotion, as it turns out), their entire life changes for the good, with reclaimed power and happiness. I highly recommend this book.” –J. Wolf
  • “I want to tell you how wonderful your transmissions and recorded channelings are. I've found it so helpful in my life. I find myself listening in the mornings while I am getting ready for work so that the Divine can take the front seat to jumpstart my day. Or, I listen when I am experiencing monkey mind and can't fall asleep at night. It's an incredible gift you are giving, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I don't know where I'd be without the recordings” –Stacy Conlon
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