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Reviews of All Grace

"I have read all of Gina Lake's books. I am actually always looking forward for the next one to come out. The messages in her books have been so helpful in creating a new understanding in my life. There's not even a need for you to believe the words. They will simply resonate within you if you allow it. These ah-ha moments are an amazing feeling. I was having an experience of what they call mental illness, and her book helped me healed from this condition. If you are anxious, depressed, or believe that you are actually crazy, take a moment for yourself, and you will discover the cause. She will help bring it to light. I know that for me to pause every once in a while to reflect deeply about what she was pointing to helped me make some beautiful discoveries. Thanks again, and wishing that everyone may experience life in a new way that your mind has yet been able to imagine." –Pascal Morency

"Gina gracefully brings the profound through a soothing language that nurtures the soul's journey. Her exquisite gift of channeling cherished wisdom from the voice of Christ is an elixir for reflection on the aspects of our life journey. All her books bring to the reader the often missing pieces of 'truth' that can enhance our learning of who we are in this earthly process." –Lori Morrison

"An amazingly awesome book, as I've come to expect from Gina. This book so beautifully explains what I have been experiencing for the past six years living fully in Grace. To live in Grace, you surrender your own will to something far greater. It may not make sense to the mind, at least it often didn't before I read this book. But when fully surrendered, something else takes over and life becomes infinitely better, more effective, more beneficial, more effortless. As Gina puts it, 'You live the life you are meant to live.' I don't know what else to say, but this book nails it. Grace is a very mysterious thing. If we look for it, we cannot find it. But it is still possible to surrender to it and let it lead our life. This book makes it very clear how to do this. If we are willing, we are in for some truly incredible surprises, and we may wonder why we didn't do this from the start. Reading this book will be a wonderful beginning for you, an opening to something truly miraculous.” –Peter Cutler, author of The Zen of Love

"I feel extremely blessed that I have been guided to Gina Lake's books. Each one I read is so perfect for me, as if it was written just for me (which I'm sure it was). My understanding of God, Source, Self, Life, Love, Trust, Truth, and especially ego has come a long way since my first Gina Lake book. I understand that when 'the student is ready, the Teacher will come.' I also understand that the teacher could be anyone or anything. This book really explains that. Since reading this, I see the movement of Grace in everything, everywhere, all the time. I'm beginning to see that there is no spot where Grace is not. The teachings of Jesus through Gina Lake have given me the ability to see myself when I jump in and out of ego identification and how this feels when I do. (There is no doubt that ego identification is insane.) What a gift of awareness! Now when I say, 'By the Grace of God,' it has more meaning. Thank you again Gina Lake for being a pure channel." –Gary Heard

"Like the other books in the series, this one is about the importance of waking up from the illusion of who you think you are, to your true self. If you have read and understood the other Jesus books written by Gina, you will know that the only thing that is real is Love, the power of creation, as so beautifully said by Jesus in this book, rather than what the egoic voice in our head would have us believe. However, it is perhaps in the greater scheme of things that the real importance of the message in these books can be seen. It is entirely by our own free will that we may choose to submit to Grace and bring about a shift in consciousness and away from all irresponsible and self-serving egoic thinking, or we can continue as we are and accept the distinct possibility that we will bring about mass irreparable destruction to our beautiful planet and all forms of life thereon quite simply through misuse of whatever means we have at our disposal, and all because we have chosen to listen to the divisive egoic voice in our head. Thus, while I have enjoyed this book immensely, given the highly charged egoic times in which we live, I can understand why Jesus should choose to deliver his message now, the very same message that we misunderstood 2000 years ago, also for self-serving egoic reasons." –Jim Murdoch

"Gina again has been a pure Be-holder and transmitter of the wisdom and presence of the Living Master of Divine Love and Grace—Jesus. I recommend all her works on experiencing our shared Divine Presence and the wisdom and love that truly flows from the teachings of Jesus." –Fr. Michael Sherbet

"Revelation of the highest order in plain language." –Amazon Customer

“Powerful reading! I plan on reading this book over and over again.” –Lisa

"I was attracted to the book because of the word Grace in the title. I had been praying for help to surrender and let go of my negative thoughts towards myself and others. I can see now how my unhappiness stems from my negative thoughts and wanting things to be different than what was there. I was making myself miserable and I was doing it to myself. Now I truly know what ego is. I think I can finally begin to get out of my head and live from my heart. There is a lot of good information in this book, and I really recommend it. This little book was a jewel and felt like a gift of divine grace. I loved it so much I went to the author's website and decided to take an online class. I hope others find it as helpful as I did."  –Debbie F.

"'To the One in everyone' is the dedication to Gina Lake’s book and it couldn’t be more appropriate, because the words take us to the One within. Having a context for Oneness not only points us in the direction of our true nature, it affords us the grace needed to traverse the spiritual journey with more ease. The transmission in this book opens us, and the words point us to the truth within. It is always refreshing to read a book that resonates so deeply with one’s own truth, and from this a collective truth can emerge. I would definitely recommend this book for anyone who is awakening to their true nature or wants to. This is a fluid, worthwhile, beautiful read of divinity speaking to divinity." –Jenai Lane

"I don't know if the 'real' Jesus dictated this, but I kind of hope He did, because I have complete confidence in whoever did, and in Ms. Lake. All of her channeled books by Mary and Jesus have been very helpful to me, and this one especially so, as it accounts for so much about the human condition we're saddled with. Please don't let any reservations you might have about Christianity or channeled teachings keep you from checking this out." –Walford

"Glorious truths for every heart. Marvelous truths straight from the Master Teacher, Jesus! These words will bring you to a new awakening of your true self. Read with an open heart and hear Him speaking! Thank you, Gina Lake, for your dedication to sharing His Truth with all of humanity. I am One of the grateful and I AM free indeed. Namaste." –C. Conley

"Gina Lake hit's the nail on the head every time she brings forth this valuable information on life and teachings, which will propel one forward into a Heart-centered way of Being. Releasing egoic control is often the most troublesome aspect to living a life filled with Grace, and this book is a roadmap for those ready to experience freedom in their lives. The reading is easy and the information flows readily; however, one must sit with some of the tenets to garner the deepest of meaning and potential shifts in consciousness. I have a private practice in Energy Medicine and intuitive counseling, and Gina's books are what I recommend to my private clients. This one will be added to my list." –Anita Stewart, R.N.

"Another gem. The material in this book is priceless, information that can really help one turn the tides of their human experience. I am very grateful that there's a source of love in existence that has come and shared itself with me. Mahalo Nui Loa Gina for playing your part." –Harte

"Gina has channeled the clearest teaching to experience and understand. The teaching on the ego mind and the truth about emotions is very revealing! She is doing a great job of 'speaking the Unspeakable.' This author is tapped in and bringing forth gems for us all." –A. Carver

"Highly recommended. Thank you Jesus and Gina for a profoundly valuable book about how to live the best life possible. The principles are essential to living a life of purpose and happiness." –M. Robins

"Another gem from Gina. I highly recommend this book to anyone who finds themselves on a spiritual path. The book is filled with Love and Wisdom. For those who are interested in Christ Consciousness, this is a must read. It has been a great help to this mystic-at-large. Thank you, Gina, for sharing." –Mystic-at-Large

"Rarely do I re-read a book. With All Grace, I am re-reading every sentence. Gina succeeds so gracefully in explaining the more profound areas of the spiritual world. This book moves beyond her earlier works, as it explains more of the metaphysical aspects of our existence." –Jim. O.

"We live and have our Being only by the Grace of God. Let us be deeply grateful. I highly recommend this channeled message." –George Kilmer

"Thank you Jesus and Gina for a profoundly valuable book about how to live the best life possible. The principles are essential to living a life of purpose and happiness." –AR

"All of Gina Lake's books channeling Jesus are profoundly comforting and uplifting. It is good to hear Jesus without the overlay of Christianity." –EHB

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