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It's Time to Wake Up

You have arrived here because you are ready to wake up out of your ego and limiting conditioning. Radical Happiness website and Gina Lake's books are meant to help you discover who you really are so that you can live as that instead of unconsciously and automatically responding to your conditioning and the ego’s fears and constant dissatisfaction. The ego creates a sense of lack and an appetite for more, which can never be satisfied, so we suffer. When we learn to be present in the moment, we discover that life provides us with the wisdom, inspiration, motivation, love, and inner and outer resources that we need to survive and be happy and that we have never needed what the ego tells us we need to be happy. We discover that, indeed, happiness—radical happiness—has always been here in this simple moment.
On this website you will find information about Gina's books, audiobooks, spiritual mentoring, mp3s, and online courses. You will also find many free offerings: free ebooks, excerpts from Gina Lake's books, and mp3s of talks and interviews, a blog, and a newsletter. May you find what you are looking for!
Also, your questions about Gina's books by Jesus are answered here.
in the world

“Whatever you turn your attention toward becomes your experience, your reality. If you turn it toward something unreal, such as the ego’s fears, negative feelings, or its coulds and shoulds, the ego’s world will become your reality. Your fears, other feelings, and mistaken beliefs will seem real. But if you give your attention to what is actually real, here and now, and not to any unnecessary thoughts, you will gain access to every resource you need to cope with this moment—which is all you ever need.”

- from A Heroic Life: New Teachings from Jesus on the Human Journey

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